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Affordable Dentistry Today is a hometown dental practice located in Alton, IL specializing in comprehensive dentistry for the entire family.

Our practice places a premium on excellent service, quality care and patient convenience. With an emphasis on lifetime preventative care in Alton, IL, we offer a full range of dental services to meet the individual needs and preferences of each patient. From routine cleanings, to complete smile makeovers, we utilize the latest dental techniques to give our patients the most up-to date service. 12/19/2019

Coffee Stained Teeth and How to Fix Them

Is coffee a part of your morning routine? Avoid those coffee stains with these easy steps! There was a time when coffee lovers had to either accept coffee stained teeth or give up the beverage. Now, thanks to tooth… Read more at 12/12/2019

Teeth Whitening vs. Bleaching—Are They the Same? - Dental Health Society

Teeth whitening and teeth bleaching are terms often used interchangeably, but are they really any different? Is there a difference between teeth whitening and having your teeth bleached? And if so, which one is best to use? On teeth whitening vs. bleaching. 09/25/2019

Why Flossing Your Teeth is So Important

Help your pearly whites stay healthy by flossing every day! Learn about the benefits of flossing, how flossing can help your gums and oral health at 09/03/2019

How to Prevent Cavities in Three Important Steps

Check out these helpful tips to avoid cavities! It is easy to learn how to prevent cavities. Take some precautions, and follow a few simple steps. 05/29/2019

5 Ways Your Parents Mislead You About Your Teeth - Dental Health Society

What are some dental health myths you've heard over the years? Share with us in the comments! Parents usually mean well, especially when it comes to our health. But sometimes, they just didn’t know any better. Many dental patients end up following dental advice from their parents for decades, not realizing that the information has been debunked or disproved since the time they were kids. R... 05/22/2019

Whitening Teeth on a Budget: Teeth Cleaning vs. Whitening - Dental Health Society

When it comes to a bright smile, what's more effective: teeth cleanings or whitening? What are the differences? Read this article to find out! Want whiter teeth, but unsure whether you need teeth whitening or just a good cleaning? Here's how the two compare: Teeth cleaning vs. whitening 05/15/2019

Broken Tooth? Tips on Handling Broken Teeth

As scary as it may be, chipping a tooth is fairly common! Here's a great article to review what to do when you have a broken tooth. When in doubt, call us immediately! We are always happy to help. :) Teeth are remarkably strong, but a broken tooth is not uncommon. Visit to read the facts about broken teeth and what you can do to prevent them as well as information about what your dentist will do to fix a broken tooth. 05/01/2019

Dealing with dry mouth

If you suffer from dry mouth, you know how uncomfortable it can be. We can help! A healthy adult produces about three pints of saliva each day. It's not the kind of thing you would give thought to very often, but that saliva plays a very important role in maintaining your health. 04/18/2019

4 Types of Dental Bridges | Colgate® Oral Care

Have you been considering a dental bridge? We can help you figure out the right type of bridge for your smile! If you have missing or decayed teeth, there are four types of dental bridges that your dentist may recommend. Learn more about the types of dental bridges. 04/09/2019

Oral, Head and Neck Cancers 2019 Quiz - On Medicine

April is Oral, Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Month! Test your knowledge with this quiz about oral cancer myths and other common diseases! April marks Oral, Head and Neck Cancer Awareness month. This year, we’ve created a quiz to complement our author blog addressing commonly held myths about this set of diseases and a curated list of research on oral, head and neck cancer. Find out how much you know, and tweet @OncoBioMed to share y... 01/30/2019

Tooth Fairy Ideas | Colgate® Oral Care

Is your tooth fairy needing some creative guidance? ;) Although many countries around the world have unique traditions to mark the loss of a child's baby teeth, the tooth fairy legend is believed to have originated in the United States in the early part of the 1900s. This custom has remained popular, and even today, many parents search for fun and creat...


Smiles are Contagious | Giovanni Maroki | [email protected]

Check out Giovanni's stance on sharing a smile with others! :)

When you smile at someone, they smile back...smiles are contagious! 1st grade student at Vista Grande Elementary School This talk was given at a TEDx event u... 01/02/2019

Looking After Your Teeth: Five New Year's Resolutions for a Healthier Mouth

If you can't decide on a New Year's resolution, consider your smile! If you want to take better care when looking after your teeth and gums this year, these five simple resolutions can keep you diligent: 12/20/2018

5 tips to get your breath mistletoe-ready | Covington-Maple Valley Reporter

Is your smile ready for the holidays? By: Kyle Blair, DDS 11/14/2018

Good Thanksgiving Foods for Your Teeth - American Dental Association

What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish?! Find out if it's fit for your smile! Or you can share a recipe with us right here! Everyone in our office LOVES to eat. How teeth-friendly is your Turkey Day menu? Find out what foods to sink your teeth into on Thanksgiving.




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