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[08/04/14]   Do you know how to brush your dentures? Most dentists advise using toothpaste and a small-to-medium headed toothbrush. Make sure you clean all the surfaces of the dentures, including the surface that touches your gums.

[07/30/14]   Talk to your cosmetic dentist to see what kind of maintenance plan he or she recommends after such procedures as implants, bondings, and veneers. Proper care will help protect your investment and keep your teeth looking great much longer.

[07/28/14]   The major difference between in-office and at-home teeth whitening is time. While the in-office teeth whitening typically costs more, you will see results immediately after your appointment. With the at-home trays, it may take one to two weeks.

[07/23/14]   Are you happy with everything about your smile except for the color of your teeth? Since dental techniques have come a long way in recent years, we can improve the color in less time than you might think.

[07/21/14]   When you speak, you're actually using your tongue, teeth, lips, cheeks, and the roof of your mouth to annunciate words. A well-fitted denture can actually help you speak more clearly.

[07/16/14]   If you wear removable dentures, you should take them out at least once a day and brush your mouth and gums with a very soft toothbrush. This will stimulate the circulation in the tissues and keep them healthy.

[07/14/14]   We work to get you smiling again. Whether you are concerned about stains, misshapen teeth, or cracks we can work out a treatment best for you and your wallet. We know your concerns are important and we will discuss every option available.

[07/07/14]   Did you know that brushing your teeth for up to 30 minutes after the consumption of an acidic food or beverage softens the enamel of your teeth? Swishing with water may remove stain causing substances and brush later when the enamel has re-harden.

[07/02/14]   The word periodontics is a combination of peri meaning "around," and odontos meaning tooth. Here then is the clue to its meaning: Periodontics is a field of dentistry concerned with treatment of tissue and structures that surround teeth.

[06/30/14]   Have you been hesitant to look at dental implants to fill the gap of a missing tooth because you don't want an unnatural shape in your mouth? Unless you specify a particular shape, we'll always work to match the natural shapes of the teeth already present in your mouth.

[06/23/14]   Have you been thinking about buying the teeth-whitening systems available in stores? It's important to remember that these won't provide professional results and may increase tooth sensitivity.

[06/18/14]   Did you know that in the eighteenth century, barbers performed teeth whitening services? Barber-surgeons would file down a patient's teeth with a metal file, then dab them with highly corrosive nitric acid to whiten them.

[06/16/14]   There are a number of ways to avoid gum disease, in addition to brushing and flossing regularly. For example, people who use to***co are more likely to develop a difficult-to-remove plaque covering that can lead to gum recession.

[06/11/14]   Denture adhesives are safe to use as long as your dentures fit well because if they don't fit well, the adhesive and the denture will rub against your gums and your bones. You can also get inflammation in the gums.

[06/04/14]   Did you know that a woman's marriageability in Europe during the Middle Ages was predicated in part on whether she had a full set of teeth? Dentures have been crafted throughout time both for functional and aesthetic purposes.

[05/28/14]   When you care for your teeth each night and morning, remember that there are five steps to keeping your mouth clean and healthy. You start by brushing, flossing and rinsing twice a day, followed by making appropriate menu choices and lastly visiting the dentist twice a year.

[05/26/14]   Is arthritis or carpel tunnel syndrome preventing you from brushing your teeth properly? Talk with your dentist about how to choose the right type of mechanical toothbrush to keep your teeth healthy and your smile in tip top shape.

[05/19/14]   It's important to brush your retainer every time your brush your teeth. Retainers accumulate food particles and plaque just like your teeth do and need to be thoroughly cleaned. It's also a good idea to regularly soak your appliance in a denture cleaning solution.

[05/14/14]   While you're still getting used to your dentures, you may notice them slipping slightly when you smile, cough, or laugh. If this happens, you can reposition them by biting down gently and swallowing.

[05/12/14]   Teeth whitening has long been a concern throughout history. In fact, first century Roman doctors believed that human urine whitened teeth and actually concocted a toothpaste with urine as a primary ingredient.

[05/07/14]   Although it's important to treat gingivitis right away, it's a mild form of gum disease. You won't have to worry about the loss of bone and tissue that hold your teeth in place as a result.

[05/06/14]   Do you know what the most common cosmetic dental procedure performed is? Tooth bleaching or whitening is the most popular cosmetic dental procedure available, and dentist whitening is still recommended over over-the-counter products available.

[05/05/14]   If your periodontal disease has progressed, you may be a candidate for a bone graft. In this procedure, natural or synthetic bone is placed in the area of the bone loss, which will effectively help promote bone growth over time.

[04/30/14]   Plaque is a natural buildup on your teeth that brushing removes. If plaque sits on teeth for too long it can start to wear on the enamel, causing the tooth to break down, and people can lose teeth this way.

[04/14/14]   Some people are genetically predisposed to gum disease, so don't feel bad if you're doing most of the right things and you still get it. Your periodontist will be able to tell what's happened with your gum disease and advise you as to how to deal with it.

[04/09/14]   What makes porcelain the best restorative material for cosmetic dentistry? Porcelain is a translucent material that mimics the look, luster, and feel of enamel. Light reacts to porcelain the same way it reacts to enamel, giving veneers a natural look.

[04/07/14]   Did you know that one of the oldest complete dentures was discovered in Japan and was made of wood? It was traced back to the 1500's and had almost the same shape as modern dentures that are retained by suction.

[04/02/14]   Bleaching results may vary depending on the original state and color of the stained teeth, and the bleaching agents used. Usually, people who want their teeth whitened prefer the natural white color or softer whiter tones. That being said, it is sometimes possible to achieve a brighter white color if that is preferred.

[03/31/14]   Did cavemen brush their teeth? Through archaeological digs, it has been discovered that throughout history humans has found a way to pick food from their teeth! Many older civilizations used twigs.

[03/26/14]   A full mouth reconstruction is aimed at correction functional problems with your smile. This includes issues with everything from your bite, to your muscles, teeth, and bone structure.

[03/19/14]   If you have a history of periodontal issues, it can be wise to see us regularly instead of a regular dentist. This will allow a more proactive approach to dealing with issues with your gums and jaw bones before they can start.

[03/12/14]   There are toothpastes out there have teeth whitening properties in them, however these don’t always work on there own. If you do use this type of toothpaste, continue using it even after you’ve had your professional teeth whitening treatment, to prolong the effects.

[03/05/14]   Nine out of 10 people experience some yellowing and staining of their teeth as they age. The external tooth enamel surface is not opaque and the enamel layer can thin over time. This makes the internal dentin layer, which is naturally yellow, visible through the enamel.

[03/03/14]   If you are having any issues with your gums, don't jump to the conclusion that surgery will be necessary. While surgery is a possibility, many cases of gum deterioration can be handled with non-surgical treatment.

[02/26/14]   What's the fastest way to whiten your teeth? It's usually an in-office teeth whitening system. It can be done in as fast as one office visit.





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