Thank you, Altadental, for getting me in quickly with a significant tooth pain. Turned out to be something not so complicated, but the willingness to see me made all of the difference! Great job!
The Coffee Gallery Backstage
2029 N. Lake Ave.
Altadena, CA 91001

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Curtain for Now That She's Gone — 2:00 p.m. (arrive early to park)

Tickets: $15 on-line; $20 at the door.
To purchase tickets in advance, click here:
Another pleasant visit to the Altadental team for both myself and my wife. We highly recommend them for all of your dental needs.
Is your kid’s dentist simply the best? Show it by voting them Hulafrog's 2018 Most Loved Pediatric Dentist. Vote now>

Our Dental Boutique and amazing souls provide a soothing environment during your visit :) Family Dental Boutique- Lifestyle/Community/Food/Travel/

Smile...we're here!!

We accept Medi-Cal and most PPO insurances. We offer a comfortable setting with your choice of music, favorite tv show or Netflix programming while being attended to by our experienced staff. We look forward to giving the entire family something to smile about.

Operating as usual


When work becomes family... #Blessed🙏 #TeamAltadental #TisTheSeason #MerryChristmas #Grateful🙏 #ThankYouFam #THEBestInTheWest 10/24/2018

Sugary, sticky Halloween treats can play tricks on children’s teeth - Delta Dental

Sugary, sticky Halloween treats can play tricks on children's teeth. Click on this link for some tips on "healthier" candy choices... Not all candy is created equal. The chewier the candy, the more likely it is to stick around and cause cavities.


So blessed to have these souls call us their Dental Home. Always there to lend a helping hand! Thank you Ladies, YOU ROCK!! #Altadena #Festival #GivingBack #Community #FreeExams #MyAltadental #Blessed


Thank you ALTADENA! As a token of appreciation to our amazing community, we are providing FREE DENTAL EXAMS to members of our community who cannot afford them otherwise. Come join us and Abundant Harvest LIFT this Saturday the 29th from 10am-2pm for an awesome community event with Free Hot Dogs and Popcorn! Not to mention a Kids Fun Zone" and FREE DENTAL EXAMS! The FIRST 50 visitors will receive a coupon for 50% OFF our 1st time guest specials to be used at Altadental. It's time to start giving back to the community that voted us their favorite Dentist on #Nextdoor and has referred over 2,500 new guests in less than 2.5 years! Thank YOU! #GivingBack #Blessed #Community #Altadena #FreeDentalExams


Invisalign can be a great option for people who are less than happy with the alignment of their teeth but don't want to publicize their orthodontic journey. Ask us about Invisalign today! Click here for more info on Invisalign from their website...


Teething in children isn't always so noticeable. That's because not all teething kids have the same symptoms. Click here for an informative article regarding teething....


What an honor to be asked to speak at Sierra Madre Methodist Church and educate parents of toddlers about the importance of oral health at a young age. Our managing Dentist Dr. Natalie, along with our team shared valuable info along with passing out goodie bags for the lil ones. Remember brushing "harder" does not mean brushing more effectively. Use a soft toothbrush in circular motions rather than scrubbing left to right with force. This will assist in keeping healthy gum levels at a young age. Thank you Judy McCord for inviting us back for our 2nd presentation! Keep fighting the good fight as education is THE KEY to prevention! Our team's mission is to change the face of Dentistry. Dental visits shouldn't be scary and intimidating, we are here to replace fear and confusion with a relaxed and educated environment you and your family will look forward to visiting twice a year and calling your Dental Home for a lifetime! #myaltadental #educate2prevent #alwaysgiveback #kidsdental #blessed🙏 04/25/2018

A big Downtown space gets overhauled with garden restaurant and dance floor

Garden Restaurant huh?! Sounds like fun times are ahead.... A Big Downtown Space Gets Overhauled With Garden Restaurant and Dance Floor French Exit and Bar Menagerie land next door to the popular Maccheroni Republic on Broadway 04/23/2018

The 10 Best Diners In Los Angeles

Nothing beats a good breakfast.... Here is an article outlining The 10 Best Diners In Los Angeles Nothing beats the combination of pancakes and hot coffee.


Many Parents are in the Dark on When Kids Should First See a Dentist...We highly recommend your children's first Dental visit at the sign of their 1st tooth eruption.


It's been quite some time since we've connected on Social Media with our community. We thank you ALL for your support in getting us to this level of productivity. As of today, we are completely booked out for the entire month. A vision we couldn't have dreamed of 2 years ago. It is truly a blessing to have achieved the level of support we achieved in our first 2 years. We are very humbled and appreciative. As business owners in our late 30's, we've been trying our absolute best during our blessed period of growth to continue our attention to EXCELLENCE with a twist of Dentistry. We had ups and downs as any business owner who is passionate about their profession does. It was incredibly difficult in finding individuals to assist in our growth that we can call family and who share the same vision of honest, transparent and modern dentistry with a personally catered and guest oriented experience. Our team is stronger than ever, better yet, our vision is stronger than ever! We strive in providing a Boutique Dental Home you and your family can trust for years to come and one who appreciates, values and respects your time and patronage. We have some exciting expansion plans in mind, stay tuned for the continued story of our amazing blessing we call Altadental! #Humbled #Blessed #ThankYou #Growth #BoutiqueDentistry #5starExperience 11/08/2017

Thumbsucking - American Dental Association

Worried about your child's thumb-sucking habits? Thumb-sucking is common among children, especial when teething, but may be a cause for concern if the child is over the age of 4. If they are still sucking before mature teeth come in, it may cause irregular growth and alignment. Click below for more info. #Altadental #DentalBoutique #Educate2Prevent #Altadena Find out how thumbsucking and pacifier use can affect your baby's mouth and get tips on how to help your child break the habit.


It's that time of year! We're so proud of our boys in blue! What an amazing year it's been. Let's bring home the Commissioner's Trophy to where it LA!!! Go Los Angeles Dodgers!!!! #ThisTeam #LAlove #Dodgers #Altadental #DentalBoutique #CommunityLove

Guest Reviews 09/27/2017

We want to thank each and every one of our amazing guests who took their time and shared their experience with us. We truly appreciate ALL the amazing love we've received. This has been such a blessed journey for our entire team. We are growing daily and REALLY love coming to work (you should see us dancing in the hallway after lunch :) ) We are all ready to work harder than ever in ensuring you have an exceptional experience at your new Dental Home. This is a dream come true for our entire team. Thank you for making Altadental what it is today, Altadena's own 5-Star Dental Home! #BLESSED #Altadental #ThankYOU #Humbled

We want to thank each and every one of our amazing guests who took their time and shared their experience with us. We truly appreciate ALL the amazing love we've received. This has been such a blessed journey for our entire team. We are growing daily and REALLY love coming to work (you should see us dancing in the hallway after lunch :) ) We are all ready to work harder than ever in ensuring you have an exceptional experience at your new Dental Home. This is a dream come true for our entire team. Thank you for making Altadental what it is today, Altadena's own 5-Star Dental Home! #BLESSED #Altadental #ThankYOU #Humbled 09/22/2017

FDA Approves First-of-Its-Kind Cancer Treatment

New advancements in Cancer research. The FDA has for the first time approved a treatment that uses a patient’s own genetically modified cells to attack a type of leukemia, opening the door to what the agency calls "a new frontier" in medicine. #Altadental #DentalBoutique #Educate2Prevent The FDA has approved a first-of-its-kind treatment, called CAR T-cell therapy, to treat a type of leukemia in children and young adults. 09/15/2017

Stomatitis: Types, causes, and treatment

Have you heard of Stomatitis before? Do you ever feel inflammation in your mouth? Stomatitis affects the mucous membranes, which are the thin skin coverings on the inside surface of the mouth. #Altadental #DentalBoutique #Educate2Prevent Stomatitis is the most common disease affecting the mouth, with up to a quarter of the United States population being affected. Is it preventable? 09/13/2017

Yellow nail syndrome: Symptoms, causes, and treatment

Do you ever wonder why nails turn yellow as you age? Our friends at Medical News Today have published this article outlining symptoms, causes and treatments... #Altadental #DentalBoutique #Educate2Prevent #NotJustDentistry Yellow nail syndrome is a complex, potentially painful disorder. In this article, learn about the potential causes and risk factors. 09/11/2017

High sugar consumption gives rise to dental treatment costs in the billions inexpensive treat that is very expensive for your health. #Altadental #DentalBoutique #Educate2Prevent Worldwide, people are eating far too much sugar. This has negative consequences for their teeth and for their purses: seen at the global level, the costs of dental treatment are currently running at… 09/08/2017

Could a green tea extract help to treat tooth sensitivity?

Could green tea extract help treat tooth sensitivity? Researchers have now developed a new material to better protect sensitive teeth, using green tea polyphenols. #Altadental #DentalBoutique #Educate2Prevent Using a green tea compound, researchers develop a new material that protects patients with sensitive teeth and damaged dentin against cavities. 09/06/2017

What is a dead tooth? Symptoms, causes, and treatment

What exactly is a "dead" tooth? This article outlines symptoms, causes and treatments...#Altadental #DentalBoutique #Educate2Prevent A dead tooth is one that no longer receives any blood flow. It is caused by either decay or injury. Learn more about the symptoms and treatment. 09/04/2017

10 Non-Sandwich Lunch Ideas for Kids | Healthy Ideas for Kids

Are you looking for creative lunch ideas for your kids this school year? Our friends at Super Healthy Kids have a cool article outlining 10 non-sandwich lunch ideas kids will love... #Altadental #DentalBoutique #Educate2Prevent No lunch ruts here! Discover fresh, non-sandwich lunches your kids will love.


SO proud of our hygienist for volunteering her time and resources in an effort of providing much needed dental care to less fortunate kids in Africa. We love ya girl! Keep up your awesome energy and efforts! Altadental toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss and mouthwash put to great use thanks to YOU! We're lucky to call you a part of the most awesome dental team ever! #TeamWorkMakesTheDreamWork #Blessed #Altadental #DentalBoutique #SpreadHelpNotHate #TheBestTeamAround 09/01/2017

Chewing gum rapid test for inflammation

Using chewing gum to diagnose your oral health? YES! Read up on the future of dentistry in this awesome article... #Altadental #DentalBoutique #Educate2Prevent Dental implants occasionally entail complications: Six to fifteen percent of patients develop an inflammatory response in the years after receiving a dental implant. This is caused by bacteria… 08/30/2017

Like an orange julius but WAY better!

Green AND Sweet for the kiddos?! Sign us up! Kids will love this peach, banana, almond milk and spinach smoothie... Thank you Super Healthy Kids for your cool smoothie idea, we look forward to giving it a blend! #Altadental #DentalBoutique #Educate2Prevent The tastiest green smoothie! Peaches, banana, almond milk and spinach to make it bright green. Your kids will love this Green Peach Smoothie!


Think you're getting old? We wanted to share this informative article with you outlining dental problems that occur with age and how to avoid them. #Altadental #Educate2Prevent #WeAreGettingOld #DentalBoutique #Altadena 08/06/2017

Women with gum disease may need to watch out for cancer

Women with gum disease may need to watch out for cancer. Prevention is key family! Don't get lazy when it comes to your check-ups twice a year. A hygienist will evaluate your gum health and give Oral Health instructions to ensure your gums stay healthy. #Altadental #DentalBoutique #Altadena #Educate2Prevent A new study finds associations between gum disease in women over 54 and many different types of cancer, including gallbladder cancer and esophageal cancer. 08/04/2017

Hypersalivation: Causes and treatment

Some of our guests have brought up concerns of hypersalivation (too much saliva). We came across this interesting article and wanted to share it with our community. #Altadental #DentalBoutique #Educate2Prevent #Altadena What is hypersalivation? What causes it and how is it treated? In this article, we look at this condition characterized by excess saliva in the mouth. 08/01/2017

Quinoa Mango Avocado Chicken Salad with Coconut Lime Dressing | Healthy Ideas for Kids

Looking for a fun Summer meal? Check out this Quinoa Mango Avocado Chicken Salad with Coconut Lime Dressing! #Altadental #DentalBoutique # SummerFun #FunMeals Quinoa Mango Avocado Chicken Salad with Coconut Lime Dressing is some summertime heaven on a plate, depending on your avocados being perfect. 07/31/2017

How to clean your retainer: Eight helpful tips

How often do you clean your retainer? Here is an informative article regarding the cleansing of your retainer...#Altadental #DentalBoutique #Educate2Prevent The bacteria that can build up on teeth may also build up on a retainer. When should a retainer be cleaned and what are the myths about retainer cleaning? 07/30/2017

Jaw exercises for TMJ pain

Do you experience jaw pain? Here are some jaw exercises to alleviate some of the discomfort. #Altadental #Educate2Prevent #DentalBoutique What is the temporomandibular joint and what may the causes of pain be? Learn about the exercises that can manage TMJ pain and how it may be prevented. 07/28/2017

Watermelon Fruit Pizza

Bring on the weekend!! Kids (and us adults) will LOVE these Watermelon Fruit Pizza's! #Altadental #DentalBoutique #SummerFun #WeekendVibes Topping this sweet, delicious "pizza" is a fun activity for creative kids! 07/27/2017

Mouth ulcers: Causes and symptoms

Ever get that weird feeling in your mouth like something is there and it doesn't belong? Mouth ulcers; Symptoms, Causes, Prevention and Treatment...#Altadental #DentalBoutique #Educate2Prevent What are mouth ulcers and what types of mouth ulcer are most common? Learn about the symptoms, causes, prevention, and treatment of mouth ulcers. 07/26/2017

Dry socket: Symptoms, risk factors, and treatment

Ever wonder what causes pain and a nasty odor after extractions? Dry-Socket is a common occurrence for individuals after extractions. This article outlines the who, what and where of the discomfort you might feel after an extraction... #Altadental #DentalBoutique #Educate2Prevent Dry socket is a complication which may occur after having a tooth extracted. Learn how it is diagnosed, how to manage symptoms, and how to prevent it.


We have missed our Facebook friends! We've been missing from social media for a while due to the amazingly blessed growth of our boutique Dental Office. We want to take a minute and thank each and everyone of our supporters as we just hit 900 likes and have seen over 1,200 guests in our 1st year! We now have a staff of 5 and are booked out over 2 weeks in advance. We couldn't have done it without you! Thank YOU for ALL your support! #Blessed #ThankYou #Humbled #Altadental

- Team Altadental

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This is toooo fun! We want to thank one of THE coolest families for trusting us with another visit! @victoriak.knapp We can't thank you enough for all your love and support, but today we want to thank you for being the reason our entire team can't stop smiling. We had such a cool party with your little angels! You guys have truly become friends of this Dental Home. Thank you again for all the positive and fun vibes you bring each time you visit us. We're very blessed to have you as a member of our Dental family. #novitaminslol #THANKYOU #MarioKart #FamilyOwned #Dentist #familydentistry #Altadena #Altadental #BLESSED

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What a touching year 2016 was! We feel so much warmth and love from our AMAZING community.  Thank you ALL for such a war...




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