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Dr. Tae-Hoon Park is a 2007 Graduate from Loma Linda University and has been serving the high desert for 8 yrs. Dr. Park and his staff strive to develop a professional personalized relationship with our patients and offer affordable treatment planning for restorative and cosmetic dentistry.

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[02/26/19]   There are a variety of different things that could influence how a sedative works, and how well a dental procedure works. This could include things like medications, smoking, alcohol consumption, so be sure to mention these to your dentist when giving your history.

[02/21/19]   Did you know that mouth sores like canker sores or oral sores caused by chemotherapy or radiation treatments can benefit from dental laser treatment? Once treated, you can expect the open sores to immediately stop hurting and heal quickly and painlessly.

[02/19/19]   If you think you have a TMJ disorder and see a dentist who specializes in this, the first thing they'll do is ask you for a detailed account of your symptoms. The dentist will also get a very detailed medical and dental history from you, and will likely want to do x-rays to get a complete picture.

[02/14/19]   It’s important to remember that your teeth aren’t just important for chewing and aesthetics. Maintaining healthy teeth can also help secure the structural integrity of your mouth and jaw.

[02/12/19]   Regarding TMJ, the National Institutes of Health make this critical point: “Conservative therapy is best as a first-line approach for treating the patient. Soft oral splints can be used as an effective means of treatment for such patients.”

[02/07/19]   Many people think that if they have bad breath, it means that they are a bad brusher. But actually, bad bread could be caused by factors other than poor dental hygiene. For example, the foods you eat are a major culprit. Something like garlic will leave you with a foul breath no matter how much you brush and floss.

[02/05/19]   One of the ways that TMJ can be treated is through the use of physical therapy to help relieve the joint-related nerve pain. When coupled with other treatments such as heat treatments and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, physical therapy has proven to be very successful.

[01/31/19]   The application of lasers in dentistry is said to open the door for dentists to perform a wide variety of dental procedures they otherwise might not be capable of performing. Dentists using lasers have become adept at incorporating this precision technology into many procedures.

[01/29/19]   Unfortunately, even people who’ve spent their whole lives taking excellent care of their teeth can get into accidents that cause tooth loss. Rest assured that our team is always available to help you restore your bite and your smile after an accident.

[01/24/19]   Are you skeptical of the use of lasers in dentistry because they aren’t more widely used? Since dental drills are only a fraction of the cost, it’s usually a matter of finance, not efficacy.

[01/22/19]   Having a phobia about visiting the dentist, even for a minor procedure like teeth cleaning, is not unusual, and you are not alone if you are anxious about your visit. We understand completely and do not take it personally. However, with the different types of sedation available, we can help you cope with your anxiety and receive the treatment you should have.

[01/17/19]   If your child has a problem with brushing his or her teeth, one of the best ways to make it more fun is to have your child brush yours. This can help your child overcome his or her fears about teeth brushing.

[01/15/19]   One of the reasons oral sedation has become a popular sedation dentistry option for many people is that it does not require the use of needles. Rather medications can be swallowed whole or administered sublingually (under the tongue) by the dentist.

[01/10/19]   What were the first toothbrushes made of? Twigs and sticks. The “chew sticks” had a frayed end that could be used to clean teeth and have been documented as early as 1600 B.C.E. in historical Chinese writings.

[01/08/19]   What is Photobiomodulation? This is an exciting procedure in the field of laser dentistry that utilizes lasers to regenerate nerves and blood vessels that have been damaged. Photobiomodulation can even be used to reduce and sometimes eliminate scars around teeth or gums.

[01/03/19]   The only time you should keep your toothbrush covered with a cap or container is when you are traveling. Otherwise, store them upright and let them air dry after each use. When you store them in containers or cap them, bacteria can grow on them.

[01/01/19]   Sir Humphry Davy discovered the practical application of nitrous oxide, which he called laughing gas, but Davy is just as well known for creating a miner’s safety lamp. Until 1815, miners wore helmets with candles inside. Unfortunately, these occasionally created sparks which, combined with methane gas in mines, led to explosions.

[12/27/18]   Were you aware that if you don’t floss, you miss cleaning 40% of your tooth surfaces? You should make sure to brush and floss twice a day, and don’t skip the back molars, they need love too!

[12/25/18]   A sedation dentist can not only be helpful for people who are nervous, they can also help people with hectic schedules. The sedation makes it possible to perform several treatments in one visit instead of spreading them out on multiple visits.

[12/20/18]   Grinding your teeth at night — a disorder called “bruxism” by dentists — can wear away at your teeth, leading to cavities and tooth breakage. If you think you’re a grinder, talk to your dentist about getting a custom-made night guard to slow the damage.

[12/13/18]   Invented by George F. Green in 1868, the first pneumatic dental engine featured a drill driven by bellows connected to a foot pedal. Green also patented the first electric dental drill in 1871, but foot-powered models remained in widespread use until 1900.

[12/11/18]   There are three different main categories of TMJ disorders. These include arthritis disorders (inflammatory or degenerative joint disorder that affects the jaw joint), myofascial (pain in the muscles that move the jaw), and internal derangement (a physical issue like a dislocated jaw).

[12/06/18]   While our goal is always to preserve your natural teeth for as long as possible, there may be times when it’s simply not possible to save a tooth. Even if you do lose a tooth, we can help you with the restorative work so that you don’t have a hole in your smile.

[12/04/18]   Be assured that the medications prescribed and used for sedation dentistry meet the strictest standards, and the dentists are fully qualified to administer them and monitor their use. In addition, they are used only when necessary to help patients receive the dental care they need.

[11/29/18]   We understand that some patients can have severe adverse reactions when under anesthesia. That’s why we try to employ a laser in lieu of anesthesia whenever possible.

[11/27/18]   Did you know that every person has a unique tongue print? Just like fingerprints, no two people have the same tongue print – that includes identical twins. However, scanning fingerprints is currently preferred to scanning and recording tongue prints.

[11/22/18]   Do you feel uncomfortable with dental instruments in your mouth? Do you gag easily? One answer is oral sedation, which can be administered by pill or liquid and can achieve a mild to moderate level of sedation. In many cases, patients don’t remember their dental visit.

[11/20/18]   Dental lasers are used for the painless and suture-free removal of benign tumors from the gums, palate, sides of cheek, and lips. This is a great option for younger or elderly patients who may not be able to properly care for their mouth after surgery.

[11/15/18]   Did you know that, according to a 1997 Gallup poll, dentists placed fifth as the most trusted medical professionals in the United States?

[11/13/18]   Did you know that poorly aligned teeth can cause jaw disorders such as TMJ? If this is the case, your dentist may recommend orthodontic treatments in order to reduce the face and neck pain associated with TMJ.

[11/08/18]   Up to 20% (or even as high as 30%) of patients are afraid of the dentist. This is where a sedation dentist can help. They can give a patient a sedative to make the whole experience much more comfortable and much less painful.

[11/06/18]   It's vital to see your dentist as soon as possible if you're having pain in the jaw area. If you have a TMJ disorder, it can worsen if left untreated and spread much further than the jaw. Don't wait until your health is affected further to get a diagnosis and treatment plan.

[11/01/18]   If you have a “gummy” smile, we can help. We can use our state of the art laser treatments to reshape your smile and enhance your confidence without the use of a scalpel or the discomforts of major surgery.

[10/30/18]   Did you know that diet sodas are just as damaging to your tooth enamel as regular sodas are? This is because of the carbonic acid present in both types of soft drinks.

[10/25/18]   Did you know that dental lasers can be used to create microscopic fillings? These extremely tiny fillings are used when the very earliest signs of tooth decay appear and can stop the formation of a cavity in its tracks.




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