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Operating as usual 06/07/2020

Prevention and Early Detection of Root Cavities Could Save a Tooth - Bernard J Daly, DMD

Check out this blog by Blog Tooth decay is one of two dental diseases most responsible for tooth loss (gum disease being the other). In the absence of treatment, what starts as a hole or cavity in a tooth's outer layers can steadily advance toward its interior.Most people associate cavities with the crown, the part of a tooth 05/28/2020

Tooth Pain? Here Are Some Possible Causes - Bernard J Daly, DMD

Check out this blog by Blog “My tooth hurts…or maybe more than one. Or, it might be my gums.”If you're having trouble describing the pain in your mouth, don't feel bad. Although our body's pain mechanism is great for alerting us to a problem, it can't always tell us the true cause and location of that problem 05/18/2020

What's That on Your Teeth, Nick Jonas? How to Avoid a Similar Smile Oops - Bernard J Daly, DMD

Check out this blog by Blog Think no one is looking at your smile when you’re out in public? Nick Jonas’ recent experience might convince you otherwise. While the Jonas Brothers were performing during the 2020 Grammys, fans watching on television picked up on some dark matter between his teeth.To say Twitter lit up 05/08/2020

4 Ways to Avoid Dental Disease While Wearing Braces - Bernard J Daly, DMD

Check out this blog by Blog Keeping your teeth and gums healthy isn't always easy—and it's even more of a challenge if you're wearing orthodontic appliances like braces. That's why a fair percentage of patients wearing braces also contend with tooth decay or periodontal (gum) disease. The reason is simple: The orthodonti 04/28/2020

The Case for Moving Just a Few Teeth Orthodontically - Bernard J Daly, DMD

Check out this blog by Blog We often associate orthodontics with moving several teeth on the upper or lower arches (or both) with braces or clear aligners. But not all patients require a major endeavor — sometimes only one or a few teeth need to be moved, and not very far. A slight gap between the two upper front teeth 04/18/2020

How Dentists Provide Your Child the Benefit of X-Rays as Safely as Possible - Bernard J Daly, DMD

Check out this blog by Blog X-ray imaging is such an intricate part of dentistry, we usually don't think twice about it. Without it, though, the fight against dental disease would be much harder.At the same time, we can't forget that x-rays are a form of electromagnetic radiation that can pe*****te human tissue. It's that very 04/08/2020

How Shawn Mendes and Miley Cyrus Got Their Stellar Smiles - Bernard J Daly, DMD

Check out this blog by Blog The 2019 Grammy Awards was a star-studded night packed with memorable performances. One standout came from the young Canadian singer Shawn Mendes, who sang a powerful duet of his hit song "In My Blood" with pop diva Miley Cyrus. But that duo's stellar smiles weren't always quite as camera-ready as t 03/29/2020

Bone Loss at the Roots can Put Your Tooth in Danger of Loss - Bernard J Daly, DMD

Check out this blog by Blog There’s more to teeth than meets the eye. Hidden beneath the visible crown are the tooth’s roots set within the jawbone, secured and protected by the gums from bacteria and infection. But if the gums shrink back (recede), the roots become exposed and susceptible to disease, especially at 03/19/2020

Encourage Your Child to Stop Thumb Sucking by Age 4 - Bernard J Daly, DMD

Check out this blog by Blog There's something universal about thumb sucking: nearly all babies do it, and nearly all parents worry about it. While most such worries are unfounded, you should be concerned if your child sucks their thumb past age of 4 — late thumb sucking could skew bite development. Young children suck t 03/09/2020

To Extract or not Extract? The Big Decision About Your Child's Wisdom Teeth - Bernard J Daly, DMD

Check out this blog by Blog Your child's permanent teeth come in gradually, starting just as they begin losing their primary ("baby") teeth and not ending until late adolescence or early adulthood. That's when the third molars or "wisdom teeth" close out the process.Because of their late arrival, wisdom teeth have a high poten 02/28/2020

Fan of Superhero Film Black Panther Breaks Steel Wire...with Her Mouth! - Bernard J Daly, DMD

Check out this blog by Blog Some moviegoers have been known to crunch popcorn, bite their fingers or grab their neighbor’s hands during the intense scenes of a thriller. But for one fan, the on-screen action in the new superhero film Black Panther led to a different reaction.Sophia Robb, an 18-year-old Californian, had t 02/18/2020

Why Va**ng isn't a Safe Choice for Your Oral Health - Bernard J Daly, DMD

Check out this blog by Blog Va**ng, the use of an electronic cigarette or E-cigarette, has exploded in popularity over the last few years. But although touted by proponents as a cleaner and healthier alternative to smoking, va**ng has also gained recent notoriety with the rise of lung injuries and even deaths linked to the pra 02/08/2020

Why Gum Disease Could Affect More Than Your Oral Health - Bernard J Daly, DMD

Check out this blog by Blog Do you know the top cause for adult tooth loss? If you guessed tooth decay, you’re close—but not quite. The same goes if you said accidents or teeth grinding. It’s actually periodontal (gum) disease, a bacterial gum infection that affects half of American adults. What’s worse 01/29/2020

Do You Have Adequate Bone to Support an Implant? - Bernard J Daly, DMD

Check out this blog by Blog Besides their life-likeness, implants are also prized for their high success rate. More than ninety-five percent of implants continue to function effectively after ten years.Implants’ advanced technology explains some of their reliability and longevity—they’re as close to natural t 01/19/2020

NHL Iron Man Keith Yandle Suffers Dental Trauma on Ice - Bernard J Daly, DMD

Check out this blog by Blog Professional Hockey player Keith Yandle is the current NHL “iron man”—that is, he has earned the distinction of playing in the most consecutive games. On November 23, Yandle was in the first period of his 820th consecutive game when a flying puck knocked out or broke nine of his fr


4 Things to Do to Keep Your Child's Dental Development on Track - Bernard J Daly, DMD

Check out this blog by Blog When you’re expecting a new baby, there’s a lot to prepare: outfitting the nursery, stocking up on diapers or choosing a pediatrician. It’s also not too early to consider how to protect your new child’s dental development.From birth through adolescence, a child’s mouth 12/30/2019

Start Early with Your Baby's Dental Care - Bernard J Daly, DMD

Check out this blog by Blog You can't go wrong with an early start caring for your child's teeth and gums. In fact, dental care should begin in earnest when their first tooth appears. You should begin by gently cleaning your infant's gums and new teeth after each feeding with a clean, water-soaked washcloth or gauze pad. Once 12/20/2019

These 4 Habits Could Help You Avoid Gum Disease - Bernard J Daly, DMD

Check out this blog by Blog Here’s the bad news about periodontal (gum) disease: It’s a leading cause for tooth loss. Even worse: Half of adults over 30 will have some form of it during their lifetime.But here’s the good news: If caught early, we can often treat and stop gum disease before it can do substanti 12/10/2019

(Don't) Break It Like Beckham - Bernard J Daly, DMD

Check out this blog by Blog During his former career as a professional footballer (that's a soccer star to U.S. sports fans) David Beckham was known for his skill at “bending” a soccer ball. His ability to make the ball curve in mid-flight — to avoid a defender or score a goal — led scores of kids to tr 11/30/2019

Jaw Surgery may be Necessary to Correct Some Types of Poor Bites - Bernard J Daly, DMD

Check out this blog by Blog In a normal bite, the upper and lower teeth line up and fit together when you close your jaws. When they don’t, you have a poor bite or “malocclusion.” The most common cause is teeth out of position, which can be corrected by moving them with braces. Sometimes, though, the size an 11/20/2019

Seek Coordinated Treatment If You Have Both TMD and Fibromyalgia - Bernard J Daly, DMD

Check out this blog by Blog Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition that produces widespread pain and stiffness in the muscles and joints. The pain, muscle spasms and tingling it causes can disrupt sleep, alter moods and impair memory function.Dealing with just this one condition can be overwhelming. But did you know 3 out 4 fibro 11/10/2019

Fluoridated Drinking Water Helps Curb Tooth Decay Safely - Bernard J Daly, DMD

Check out this blog by Blog The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention calls it “one of the ten most important public health measures of the 20th Century.” A new vaccine? A cure for a major disease? No—the CDC is referring to the addition of fluoride to drinking water to prevent tooth decay.Fluoride 10/31/2019

Expert Advice: Vivica A. Fox on Kissing and Oral health - Bernard J Daly, DMD

Check out this blog by Blog Is having good oral hygiene important to kissing? Who's better to answer that question than Vivica A. Fox? Among her other achievements, the versatile actress won the “Best Kiss” honor at the MTV Movie Awards, for a memorable scene with Will Smith in the 1996 blockbuster Independence Day 10/21/2019

Here's What to Expect Before, During and After Implant Surgery - Bernard J Daly, DMD

Check out this blog by Blog When you hear the word “surgery,” your first thought might be of a high-charged operating room with a surgeon operating intently as a nurse mops sweat from their brow. While there are high-stakes surgeries, most aren’t quite that dramatic.Dental implant surgery falls into the latte 10/11/2019

The Triple Partnership That Could Save a Cancer Patient's Oral Health - Bernard J Daly, DMD

Check out this blog by Blog While the effectiveness of chemotherapy and radiation have contributed to rising cancer survival rates, they can still have an adverse effect on the rest of the body. That includes the mouth: these treatments can damage healthy tissues like the salivary glands. The decrease in saliva flow increases 10/01/2019

You May Need an Endodontist for a Tooth With Interior Decay - Bernard J Daly, DMD

Check out this blog by Blog You depend on your family dentist for most of your oral care. There are some situations, though, that are best handled by a specialist. If you or a family member has a deeply decayed tooth, for example, it might be in your long-term interest to see an endodontist. From the Greek words, endo ("within 09/26/2019

Dental Sealants Give Children an Added Boost Against Tooth Decay - Bernard J Daly, DMD

null Although adults are more prone to dental disease, children aren't immune from one particular infection, tooth decay. Some children, in fact, are at higher risk for an aggressive form called early childhood caries (ECC). There are a number of things you can do to help your child avoid this destructiv 09/21/2019

Eden Sher and the Lost Retainer - Bernard J Daly, DMD

null Fans of the primetime TV show The Middle were delighted to see that high school senior Sue, played by Eden Sher, finally got her braces off at the start of Season 6. But since this popular sitcom wouldn’t be complete without some slapstick comedy, this happy event is not without its trials and 09/01/2019

A Little Orthodontic Magic Could Help an Impacted Tooth Erupt - Bernard J Daly, DMD

null Bite problems aren't limited to teeth simply out of position. The problem could be some teeth aren't there—visibly, that is. They still exist below the gums and bone, but they've been crowded out and blocked from erupting. We call this condition impaction.Any tooth can become impacted and affe 08/22/2019

Make Sure Your Kids' Teeth Are Ready for School - Bernard J Daly, DMD

null With summer winding down, parents are turning their attention to their kids' upcoming school year. August is often a busy time for families rushing to buy school supplies and fresh sets of clothes and shoes. Although hectic, these last few weeks before school starts are also ideal for focusing on de 08/12/2019

Pop Star Demi Lovato Pops Out Jay Glazer's Tooth - Bernard J Daly, DMD

null Singer and actor Demi Lovato has a new claim to fame: formidable martial artist. When she is not in the recording studio, on stage or in front of the camera, Lovato can often be found keeping in shape at Jay Glazer's Hollywood (California) gym. Glazer, who is best known as a sports journalist, also 08/02/2019

4 Serious Health Conditions That Gum Disease Might Make Worse - Bernard J Daly, DMD

null A disease happening in one part of your body doesn’t necessarily stay there. Even a localized infection could eventually affect your general health. Periodontal (gum) disease, a bacterial infection that damages gums, teeth and supporting bone, is a case in point. There’s now growing evid 07/23/2019

You May Need to Postpone an Upcoming Dental Visit if You Have Shingles - Bernard J Daly, DMD

null Chicken pox is a common viral infection that usually occurs during childhood. Although the disease symptoms only last a short time, the virus that caused it may remain, lying dormant for years within the body's nervous system. Decades later it may reappear with a vengeance in a form known as herpes 07/13/2019

Be on the Alert for White Spots on Teeth While Wearing Braces - Bernard J Daly, DMD

null While wearing braces is the path to a healthier and more attractive smile, it can be a difficult journey. One of your biggest challenges will be keeping your teeth clean to avoid a higher risk of tooth decay.Tooth decay starts with dental plaque, a thin film of bacteria and food particles that accum 07/03/2019

Vivica's Veneers: the Making of a Hollywood Smile - Bernard J Daly, DMD

null What's an actor's most important feature? According to Vivica A. Fox, whose most recent big-screen role was in Independence Day: Resurgence, it's what you see right up front. "On screen, your smile and your eyes are the most inviting things that bring the audience in" she said. "Especially if you p





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