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Christian Scull owns Centric Alliance Dental, serving doctors and patients worldwide. Christian also works with independent and in-house dental laboratories on a consulting basis to optimize business practices.

Christian Scull is a renowned master ceramist celebrated for his use of design-thinking to improve the client experience and produce superior dental restorations. Christian integrates the needs of clients, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for business success to achieve the highest level of doctor-patient satisfaction...

Christian Scull owns Centric Alliance Dental in Dallas

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Oral Design International Symposium 2017


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Centric Alliance Dental Laboratory

Centric Alliance Dental was featured in LMTmag.com and is one of several laboratories designed by Christian Scull. The labs are part of a larger optimization service for CEREC and E4D dentists looking to maximize the potential of their CAD/CAM system while regaining valuable chair time.

Molinaro for LMT describes Centric Alliance Dental in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas as having "...a modern white and gray esthetic designed to blend with the look of a larger dental office. It features custom cabinets, durable Silestone countertops and laminate floors that are gentle to dropped restorations ... Adjustable Waldmann LED lights swing out from underneath wall-mounted cabinets [maximizing] countertop space."


Thankful for all that have reached out to ask how we are holding up. We are doing well in DFW but our neighbors in East Texas need our help. See comment section for links to charities that are making an immediate impact.

drjohnschwartz.com 08/29/2017

Dr. John Schwartz | A Professional Dental Corporation |

Great summary on the "power of your smile" by Dr. John Schwartz.

drjohnschwartz.com About Dr. Schwartz The Picasso Of Cosmetic Dentistry... Out of 120,000 dentists in the United States, Dr. John Schwartz is one of only four dentists that have also earned the title of Master Ceramist. A master ceramist is one who can construct the highest quality dental restorations. A master cerami...


Another happy patient...


Occlusion Connections - Mixing and Pouring Yellow Stone 1

Throwback to my time at Esthetic Alliance with Dr. Joseph G. Willardsen and Dr. Clayton A. Chan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75jXNYnfcSk

Clayton A. Chan, D.D.S. in Las Vegas at True Dentistry

lmtmag.com 08/10/2017

Technician Creates Unique Service for CEREC and E4D Dentists

"To help dentists reap the benefits of their chairside CAD/CAM systems, Christian Scull sets up in-office laboratories, establishes protocol and trains dental assistants to design and finish the units."

lmtmag.com To help dentists reap the benefits of their chairside CAD/CAM systems, Christian Scull sets up in-office laboratories, establishes protocol and trains dental assistants to design and finish the units.

lmtmag.com 08/10/2017

Christian Scull: 'The Total Package'

"He has a great understanding of the industry and modern dental technology. Not only is he able to create amazingly esthetic restorations, from single tooth restorations to full mouth, he has the ability to teach the 'how to's' and 'why's' with great patience and skilled direction," says McMillan.

lmtmag.com Many in our community have been inspired by Christian Scull and his remarkable combination of technical, teaching and business skills. For example, NaRae Free, Model Technician and Stain and Glaze Specialist,...


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