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[05/12/20]   To everyone out there, Dr Reeder and staff would like you to know, our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any dental needs, as we are taking necessary measures to ensure continuity of care in a safe environment. Sincerely, Dr Reeder.

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Worlds best staff! Merry Christmas 🎄

[11/29/17]   Hey all you guys out there participating in No Shave November with! Don’t forget to stop by the office to enter our drawing to win a gift certificate to Sports Clips for 1 MVP treatment! Will draw on Tuesday December 5th. Will post before and after pic of winner then. Don’t miss out!

Allan Reeder,DDS

Join Dr. Reeder for no shave November for a chance to win a prize!!

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Allan Reeder,DDS

Allan Reeder,DDS

[07/29/15]   Having trouble with tooth decay?
Try adding mouthwash to your daily hygiene.
We recommend Crest Pro-Health in our office.

[07/22/15]   Need help finding our new office?
Here are directions from our current office to the new office.

Start: 1901 Barney Rd, Anderson CA, 96007

1. Depart Barney Rd toward CA-273
2. Turn RIGHT onto CA-273
3. Turn RIGHT onto South St
4. Turn RIGHT onto Balls Ferry Rd
5. Turn LEFT onto Ventura St
6. Arrive at 2883 Ventura St, Anderson CA 96007

Finish: 2883 Ventura St Anderson CA 96007

Total distance from start to finish: 1.3 miles

[07/22/15]   Having sensitivity at the gum line?
Use the softest toothbrush as possible and brush delicately! A few good toothbrushes are the Sunstar GUM Tech Deep Clean and the Nimbus toothbrush.

[07/14/15]   We are happy to announce that we are moving to a new facility on 2883 Ventura St, Anderson CA 96007. Please inquire when making future appointments.

Have gaps between your teeth?
One of the great advancements in modern dentistry is the use of composite resins to close spaces between teeth in the smile zone (teeth visible when a person smiles).
These images are an example of this type of treatment provided to a patient in my office following ortho treatment.

[12/04/13]   Dental Tip!
Do you or somone you know struggle with bad breath? If you brush and floss daily, try mouth rinses, sugar-free gum, mints, and still struggle with bad breath the problem may be due to undiagnosed tooth decay, gum disease, or even the spicy foods eaten throughout the previous day. Tip: Brush teeth and oral tissues with baking soda once/twice a week! This compound actually removes stain, inhibits decay, and may help remove the cause of bad breath. If the problem persists then a trip to your dentist may be appropriate.

[09/23/13]   Dental Tip of the Week!
Do you ever wake up in the morning with a sore jaw, jaw muscles, or suffer from morning headaches? You may be grinding or clinching your teeth at night? Grinding or clinching may cause premature tooth structure loss as well as chronic headaches. If you notice these or any other symptoms associated with your jaw, talk to your dental professional! He/She can help you understand the issue and may offer multiple treatments.

[07/09/13]   Dental tip of the week!
Suffer from dry mouth? Swishing excess water may actually be hurting, not helping, the situation. Water may provide momentary relief of dry mouth symptoms. However, it washes away the normal lubricant that coats the mouth, thus leaving you drier than before. Consider chewing sugar free gum, or using gum/mints with xylitol as the main sweetener. The gum/mints will actually increase the amount of saliva produced and may decrease the risk of cavities or gum disease.
If you suffer from SEVERE dry mouth, contact your dental professional. There are several products/prescriptions on the market today that may provide relief for even the most severe case of dry mouth.

[06/12/13]   Dental tip of the week!
Having trouble kicking the habit? It is well known that smoking causes life threatening health problems! In addition to this smoking actually decreases the blood flow to the tissues in the mouth and subsequently causes an increased likelihood of developing cavities, gum recession and bone loss (gum disease). Also there is an increase in bad breath which may negatively affect your love life! If you are interested in smoking cessation talk to your dental professional. There are a multitude of products on the market that can turn your desire to stop into a reality!

[05/21/13]   Dental tip of the week!
You may have recently heard that it may be beneficial to your infants health to place a pacifier in your mouth prior to giving it to your child. This may be helpful for building a healthy gut. However, it could be detrimental to your little ones oral health. The bacteria that cause cavities are passed on from parent or sibling to child! So placing anything that has been in your mouth directly into your childs mouth can spread tooth decay or even gum disease. So beware!

[04/08/13]   Dental Tip of the Week!
Do you have teeth that are sensitive to hot/cold? Using de-sensitizing toothpaste? The ingredient in most of these toothpastes will actually alleviate sensitivity for approximately 12 hours at a time. However, these products do not actually remove the cause of sensitivity and may only mask a deeper problem. Tooth sensitivity can occur for many reasons from decay to even overbrushing the teeth at the gumline. When in doubt, pay a visit to your dental professional. It is likely that they can explain your condition to you and provide a solution.

[03/21/13]   Dental tip of the week!
Struggling with cavities? Consider using the sugar substitute xylitol. Xylitol is a natural sweetener found in berries, and various other fruits and vegetables and has been shown to reduce the incidence of tooth decay. Xylitol products come in the form of gums, mints, suckers and even a granulated form that can be used for cooking. These products are not only safe to use between meals, but are actually encouraged.

[03/11/13]   Dental Tip of the Week!
What is the best course of action when an accident occurs and you/your childs permanent tooth is knocked out? The best action (if the tooth is intact) is to re-insert the tooth and call your dentist. If re-insertion fails, then place the tooth either in the patients cheek, or in a glass of cold milk and contact your dental professional immediately. There is a high probability of saving the tooth if the tooth is restored to its original position within 1 to 2 hours.

[03/04/13]   Dental Tip of the Week!
No time to brush after lunch? Chew a stick of sugar free gum. The gum stimulates the release of additional saliva, which can act as a natural buffer for the acid present in our mouths following a meal.

[02/25/13]   Our facebook giveaway is nearing completion! We will soon be drawing for the lucky winner of the ($600.00 value) Whitening/new patient exam package at no charge to the lucky recipient. Tell all your friends!

[02/07/13]   Dental Tip of the Week!
It is not actually the brand or type of toothpaste that matters most for cavity and/or gum disease prevention. The key to a healthy smile is the fact that you actually pick up the brush and use it twice daily, even if you only brush with water!

[01/31/13]   Dental tip of the week!
Do you/your kids like energy drinks? You may not know this, but the acidity of these drinks may be just as harmful as the sugar content. The common cola (known to be bad for your teeth) is actually less acidic and therefore may be less harmful than the average energy drink. Therefore, when in doubt.... DRINK WATER!

[01/23/13]   Facebook giveaway! We are having a drawing for one lucky facebook member. Be one of our first 100 likes and you will be entered to win a free initial examination, necessary xrays and initial teeth whitening kit (Total $600.00 value) at NO CHARGE.

[01/17/13]   Dental tip of the week!
Gum disease can kill more than your smile! The health of your oral tissues can affect the health of your entire body. Current research shows an increased risk of developing chronic ailments such as diabetes, heart disease and even alzheimers if you have gum disease. So take note! Brush and floss daily!

[01/10/13]   Dental tip of the week! The content of the food you eat is less of a concern for your dental health than how often you eat it. Studies show that snacking throughout the day increases your risk of tooth decay, especially if the snack has a high sugar content.

[01/09/13]   Happy 2013!

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