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Operating as usual 11/24/2020

Colgate Laboratory Tests Show Toothpaste and Mouthwash Neutralize 99.9% of the Virus That Causes COVID-19

Good news about brushing your teeth .... lots of possible benefits. Laboratory studies show that toothpastes containing zinc or stannous and mouthwash formulas with cetylpyridinium chloride (CPC) neutralize the virus t


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Allendale Dental


Excited to share our final product with our patients 🦷 #allendaledental #dentist #allendalenj


Allendale Dental

[05/26/20]   To our valued dental family,

We hope this letter finds you and your family in good health. Our community has been through so much over the last several months, and all of us are looking forward to the day when we can resume our normal habits and daily routines. As we enter into a “New Normal” with many changes, one thing has remained the same: our commitment to your safety.

Effective Monday, June 1 2020 we will be returning to the office to provide treatment for our patients. We will be following the guidelines from the Governor and the New Jersey Dental Association upon reopening. Due to social distancing, please respect our initial limited availability of some appointments. We will make every attempt to accommodate your request as best we can.

Infection control has always been the top priority of Allendale Dental. Our infection control practices are made so that when you receive care it is both safe and comfortable. Our standards have continually met and exceeded the guidelines set by the CDC, OSHA, and the ADA. We closely follow the activities of these agencies so that we are up-to-date on any new recommendations or guidance that may be issued. We have now enhanced our systems to include:

• HyperHEPA Air Filtration Systems throughout the practice and duct work
• EMist disinfection in all common spaces and treatment rooms
• Fresh-Aire-UV in our HVAC duct work is being installed
• Electronic forms
• Barriers at the front desk
• High-level PPE for our employees
• High volume evacuator suction device to reduce aerosols
• Multiple hand sanitizing areas

You will see some changes at your next appointment. These changes were made to help protect our patients and our team.

• Our office will communicate with you beforehand and review COVID-19 screening questions. You will also be sent electronic forms to fill out prior to your visit.
• You must wear a mask to the office and you will see that our entire team is wearing a mask, including our non-clinical team members.
• When you arrive at the office you will wait in your car and call us from the parking lot. We will instruct you on when to come up for your appointment. Please come alone to your appointment. Children may come with a single guardian who has also completed our pre-appointment screening.
• You will be greeted by a team member who will take your temperature with a touch-free thermometer, review COVID-19 screening questions, and show you to the hand sanitizer station.
• Our outstanding magazine collection will no longer be in the waiting room (This is the hardest news to deliver!).
• Appointments will be managed to allow for social distancing between patients. You may be offered fewer options for scheduling your appointment.

Our team members are also monitored closely and will have temperature and health checks daily. Even though we all desire normalcy, we feel strongly that these new protocols are necessary at this time.

As the situation in the world continues to evolve, you have our commitment that we will continue to adapt. We are ready to care for you and offer you a safe and healthy environment. We appreciate your understanding, your loyalty and your trust.

Yours in good health,

John Saraydarian DMD, Jenna Earnhardt DMD, Caroline Ahn DMD and the Team at Allendale Dental


Looking forward to re-opening our doors and allowing our patients to experience the new space. #stayhome #stayhealthy #allendaledental #dentist #dentalassistant #dentalhygienist #tuftsdental #allendale #bergencounty @ Allendale Dental

[03/24/20]   At this time we are closed due to the COVID19 outbreak. If you seek immediate emergency treatment, we are available, please call our office and follow the prompts. Stay safe everyone!


Phase 1 of our expansion is done. Stay tuned for the final product in March.


We’re counting down the weeks to our new reveal of our new office. Hope you enjoy a sneak peak of our future treatment rooms. @cornerstonebuildersgroup is doing an amazing job piecing it all together with the help of @zplusarchitects architectural designs. Thanks to @perspectivebymattmiller for once again making our vision come to life. #dentist #allendale #allendaledental #allendalenj #bergencounty #allendaledental #tuftsdental 07/01/2019

Charcoal Toothpaste: Deactivates Fluoride, Abrasive, and Some May Contain Carcinogens - Today's RDH

Sometimes things aren’t always what they appear to be. Charcoal toothpastes are gaining popularity across the globe. From Southeast Asia to the West Coast of the United States, a growing number of patients are asking their dental hygienists about charcoal toothpaste. Responding to these inquiries is not always easy because savvy marketing tactics and so...


We are excited to show you a sneak peak into our new office design. Please stay tuned for future updates as things progress. We want to thank everyone for their patience during this expansion process. Thank you to @perspectivebymattmiller for giving a visualization to our concept.


Office wine outing in the Hampton’s. If you can’t have fun with your staff who can you have fun with (missing a few) #allendaledental #dentist #tuftsdental #hygienist


Thank you all for being patient with our schedule. We plan on having construction completed by the end of the year or early 2019. Stay tuned. #construction #allendaledental #dentist #tuftsdental #bergencounty #bergencountydentist #finally #topdentist #dentaldesign @ Allendale Dental 03/26/2018

Scientists develop tiny tooth-mounted sensors that can track what you eat

Soon you won’t be able to hide those snacks. MEDFORD/SOMERVILLE, Mass. (March 22, 2018) – Monitoring in real time what happens in and around our bodies can be invaluable in the context of health care or clinical studies, but not so easy to do. That could soon change thanks to new, miniaturized sensors developed by researchers at the Tufts Un...


Old crowns were very opaque and misshaped. Replacing with new zirconia bridges and emax veneers for a natural smile. #allendaledental #dentist #dentistrymyworld #idental #emax #zirconia #bergencountydentist #dentistryworld #dentistrytoday # @ Allendale Dental


American Dental Association

Want to be a dental do-gooder like Hermey? Check out these 5 holiday teeth tips!


American Dental Association

6 tips for cavity-free holidays


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Appreciation from patients comes in many forms this is one of the best as we can’t eat it. Thank you to our lovely patients who come from Delaware. It’s a great way to start off Monday. #allendaledental #allendale #allendaleflowers #tuftsdental #tufts #tuftsdentalschool #dentist #dentistry #cosmeticdentistry #dentalhygienist #dentalassistant #dentaloffice


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Creative Ideas

Love this idea!

Parents tired of their son not brushing his teeth come up with this genius letter from the tooth fairy:


Preparing for her 6 month check up at Allendale Dental


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Ever wonder about a root canal? Here is a brief video with some explanations. #rootcanal #allendaledental #allendale #dentist #dentistry #abcess #abcessedtooth #endodontics #endodontic 03/06/2017

NATIONAL DENTIST’S DAY – March 6 NATIONAL DENTIST’S DAY Annually observed on March 6, National Dentist’s Day was created as a day set to say “Thank You” and show appreciation to your dentist. In many cases, the day of our dental v… 11/07/2016

6 Myths About Baby Teeth Get the facts about baby teeth and get your infant started on the path to good oral health as early as possible. 10/19/2016

Here's Why You Have 'Bad Breath''. Remove This And Solve The Problem!

We don't recommend taking care of these yourself - it's best to see a professional. Are you dealing with bad breath and it seems that no breath freshener in the world can help you? It looks like there are some individuals that have difficulties with breath odor that they can’ solve. What Causes Bad Breath? The majority of cases related to bad breath are linked to tonsil stones. In… 10/14/2016

5 Reasons Being a Dental Hygienist is Harder than You Might Think "Oh, you're a dental hygienist?! Don't you just scrape on teeth? What an easy job you have!" Not so fast there! Dental hygienists are often discounted in their role as... 08/04/2016

Yes, flossing works if done correctly. Here's what is wrong with recent news reports. The Associated Press (AP) came out with a report earlier this week stating there are no proven benefits to flossing. Working in dentistry, we know how important cleaning in interproximally is, not o


TODAY with Hoda & Jenna

Here are some good uses for the hard toothbrush you shouldn't be using on your teeth!

WATCH: Is a toothbrush your new favorite beauty product? Here’s why it might be:

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Preparing for her 6 month check up at Allendale Dental
#allendalenj #allendaledental #cosmeticdentistry #toothextraction #audi #babytooth
Ever wonder about a root canal? Here is a brief video with some explanations.  #rootcanal #allendaledental #allendale #d...




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