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We are a gentle and caring dental practice providing family and cosmetic dentistry as well as implant restoration. We also offer Invisalign treatment.

Finding a Tip-Top Tooth Doc 06/02/2021

Finding a Tip-Top Tooth Doc

We were just notified that we received an overall Patient Care Rating of 100% in the Washington Consumer Checkbook publication. This also earned us a top recommendation for quality.
Many thanks to our patients for such wonderful ratings and comments!


Finding a Tip-Top Tooth Doc The feedback we’ve collected from area consumers on their dentists should help you find a dentists who will make you smile. We found substantial differences in ratings from dentist to dentist.

Photos from J Douglas Wooddell DDS's post 03/04/2021

We feel honored, privileged, and grateful to have been chosen again as a Top Dentist by the Washingtonian Magazine this year. Making this list is always a highlight.
Many thanks to my staff and to my wonderful patients. It’s all about you!


My entire staff is getting vaccinated for COVID. Because it’s the right thing to do. We want to protect our patients and to be safe. I got mine today!

uab.edu 12/08/2020

COVID-19 rate among dentists less than 1 percent, UAB co-written report finds

A recent study done by the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and published in the Journal of the American Dental Association, outlines the success our profession has had in keeping everyone safe during this time of COVID. Dentistry has always been at the forefront of infection control.


uab.edu A national report co-written by a UAB dentist found that dentists who were assumed to be at increased risk of COVID exposure had a less than 1 percent infection rate of COVID-19.

washingtonpost.com 07/08/2020

Five kinds of health appointments you should consider keeping, despite the pandemic

This is a good article recently published in the Washington Post. Glad to see they recommend that maintaining your dental health is a top priority during the pandemic.


washingtonpost.com Rethink postponing cancer screenings, dental work, physical therapy, blood tests and emergency room visits.

welovehealthysmiles.com 05/18/2020

Family & Cosmetic Dentist | Annandale-Burke-Vienna | Gentle Dental Care

Hello everyone!

Now that we have finished up our first week back from the shutdown, we can reflect on some of the new changes in our treatment and protocol that have happened because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and we would like to share these things with you.
Last week was quite a relief for us because we had missed seeing all of our patients over the previous two months. We are fortunate to have so many wonderful patients, and it has been gratifying to hear so many people tell us how glad they are that they are finally able to come see us again.
As for changes in our treatment, when you come in you will notice that we are all wearing even more PPE than before. The most obvious changes are N95 masks and clear facial visors, as well as procedures we have placed to virtually eliminate any risk of exposure to COVID. These procedures include screening all of our patients before the visit, and taking everyone’s temperature at the door to make sure nobody that has any symptoms of COVID is allowed into the office. Finally, we have altered the schedule to allow for extra disinfection/sterilization time between patients.
We have also installed air purifiers throughout the office that filter the air with charcoal and HEPA filters and kill any viruses with UV-C light. These are operating continuously, and these are truly a game-changer.
We want everyone to know that we are totally back in business, and are 100% able to provide care for our patients again. We thank you all for being patient throughout this time of crisis, and of course like everybody else, we hope that the darkest days are already behind us.
We would love to hear from you. As always, we are easily reached by phone at 703-698-9698, or on our website at www.welovehealthysmiles.com

Stay well and we will see you all very soon!


cnn.com 05/05/2020

Getting to the dentist during a pandemic

This is a nice article that outlines dental care during the lockdown.
Good news: we are planning on opening up for more treatment on Monday, May 11.


cnn.com Visiting the dentist is much riskier than usual, which is why the CDC recommends that dentists put off "elective procedures, surgeries and non-urgent dental visits," allowing only emergency visits.

[03/16/20]   An important note to our patients:

Late yesterday evening, the Virginia Dental Association came out with a recommendation for all dentists to voluntarily stop seeing patients for two weeks due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are complying with this recommendation, so effective 3/17/2020 we will only be seeing patients that have dental emergencies.

Our plan is to remain in the office on a limited schedule so we will be answering phones, etc., during this time.

At this point, our plan is to reopen to all patients on Monday, April 6, 2020.

Please understand that this is an unprecedented situation and as such, it is an ever-changing set of circumstances.

We hope you understand the need for this extra precaution and want you to know that your dental and overall health remains our primary focus.

Thank you and stay safe.

mouthhealthy.org 03/13/2020

Infection control in the dental office - American Dental Association

To our friends and patients: the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is causing a lot of fear and concern. Much of this is warranted, but not all. I want you to know that all precautions are being taken- just as they always have- and please rest assured that you are safe when you are treated in our office. Please read the following message:


mouthhealthy.org The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has developed special recommendations for use in dental offices. Your dentist cares about your safety and works hard to prevent the spread of infection.

welovehealthysmiles.com 06/07/2019

An Interesting New Technology Being Researched to Clean Teeth | We Love Healthy Smiles

New post (An Interesting New Technology Being Researched to Clean Teeth) has been published on We Love Healthy Smiles

welovehealthysmiles.com This new technology sounds a little far-fetched, and certainly would need a lot of refining, but it definitely has some interesting applications if it works. In the meantime, keep on brushing and flossing! https://curiosity.com/topics/scientists-have-designed-tiny-robots-that-can-clean-your-teeth-cu...


I recently received a letter notifying me that our practice has received another honor: we will be recognized as one of the Top Dentists in the state, as will be published in the August issue of Virginia Living magazine. I am very honored and humbled to receive this award. Thanks to my great team and our wonderful patients!


J Douglas Wooddell DDS


We are humbled and thankful to have again been selected as one of the DC area’s top dental practices in the most recent edition of the Washingtonian Magazine, as voted by our peers in the profession.

welovehealthysmiles.com 02/12/2019

National Children's Dental Health Month - We Love Healthy Smiles

New post (National Children's Dental Health Month) has been published on We Love Healthy Smiles

welovehealthysmiles.com February is National Children’s Dental Health Month! Of course, we love seeing all of our young patients no matter what month it is. Parents ask us all the time as to how they should take care of their child’s teeth. Here is a link to a very nicely-written article that describes how to take care...

newsweek.com 01/28/2019

Dementia and gum disease: Alzheimer's linked to gingivitis

The correlation between periodontal disease and several chronic diseases is getting more convincing all the time. This is a very compelling article about a newly-found link between perio disease and Alzheimer’s disease:


newsweek.com An enzyme released by the bacteria that can cause gum disease could play a role in the development of the neurodegenerative disease.

[01/14/19]   Due to the weather and road conditions across the region, we are planning a delayed opening this morning. We will open at 11AM. Stay warm and safe everyone!


Yesterday we celebrated the season with a nice office outing: dinner together at Carlyle Grand in Shirlington, followed by front-row seats for Anything Goes at Arena Stage in DC. A truly enjoyable way to spend an evening together! Lucky to have these people on my team!


The winner of our 2018 Nationals autographed ball, Chris Hill, was in the office for his appointment and we were able to present him the prize! Congratulations, Chris!


After our in-office CPR recertification yesterday, we went out to lunch to celebrate Alex’s 20th birthday!

welovehealthysmiles.com 10/08/2018

New Link Found Connecting Periodontal Disease to Alzheimer's - We Love Healthy Smiles

New post (New Link Found Connecting Periodontal Disease to Alzheimer's) has been published on We Love Healthy Smiles

welovehealthysmiles.com As more research is done into the cause and effect of periodontal disease, scientists are identifying more and more non-oral implications that perio disease can have for our overall health. This article was recently published, identifying a likely link to Alzheimer’s Disease: Periodontitis May Ini...


I feel honored and humbled to have been included in The Virginia Living Magazine’s annual listing of top dentists in the state. Many thanks to my team who makes this all possible!

[08/15/18]   We recently received another 5-Star review on Google- thanks, Erika!

Erika Vaughan
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 2 days ago
Dr. Wooddell and everyone who works here are great, and go above and beyond. They are always very patient, kind and thoughtful. They made me feel very comfortable, and it had been many years since I'd been to a dentist because of a previous bad experience. They really care about their patients (and teeth) and I can't recommend them enough!

welovehealthysmiles.com 07/23/2018

Unusual Flossing Habits - We Love Healthy Smiles

New post (Unusual Flossing Habits) has been published on We Love Healthy Smiles

welovehealthysmiles.com I came across this article today which outlines some unusual places that people have flossed their teeth. I’ve witnessed a couple of these, like the times I’ve seen people sitting in rush hour traffic on 66 or the Beltway, merrily flossing away. Hey, as far as I’m concerned, whatever you have ...


We are honored to have been named as one of the DC area's top-rated dental practices in the 2018 Spring/Summer issue of the Washington Checkbook magazine, as chosen by Washington-area consumers. Many thanks to our patients who gave us these ratings!


We would like to congratulate Alex Ovechkin and our Washington Capitals on an amazing playoff run to claim the Lord Stanley Cup. These guys were a lot of fun to watch in the postseason and Washington deserves this after so many years of waiting!

(We would also like to take this opportunity to remind our patients who are athletes to please wear their mouthguards!)



We were sad to say goodbye to Kelly today, but happy for her that she gets to return to her home state of Georgia. Happy trails, Kelly! Thanks for a great 1-1/2 years!


I am honored and humbled that we have again been chosen as a Top Dentist for Virginia Living Magazine this year. This is a legitimate list as members are chosen by their peers.


In order to better serve our patients, we have recently upgraded to a new digital radiograph system (for XRays). Not only are the image qualities better than the older, film-type system, there is about 2/3 less radiation to the patient, and we can see the images immediately. This is an advance that is well worth it for everyone!


In honor of the beginning of the Nationals season, we would like to announce our Summer of 2018 patient giveaway. At the end of the baseball season, we will be choosing a lucky winner for our prize, an authentic MLB Spring Training baseball autographed by manager Davey Martinez, centerfielder Michael A. Taylor, and pitcher Sammy Solis -- all members of the Nationals' Opening Day Roster.

In order to enter the raffle, you must both "Like" and "Share" this post.

[03/21/18]   Due to the inclement weather, our office is closed today (Wednesday 3/21). Everyone stay safe and enjoy this spring (???) weather!

welovehealthysmiles.com 03/06/2018

How Often Should You Change Your Toothbrush? - We Love Healthy Smiles

New post (How Often Should You Change Your Toothbrush?) has been published on We Love Healthy Smiles

welovehealthysmiles.com An article about frequency of need to change your toothbrush. You should do this at least once every three months.


Getting ready to spend a great day listening to dental implant guru Dr. Bruce Oulette. One of the most informative and interesting speakers on the subject

welovehealthysmiles.com 02/07/2018

National Children's Dental Health Month - We Love Healthy Smiles

New post (National Children's Dental Health Month) has been published on We Love Healthy Smiles

welovehealthysmiles.com February is National Children’s Dental Health Month — of course, we love seeing all of our young patients no matter what month it is! We get asked all the time by parents how they should take care of their child’s teeth, so here is a link with some excellent advice about what to do and …

welovehealthysmiles.com 01/29/2018

Use of Mercury-Containing Dental Amalgam is Being Restricted, Which is a Good Thing! - We Love Healthy Smiles

New post (Use of Mercury-Containing Dental Amalgam is Being Restricted, Which is a Good Thing!) has been published on We Love Healthy Smiles

welovehealthysmiles.com Use of dental amalgam is quickly being phased out.

welovehealthysmiles.com 01/22/2018

Dentistry Rated as Best Healthcare Profession - We Love Healthy Smiles

New post (Dentistry Rated as Best Healthcare Profession) has been published on We Love Healthy Smiles

welovehealthysmiles.com US News and World Report puts out an annual list rating various professions, and dentistry is usually near the top of that list. The just-released list for 2018 rates dentistry as the top profession in healthcare in the US. I have to say that I totally agree with the assessment. If interested, pleas...

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Today we had the drawing for the Jayson Werth autographed baseball from our patients who had registered...and the winner...





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