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Dr. Thomas L. Thompson offers professional orthodontic dental services for children and adults. We have two conveniently located offices in Santa Maria (across from Righetti and St.

Joseph High Schools) and Arroyo Grande (203 Station Way). There is no charge for your first exam. Monthly payment arrangements are available. Our goal is to help orthodontic patients achieve the full potential of the healthy, beautiful smile. With state of the art braces technology, let Dr. Thompson be your full service orthodontic dental solution.

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[01/21/16]   Ensuring that you teeth are properly aligned is crucial for reasons beyond an attractive smile. Misaligned teeth can place stress on the chewing muscles and lead to headaches and shoulder, neck and back pain.

[01/19/16]   The extended use of a pacifier can create orthodontic problems later on for a young person. This can cause the upper teeth to extend beyond the lower teeth, creating an improper bite.

[01/14/16]   Did you know that braces actually alter the bone tissue in your mouth? Unfortunately, this treatment typically takes many months or even years, since your teeth must be moved into their new positions slowly and carefully.

[01/12/16]   Do you know what parts make up braces? Typical braces consist of ligature, archwire, brackets, metal band, rubber bands and elastic hooks.

[01/07/16]   Your mouth and teeth are very unique and they take very special care to improve. That’s why it is very highly recommended that you stay with the same orthodontist throughout your time wearing braces and after.

[01/05/16]   An unaligned jaw and set of teeth can cause serious problems not just for children but also for adults. Many adults turn to orthodontists in order to have their teeth straightened. If you are concerned about the appearance of your teeth, there are several cosmetically-appealing options available that are barely noticeable.

[12/31/15]   Did you know that orthodontic appliances can be used to help a child overcome the habit of sucking a thumb, finger, or pacifier? This often becomes necessary if the sucking is perpetuated after age 6 or 7, when the permanent and incisors and molars start to come in.

[12/29/15]   Technology allows patients to pick from a larger variety of braces. Braces can come in the traditional metal form and they can also match the color of a person’s teeth. Braces can also go behind the teeth to make them less visible.

[12/24/15]   Have you always wished that your teeth were perfectly aligned, with no gaps, to accentuate your smile? It’s never too late to see an orthodontist, and statistics show that an increasing number of adults have been fitted with braces in the past decade.

[12/22/15]   Your dentist or orthodontist will rely on a full examination that includes a plaster model of your teeth, X-rays and the dental history of your family to determine if any treatment is necessary.

[12/17/15]   Did you know that there are certain types of bite problems that can contribute to damage of teeth or gums over the long term? For instance, poor bites can contribute to gum recession or uneven wearing of teeth. In most cases, this can be corrected by wearing braces.

[12/15/15]   Braces are usually a set of individual brackets for each tooth that are connected with a wire. These gently train the teeth into alignment over time. Once the bone has reshaped, the teeth will remain straight.

[12/10/15]   Orthodontics is an area of dentistry that focuses on the treatment and correction of malocclusions. It can also be called dentofacial orthopedics.

[12/08/15]   While braces don’t have to be the boring silver studs that most people associate with them, you should be careful if you go with colors. Colored braces can add a bit of personality to your look, but they can also stain your teeth if not taken care of properly.

[12/03/15]   Some people think that wearing braces means that you cannot play some instruments such as the saxophone and trumpet. However, this is not true. While blowing into an instrument’s mouthpiece while wearing braces may be harder, it certainly is not impossible. You may have to practice a bit to adjust, but the adjustment period is short.

[12/01/15]   Did you know that misaligned teeth and jaws could cause more issues than just a crooked smile? In some cases, you could also suffer from painful jaw join disorders, inefficiency in chewing, and even abnormal tooth wear.

[11/26/15]   So what exactly is an underbite? With this type of condition, the bottom teeth will protrude, extending forward beyond the upper teeth. If the teeth can’t be clenched evenly on the top and bottom, your orthodontist may recommended braces.

[11/24/15]   We realize that a person’s baby teeth won’t always get out of the way in time for a permanent tooth to grow in. If one of your child’s permanent teeth grew in front of or behind his or her baby tooth, it may take orthodontic care to bring the tooth back into line.

[11/19/15]   Drinking beverages through a straw will help prevent staining to the teeth. There’s nothing worse than removing a set of braces to reveal stained teeth with white spots in the center. This can ruin the smile you worked so hard to achieve.

[08/25/15]   The first Society of Orthodontists met in St. Louis in 1901 and it is still meeting today. There is an American Association of Orthodontists that still meets yearly. Our practice attends these meeting to keep up with all of the new up to date treatment to bring you the freshest smile possible.

[08/20/15]   It’s important to remember that the functional position of your teeth within your mouth can make or break your ability to properly chew your food. If improper chewing is wreaking havoc on your digestive system, it’s smart to consider braces to correct your bite.

[08/18/15]   Did you know that Edward Angle was the first orthodontist, a dentist who limits his practice to orthodontics? He is considered the "father of modern orthodontics."

[08/13/15]   Did you know that braces can help to prevent dental problems involving the bite such as TMJ? TMJ is a condition that can occur from stress on the jaw joint in people who have an incorrect bite problem or bite misalignment.

[08/11/15]   A number of studies show that the smile is one of the first things that people notice about someone they see for the first time. Don't be afraid to show your teeth with a full, healthy smile. An orthodontist can help you develop a dazzling smile.

[08/06/15]   Orthodontia can be a smart investment, as the early preventative measures can be less costly than the dental care required to treat more serious issues that can develop in later years. Untreated orthodontic problems can lead to everything from periodontal disease to abnormal wear of tooth surfaces.

[08/04/15]   Depending on the severity of the crooked teeth in your mouth, braces may not be your only option. In some cases, wearing a special retainer can do the same thing as braces do.

[07/28/15]   Scientists say that the concept of straightening teeth for what appear to be cosmetic purposes dates back more than 3,000 years to the ancient Egyptians. Archaeologists have found evidence of cat gut used on the teeth to apply pressure on the teeth.

[07/23/15]   Did you know that orthodontics as a science did not really exist until the 1880s? Before this time, orthodontics was simply understood as the means of straightening irregular teeth and ignored the functional movements of the mandible (lower jaw).

[07/21/15]   The bottom line is, overlapping teeth that tend to crowd each other are difficult to clean, even for a dental hygienist. Thus, the decision to wear braces is not only an aesthetic one but can also help protect your teeth from decay as well.

[07/16/15]   Age also determines how long your orthodontic treatment will take. For example, it usually takes an eight-year-old's jaw three to six months to stretch, whereas it usually takes a 12-year-old two to two and a half years for his/her teeth to move around.

[07/14/15]   If an orthodontist had a nickel for every retainer their patients lose, they could probably retire pretty early. It’s very important to carry your retainer case with your wherever you go. People might accidentally throw away a napkin with your retainer on it, but not many people will throw away a brightly colored case.

[07/09/15]   If you hear the phrase "malocclusion," you should be prepared for some type of orthodontic treatment. That's the dental term to describe when teeth don't fit together, for reasons ranging from missing teeth and extra teeth to misshapen teeth.

[07/07/15]   The science behind orthodontics has changed since the 1990s, when the average age of an orthodontic patient was between 23 and 26.

[07/02/15]   Remember to wear your retainer for as long as the dentist ordered. Nearly 25 percent of orthodontic patients have to wear braces for a second time, because they failed to wear their retainer. The teeth need time to adjust to their new positions.

[06/30/15]   When your bite is within normal ranges, your teeth have only normal wear and tear over time. If your bite is not normal, one common result is for your back teeth to get more wear and tear.




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