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GTMI !!!!!!!! 03/29/2017

The Gum Disease and Rheumatoid Arthritis Link | Everyday Health

Gum inflammation is linked to rheumatoid arthritis. Learn how you can keep your teeth clean. Dental hygiene may be especially important for people living with rheumatoid arthritis. Learn more about the connection between gum disease and RA, and which oral health steps are most important, on 03/27/2017

Most nursing home patients refuse dental care during stay, UB study concludes - University at Buffalo

Older people often don't get dental care, even when it's free. Some dentists are hoping to change that. BUFFALO, N.Y. – Nearly 90 percent of patients at long-term care facilities don’t take advantage of dental services, even when they are free, a recent study by University at Buffalo researchers has found. 03/24/2017

How MS Can Affect Your Oral Health | Everyday Health

MS can contribute to dental problems. Here's what to do about it. People with MS are at higher risk for dental diseases — but there are tools and techniques to help them take proper care of their teeth. 03/20/2017

Quitting Smoking When You're 60 Reduces Risk Of Death : Shots - Health News : NPR

Quitting smoking has benefits at any age. And your teeth will thank you, too. It's true that the earlier a smoker quits the better, but even people who quit in their 60s lowered their risk of death compared to those who kept puffing away.


Happy St. Patrick's Day from Ballston Metro Dental! 03/16/2017

7 Lies Your Dentist Knows You’re Telling | Everyday Health

Why you should be honest with your dentist, and how they can tell when you're not. Good oral health depends on maintaining an honest relationship with your dentist. If you’re telling any of these seven lies, you can stop now. 03/14/2017

Six surprising ways to look better and stay healthier | The Seattle Times

Oral hygiene has benefits far into old age. Clean teeth can prevent a number of other health problems. Poor oral health has been linked to diabetes, heart disease and stroke. 03/11/2017

8 Ways to Relieve Tooth Sensitivity | Everyday Health

Toothache? Learn to make your teeth less sensitive with eight simple tips. About 1 in 8 people have sensitive teeth, which could be related to brushing habits or your diet choices. Try these steps to ease and prevent tooth pain. 03/08/2017

Teething Tips From Dental Specialists | Health |

If your baby is fussy, teething may be the reason. Learn which toys are most soothing, Friday, Dec. 9, 2016 (HealthDay News) -- You've fed your baby, changed your baby, but the baby is still cranky. It's possible he or she is uncomfortable because tiny teeth 03/02/2017

1-Minute Daily Tips for Healthy Teeth | Everyday Health

Cheese can whiten your teeth! Learn why and other tips. Following these simple — and quick — do-it-yourself steps can keep your teeth healthy. 02/27/2017

NYC Dentist Shares Nutrition Tips for a Healthy Smile

Brushing your teeth is important, but don't do it right after eating. Read this article to learn why. Dr. Andrew Koenigsberg, a dentist in New York City, shares nutrition tips that can help keep your teeth healthy and attractive. 02/24/2017

What Really Happens If You Only Brush Your Teeth Once A Day? | Prevention

Do you find yourself skipping brushing before bed? Read this to learn what can happen! How only brushing teeth once a day could leave you with gum disease and cavities. 02/21/2017

Tips to help older adults maintain lifelong oral health

The way you care for your teeth will change as you age. Pay close attention to your insurance options. Seventy million people in this country - 20 percent of the US population -- will be 65 or older by 2030. If you're one of them, you probably think often about how to stay as fit and healthy as possible. But, you may not be giving as much thought to the health of your teeth.


Happy Presidents Day from Ballston Metro Dental! 02/18/2017

9 Highly Effective Solutions For Painfully Sensitive Teeth | Prevention

Tooth sensitivity can really become bothersome. Check out 9 ways to reverse it! Over time, as our gums recede, our nerves become more vulnerable to pain. Reverse your sensitivity with these 10 tips. 02/15/2017

5 Reasons Why Your Gums Are Bleeding When You Brush | Women's Health

Bleeding gums are not normal. To prevent them, you need to know their causes. Aggressive brushing isn’t the only cause of bloody gums. Take a look so you know how to step in or when to ping the dentist.


Happy Valentine's Day from Ballston Metro Dental! 02/09/2017

What Are Your Teeth Telling You? | Prevention

Gum disease can be especially dangerous during pregnancy. Find out why, here! Women's health and the warning signs for gum disease. 02/06/2017

Black bear gets visit from the dentist at the zoo | WPEC

Everybody needs dental care sometimes. One of the animals at the zoo had a visit from the dentist.Clark, a North American Black Bear, cracked a tooth.The 400 pound bear needed it fixed because it was causing him a lot of pain. He was also not eating well and losing weight as a result of it.Dr. 02/03/2017

9 Ways You're Staining Your Teeth Without Even Knowing It | Prevention

Do you struggle with keeping a white smile even though you brush & floss? It could be due to of these reasons! Nine foods you would never have guessed are staining your teeth. Avoid these 9 foods for whiter teeth. 01/31/2017

Know Your Teeth - Infobites - Daily Tips for Good Oral Hygiene -- Search By Keyword, Letter or Phrase - 1-877-2X-A-YEAR (1-877-292-9327)

Need a refresher on oral hygiene? Read this! Bacteria can live in your mouth in the form of plaque, causing cavities and gingivitis, which can lead to periodontal (gum) disease. In order to keep your mouth clean, you must practice good oral hygiene every day. 01/28/2017

7 Reasons Your Teeth Hurt (Other Than A Cavity) | Prevention

Tooth pain does not always mean a cavity. Check out these 7 other reasons your teeth might hurt! What is causing your tooth pain? Here are 7 common reasons other than cavities. 01/25/2017

Codeine: Time to Say “No” | From the American Academy of Pediatrics | Pediatrics

Doctors are skeptical of codeine for kids. Learn how to be an advocate for your child. Codeine has been prescribed to pediatric patients for many decades as both an analgesic and an antitussive agent. Codeine is a prodrug with little inherent pharmacologic activity and must be metabolized in the liver into morphine, which is responsible for codeine’s analgesic effects. However, there… 01/19/2017

Children Oral Health - Home

Early childhood caries (cavities) is the number 1 chronic disease affecting young children. Improving children’s oral health between the medical and dental homes, and making pediatricians and other health professionals an essential part of the oral health team. 01/16/2017

Scientists Find Antibody that Hinders the Spread of Certain Cancer Cells | Sci-Tech Today

Scientists may have made a key discovery in the fight against oral cancer. But a cure is still years away. Researchers have taken a key step in unraveling one of nature's most malignant mysteries: How do cancerous tumor cells that establish a beachhead in one organ strike out in search of new territory? 01/13/2017

The Mouth-Body Connection: Gum Disease & Health

Gum disease has the ability to affect your overall health. Taking good care of your teeth can help you maintain your overall health. WebMD tells you about 6 ways that oral health keeps you well. 01/10/2017

Mouth cancer rates soar over 20 years -- ScienceDaily

Alarming news from the UK. Oral cancer doesn't wait until you're old. A new analysis reveals that rates of mouth (oral) cancer have jumped by 68 per cent in the UK over the last 20 years. The figures reveal the cancer is on the rise for men and women, young and old, climbing from eight to 13 cases per 100,000 people over the last two decades. 11/30/2016

Bad Breath Bacteria Control

Bacteria that causes bad breath can be minimized with a few small changes. Let’s face it, bad breath is embarrassing. The good news is that for the most part—with proper dental care—bad breath, also called halitosis, can be avoided. 11/28/2016

Big Squeeze

How do you get to the last bit of toothpaste at the end of the tube? We've seen countless examples of how the humble tube of toothpaste can be redesigned so every little drop can be put to good use, but designer Catherine Werdel's toothbrush-squeezer might be my favorite yet. [Catherine Werdel via Fancy via OhGizmo] 11/25/2016

Tooth Pressure

Do you ever experience tooth pain when traveling or diving? Dental pain while flying or diving


Toothbrush Making

The average toothbrush contains about 25,000 bristles. Ever wonder how it's made?

This is how a toothbrush is made 11/16/2016

Sour Candy Acidity

We hate to sour the day of any candy lovers, but what you don't know could really hurt your teeth. Do you have a lot of cavities? Perhaps it's because you lost a lot of enamel sucking on sour candy when you were a kid. It's almost as bad as battery acid—except it tastes much better. 11/14/2016

Preschool Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is on the rise in young kids. Parents, let's work together to keep child tooth decay at bay! Come in for regular checkups and stay strong in those at-home periodontal routines. Tooth decay is on the rise among preschoolers. Many of them have to go to the hospital to have their cavities filled.





671 N Glebe Rd, Ste 1260
Arlington, VA

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Monday 8am - 5pm
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