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[07/14/13]   Over 40%-50% of children will be affected by tooth decay before they reach 5 years of age!.

[06/14/13]   Happy Flag Day from Arlington Family Dental Center!


Bruxism Pressure

Do you suffer from bruxism? Call us for help and don't delay. Grinding can put as much pressure on your teeth as a football player!

Sleep bruxism is not a disease, but a common sleep disorder.


Dry Socket Causes

Dry sockets are a concern following a tooth extraction. Make sure you're aware of the causes so you can properly guard against this problem and know when to identify your need for treatment.

Dry socket — Comprehensive overview covers symptoms, causes and treatments of this painful dental condition.


Dry Mouth Cold Season

During cold and flu season, dry mouth is very common. It also occurs naturally as we age. While familiar, it can still cause a lot of problems for your teeth. Do you suffer from this problem?

Dry mouth — also called xerostomia — results from an inadequate flow of saliva. Learn the symptoms and treatment for dry mouth.


Smile and Beauty

Smiling can bring about some beautiful benefits, especially if you're confident about your teeth.

Smile to show off your happiness and beauty. Research shows genuine smiles are more important than whiter teeth.

[05/27/13]   Arlington Family Dental Center wishes you a Happy Memorial Day!


Big Squeeze

How do you get to the last bit of toothpaste at the end of the tube?

We've seen countless examples of how the humble tube of toothpaste can be redesigned so every little drop can be put to good use, but designer Catherine Werdel's toothbrush-squeezer might be my favorite yet. [Catherine Werdel via Fancy via OhGizmo]


Ancient Dentistry

Did you know that the ancient Chinese used acupuncture to deal with the pain of dental work?

Arculanus was the first person to recommend gold-leaf fillings in 1848


American Teeth Whitening

?There was a dentist who figured out that if he took peroxide and put it on people's teeth, and then heated it with a poker from a fireplace, near your mouth, I admit this is unwieldy, that your teeth would turn white, and there were people who showed up at that dental office, so maybe, you know maybe it's in Americans' genes, because we have been whitening teeth in this country for 150 years.?

Cosmetic dentistry offers many ways for you to put your money where your mouth is. And some dentists are already plotting the next big thing to attract you to their chairs. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.


Toothbrush Abrasion

It's best to think of your toothbrush as a tool for preventing tooth decay, bad breath and other periodontal problems. Don't use it as a weapon against your teeth!

How to prevent toothbrush abrasion, and how to brush so you don't damage your teeth or gums.


Teeth Whitening Expectations

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. We offer this smile improvement here at the office. Here's a look at how whitening works and what you can expect.

Ever wonder how teeth whitening products work and whether they are safe? Join cosmetic dentist, Dr. Brian Cantor, as he explains the whitening process and how to maintain your pearly whites!

[04/26/13]   Happy Arbor Day from Arlington Family Dental!


Smile Gallery

A smile is worth a thousand words! Check out our smile gallery, where the results and smiles speak for themselves!

Arlington, VA Dentist specializing in full dental care. Dr. Serdar Ozturk is a well-trained Arlington, VA Dentist specializing in Smile Gallery.

[04/22/13]   Happy Earth Day from Arlington Family Dental!


Teeth Restoration

Here's an example of how teeth are restored and reformed to create a pleasing smile aesthetic.

Two examples (with before-and-after pictures) showing how dental crowns can be used to repair and improve the appearance of severely worn front teeth.

[04/18/13]   Which type of dental treatment is most important to you or highest on your priority list? Tell us in the comments and let's see which is the most common.


Flossing With Braces

Only floss the teeth you wish to keep! Here's a refreshing on flossing with metal braces.

If you wear braces, this step by step photo guide will show you the proper way to floss your teeth.

[04/11/13]   Some patients believe, the harder they brush, the better they're cleaning their teeth, but brushing too vigorously or using an abrasive toothbrush can leave you with sensitive teeth. Learn more about other teeth sensitivity causes and what you can do about them.

[04/07/13]   When you've completed a procedure, what's your favorite way to relax and take it easy as you heal? Tell us in the comments!

[04/04/13]   Are you keeping a garden this spring? What are you growing? Raw vegetables and crunchy fruits are actually beneficial for your teeth. Not only do they provide essential vitamins and minerals that maintain healthy teeth and gums, they promote the flow of saliva, which is very important to your periodontal health.

[03/31/13]   Arlington Family Dental Center wishes you a Happy Easter!


Understanding Implants

Do you know how dental implants work? This animated guide can help you understand how dental implants are placed and how they restore your smile!

Information and illustrations explaining what dental implants are, what they're made of, and implant design.

[03/25/13]   Arlington Family Dental Center wishes you a Happy Passover!


Youthful Smile

Our teeth can say a lot about how we age, and utilizing the cosmetic dentistry options we offer is a great way to regain a youthful smile.

WebMD provides tips for looking younger by improving your dental health habits.


Toothbrush Holders

Does your toothbrush reside in style? Check out this collection on unique toothbrush holders.

If you want to make your bathroom clean and modern or just want it be attractive for kids and encourages them to brush their tooth, you might want to have one of below Toothbrush Holders. From abstract glass holder to luxury silver or porcelain holder, from funny robot holder to beautiful coral shap...

[03/17/13]   Arlington Family Dental Center wishes you a Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Dental Material Innovation

New developments in cosmetic dental materials are happening all the time. A Nanocrystal based material innovation can mean more beautiful dental prosthetics.

Chemists have developed novel glass ceramics for dentistry. The new kind of glass ceramic with a nanocrystalline structure seems to be well suited to be used in dentistry due to its high strength and its optical characteristics.


Chew Stick Cleaning

The toothbrush has come a long way. Did you know one of the first tools people once used to clean their teeth was called a miswak, or chewing stick? The chewing stick was a twig from the Salvadora Persica tree, which has natural medical properties.

Salvadora persica (Arak, Galenia asiatica, Meswak, Peelu, Pīlu, Salvadora indica, or toothbrush tree, mustard tree), is a species of Salvadora.[1][2]Salvadora persica has antiurolithiatic properties.[3] Used for centuries as a natural toothbrush, its fibrous branches have been promoted by the World…




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