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Regular cleaning and exam
Low radiation digital X-rays
Same day all ceramic crowns
3-D surgical guided implant surgery
All metal-free fillings and crowns
Traditional braces and Invisalign
Root canal
Deep Cleaning
Zoom teeth whitening

Operating as usual

rateabiz.com 12/18/2019

New 5 Star Review

rateabiz.com great experience, very friendly staff, clean office, professional and explains everything in detail. it's my pleasure to recommend this office. I look forward to many years of service to assure mmt dental health.

rateabiz.com 12/14/2019

New 5 Star Review

rateabiz.com Great experience quick and very thorough

rateabiz.com 12/10/2019

New 5 Star Review

rateabiz.com Dr. Le is great! He prepped my crown today and he did not hurt at all. I will have my crown delivered in just three days instead of one week.

rateabiz.com 10/31/2019

New 5 Star Review

rateabiz.com I love the customer service. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming. The wait wasn’t long at all. The Doctor came in, examined my teeth and told me exactly what he recommend.

rateabiz.com 10/26/2019

New 5 Star Review

rateabiz.com Great crew, excellent crew

rateabiz.com 10/26/2019

New 5 Star Review

rateabiz.com Great crew, excellent crew

rateabiz.com 10/25/2019

New 5 Star Review

rateabiz.com Very good experience, friendly welcome and Dr. Le is great dentist

rateabiz.com 10/16/2019

New 5 Star Review

rateabiz.com All the time, I’m scared to go to the dentist, but today, it was different, they did a good job and all the time, they paid full attention to us. I had a very good experience in Springdale Dentistry.

rateabiz.com 10/16/2019

New 5 Star Review

rateabiz.com On entry to the office, the staff were very friendly. A very comfortable, clean office with professional staff. They explained the procedure prior to make sure that I understood, which was very helpful.

rateabiz.com 10/10/2019

New 5 Star Review

rateabiz.com Good!

rateabiz.com 10/05/2019

New 5 Star Review

rateabiz.com I have been going to Dr. Li for the last five years and I would not trade him for the world he’s very professional along with his staff and very efficient and very punctual with my visits

rateabiz.com 09/25/2019

New 5 Star Review

rateabiz.com Doctor Thiện Lê Is the best Dentist. I highly recommend to everyone . If you have wisdom teeth removal.You should come to see him . I had 3 wisdoms teeth 🦷 took out from him . He did so excellent job . I didn’t feel hurt and no bleeding as all. Thank you Doctor Thiện Lê . With High qualit...

rateabiz.com 09/08/2019

New 5 Star Review

rateabiz.com Very good service friendly staffs

rateabiz.com 08/27/2019

New 5 Star Review

rateabiz.com The best dentist and best staff

rateabiz.com 07/25/2019

New 5 Star Review

rateabiz.com Was greeted by friendly staff members. Waiting time was very minimal and the procedure started immediately. Everyone made you feel comfortable and relaxed.

rateabiz.com 07/25/2019

New 5 Star Review

rateabiz.com Very good service, thank you


Please call in for a free consultation today!!


It’s the weekend, and with that often we are going out for a drink and maybe a smoke. Not a good combo for many reasons, but mainly because it increases chances of developing oral cancer
Think about it.


Knowledge is power; get checked


Happy Admin Day to the best front office team: Monica, Yenny and Victoria
You always go above and beyond with grace and a smile!


A few minutes and $20 to get tested with our VelScope machine is all it takes to get tested


#OralCancerAwarenessMonth #April #SayNoToTobacco


April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month; we offer cancer screenings at every exam.

[04/16/18]   Our internet and systems are down so if you cannot get through on the phone, email us-we are checking emails until we are back on line


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[04/13/18]   POWER OUTAGE! Sorry for the inconvenience but power outage was abrupt and no way to contact patients
We will be in touch to reschedule
Thank you! Springdale Family Dentistry


Thank you for a delicious lunch at Saigon Restaurant yesterday! It was delicious and educational




Congratulations Dr. Le on your wonderful work! You have a lot of happy patients with implants!


Soccer season (and other outdoor sports) have started! Protect your teeth and mouth!


Looking Ahead: Researchers are developing dental filling materials that contain antimicrobial medications to stop new cavities from forming. Learn more HERE: https://goo.gl/hX5fi4


Happy Thursday!


[03/29/18]   Getting a cleaning from our hygiene team twice a year is a great way to keep your smile looking its best, but did you know it's also an important factor in your overall health? Follow us to learn about the connections between a healthy mouth and a healthy body.


A serious post... pictures posted with patient consent

This is my plea. I am making it public. I am a dental hygienist. Most people think "oh, she cleans teeth." Have you ever wondered why you are suppose to get your teeth cleaned twice a year? Did you know it is to prevent disease? To prevent more than one disease? Did you know dental hygienist's are put through a very rigorous education, have college degrees, take state board exams, and are licensed to practice just like dentists, nurses, and doctors?

I see periodontal disease walk into my office DAILY. This is a severe case that came into my office recently. Periodontal disease is a chronic, slow progressing, silent disease - just like CANCER. Periodontal disease doesn't hurt in the early and mid-stages of disease - just like CANCER. Periodontal disease causes destruction - just like CANCER. Periodontal disease can and will alter your life - just like CANCER. This patient is in pain, has altered speech, unable to eat anything that requires mastication, has a low self esteem, has restricted their social life activities all due to periodontal disease, and cannot get a knee replacement until this disease is under control and the mobile teeth are removed. YES your oral health is connected to your systemic health!

My plea: PLEASE take control of your health! Go see your hygienist and listen to what she says!!! If she tells you that you need to come in more than twice a year for cleanings, please don't rebuttal back with, "My insurance doesn't cover that." If she asks you to floss daily, please floss DAILY!!! If she suggests an electric toothbrush, Buy one! If she says you need a "deep cleaning," don't look at her like she is pitching a sale! We don't tell you this just to hear ourselves talk. We are trying to prevent periodontal disease! That's why your insurance gives you two "free" preventive cleanings per year....because they don't want to have to pay for your hygienist to perform periodontal disease treatment and for the dentist to extract teeth.

Please...I beg you. We do not and will not judge you. A lot of us have gone to third world countries for mission work. I promise! We have seen worse. Take a deep breath and let it out slowly. Pick up the phone and call your dental office...we'll handle the rest.

Deeply, sincerely, and passionately,
A concerned Dental Hygienist.

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The future of dentistry, so easy and painless.  I wish.
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