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Evergreen Dental Care - Richard Chang DDS


Dental laser is becoming popular, but did you know it can also help reduce the healing time for cold sores by up to a week?
Hello everyone, I never knew verbal bullying (VB) could have an adverse effect on children's oral health in addition to the obvious psychological trauma. A recent Brazilian study showed children who suffer from VB exhibit bite problems such as severe misalignment of upper teeth and an increase in the number of tooth nerve exposures. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.adaj.2020.02.001
August Giveaway!
We would like to congratulate our very lucky winner for the month of November Isabella Contreras! We would like to say a special thank you for attending all your routine appointments and allowing us to spread the joy of a healthy beautiful smile! Now who will be our lucky winner for our December giveaway!? Come in for your routine cleaning or treatment to be eligible to win our next raffle!😁
Salivary mucins actively protect the teeth from the bacteria S. mutans which cause cavities. Stay hydrated!

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EVERGREEN DENTAL CARE-Healthy & Natural Since 1990 We deliver state-of-the-art natural dental care at our happy, personalized and health-oriented practice helping our patients attain optimum dental health and enriching community through humanitarian endeavors.

Mercury Free Dentistry Safe Silver Amalgam Filling Removal Invisalign Sedation Dentistry Smile Makeovers Drill-Less Dentistry Periodontal Gum Disease Holistic Dental Care for You and Your Family Dr. Chang is a Member of IAOMT: http://iaomt.com/

Operating as usual

Another happy patient for Evergreen Dental Care! 😉
She came into our dental practice for veneers treatment for picture-perfect results.

What can we do for you? Learn more about dental veneers and our cosmetic dentistry services
👉 https://bit.ly/3jhjFIC


Teeth Whitening and GLO Whitening Dental Services in Alhambra, CA - Evergreen Dental Care

Are you looking for a better way to whiten your teeth professionally? 😄

Evergreen Dental Care offers one of the most innovative and effective solutions. Introducing GLO Whitening: a safe, effective, convenient, and better way for teeth whitening.

Learn more about our GLO Whitening and schedule your appointment today!


evergreendental.care Evergreen Dental Care offers many teeth whitening options, including GLO whitening, the latest innovative teeth whitening technology (626) 285-0285


Invisalign and Clear Correct Aligners - Richard K. Chang, DDS - Evergreen Dental Care

A new and better way to straighten your teeth 😬

Evergreen Dental Care offers the best solutions for teeth alignment. Learn more about Invisalign and ClearCorrect and schedule your appointment today. https://bit.ly/2GCUQsN

evergreendental.care Are you looking for a better way to straighten your teeth? Schedule your appointment with one of our dentists for Invisalign and Clear Correct aligners.


Bad toothbrushing habits tied to higher heart risk

Brush your teeth and protect your heart health. ❤️
A study finds that regular toothbrushing can lower your risk of cardiovascular disease.

heart.org When it comes to heart health, there may be benefits to brushing your teeth twice a day for two minutes, a new study suggests.

A study finds that vaping can increase your chances of getting chronic lung disease by 30% https://bit.ly/34AJfED


Cosmetic Dentist - CALL (626) 285-0285 - Evergreen Dental Care

Are you happy with your smile? If you answered "no," then Evergreen Dental Care makes it possible to love your smile once again. So that next time, you answer, "yes! I'm happy with my smile! 😃

Learn more about Evergreen Dental Care's cosmetic dental services and schedule your appointment today ➡️ https://bit.ly/3jhjFIC

evergreendental.care Are you in need of a cosmetic dentist in Alhambra, CA? Call Evergreen Dental Care today for an appointment, voted best dentist of the year.

Another happy patient! Dr. Chang completed six anterior implant, and now he's loving his smile! https://bit.ly/3aW596a


Holistic Dentist - CALL (626) 285-0285 - Evergreen Dental Care

While most dentists only focus on your teeth, holistic dentistry takes a different approach by looking at the whole body relationship between your general health and dental health. Have you considered seeing a holistic dentist lately? Find out if one is right for you ➡️ https://bit.ly/2EA2001

evergreendental.care Are you searching for a holistic dentist in Alhambra, CA? Contact us to set an appointment with Evergreen Dental Care, voted best dentist of the year.



I received these air quality tips from my friend Kathleen Pratt which I am passing on.

Yesterday, the map showed AQI in the 150-250 range throughout parts of the Bay Area, the range that indicates it's dangerous for people without medical conditions. https://www.purpleair.com/map?opt=1/mAQI/a10/cC0#7.8/37.52/-121.887 (I've been told some people are not seeing the AQIs loading, which might mean their servers are overloaded with people checking).


If you must go outside during the fires, and have access to one, please wear a NIOSH-rated mask, like an N-95 or P-100. If your mask has valves, it will not protect others from COVID-19 if you are an asymptomatic carrier—to help with this you can wear a cloth mask over the valves, or a COVID-19 safe-mask (like a cloth mask or surgical mask) underneath, so long as it still gives you a good fit. If you do this with a cloth mask, make sure you are washing it after every use—this is something hopefully you are already doing with cloth masks due to COVID-19.
N95s masks are only good for 1-2 days worth of continuous outdoor wear in this air. In COVID terms, reusing your mask is okay, so long as you can properly disinfect it (by either treating it or letting it "air out" about 72 hours). However, letting the N-95 mask "air out" when there are toxins from wildfire smoke in the air means that the masks will be continuously filtering those toxins making them less effective over time. A solution I have seen is to "air them out" for COVID-19 in a room that is well-sealed from smoke and has air filtration.

Here's a helpful thread on mask safety by my friend Urvi, including info about mask fit: https://twitter.com/theurv/status/1295998569896271874?s=21.

Attached an image showing what the different ratings of the masks mean and what they will protect you from with regard to fires (not necessarily COVID-19).

Smoke Protection & Immune Health

Some more info about protecting yourself from smoke, paraphrased from information shared on Facebook by Kiran Nigam in 2018:

The smoke in our air is not just wood smoke. "Wildfire" is a misnomer. The things that have been burning are entire towns, houses, buildings, cars, plastics, containing benzene, ozone, formaldehyde and who knows what other chemicals. It contains P2.5, particles that are small enough that they can pass *directly into your blood stream* through your lungs.

All these things create an enormous burden on your liver to detoxify. The liver can get overwhelmed and your body's toxic burden goes up. That contributes to things like headaches, body aches, fever, fatigue, difficulty breathing.

The below tips are from our friend Mason (also from 2018):
Rinse your nose and gargle with salt water frequently. Eye Drops and Throat Lozenges can also be helpful. Mullein, Mugwort, and Eucalyptus are good herbal remedies to support lung health.

Protect your immune system and if you're prone to allergies preventative doses of Benadryl, Claritin etc. may be necessary. Shower and wash your clothes after being outdoors.

Staying hydrated and indoors with ventilated rooms and securely sealed windows is crucial.

Brain fog is real. Be safe and vigilant, people will be disorientated, sleepy, slow to react.

Mutual Aid & Resources
It's also a good time to check on folks who are immunocompromised and/or have breathing-related medical conditions, as well as unhoused folks. Bring folks water. Here's an idea for unhoused folks' mutual aid: https://twitter.com/ihatejoelkim/status/1294327924401692672

Here's a list of government resources for folks who are affected by the fires: https://response.ca.gov/resources.html

response.ca.gov State of California


How Two British Orthodontists Became Celebrities to Incels

Our tongue really is the "molder" for the upper jaw which ultimately shapes the lower jaw. Great read!

nytimes.com The Mews, a father-son team of orthodontists, have an unusual theory about the source of crooked teeth — one that has earned them a following in some of the darker corners of the internet.


Update: COVID-19 Health Regulation | Evergreen Dental Care Alhambra CA

Click here for more information during these difficult times! Please stay safe.

evergreendental.care Check out the latest Health Guideline COVID-19 Update from Evergreen Dental Care Alhambra, California!

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In these uncertain times it is vital to be united and lend a helping hand to anyone that is in need. We are so happy to do our part for healthcare professionals who are out of quarantine everday to help others. Bless you for all you do out of the kindness of your heart. You face uncertainty day to day,we hear your fears of returning home to your loved ones, we hear your struggles, frustrations and concerns. We want you know we appreciate you being an everyday hero to all those in need. Please stay safe. 🙏🏼
Thank you to my patient and all those who worked around their very busy schedule to create this special surprise.😲😀 #lendahelpinghand #quarantine #COVID19 #united #healthcareprofessionals

How to Swish Vigorously!

How Swishing Water (Vigorously) Can Prevent Cavities!

Drinking water throughout the day not only rehydrates our bodies but can also help prevent us from getting kidney stones. Did you also know that swishing vigorously with water after each meal can have similar effects as brushing? The key here is to swish vigorously and immediately after meal.

1: Swishing can help "peel off" residual food particles from teeth

When you swish vigorously, the mechanical vibrations and water jets that go around the mouth can quite effectively dislodge most food particles from the tooth surfaces and the little crevices between teeth and under the gums.

2: Swishing can help build up and maintain facial muscle tone

As we age, our facial muscles tend to relax a bit, but vigorous swishing is like a workout that can help maintain the muscle tone. When we do 10 seconds each on the left side, the right side of the cheek, 10 seconds on the top and again on the bottom teeth for a total of 40 seconds, we increase circulations around the mouth so much that we literally feel a little “burn” from the workout!

3: Swishing can promote saliva secretion

It has been shown that mucin in saliva can help coat the enamel surfaces and slow down the decalcification process. Most people start getting cavities when they experience dry mouths. Swishing can stimulate our salivary glands and promote more saliva secretions, which equals fewer cavities!

Let’s get SWISHING!!🦷✨💦

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Our patients are LOVING their GLO at their office whitening!! Be sure to drop by to get your smile GLOWING again!!🦷✨✨✨
Make your appointment today through our website!
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Dr. Chang does Neuromuscular Dentistry to Solve Head, Neck and Back Pain - Evergreen Dental Care


evergreendental.care If you have head, neck, and/or back pain, you might want to consider seeing Dr. Chang, not your doctor right away. Dr. Chang here at Evergreen […]

Well, it’s back to the Thai temple again! Only this time it’s in Long Beach where the monks practice Vipassana, loosely translated as insight meditation into the nature of mind. A great day!

Check out my latest blog on holistic dentistry! https://evergreendental.care/dr-chang-does-holistic-dentistry/

Dr. Chang's new welcome video!

I have compiled this video with the help of my video guru Bob Chesney and many of my greatest patients over the years. Thank you for making better teeth better health an attainable goal for all of us!

Evergreen Dental Care - Richard Chang DDS's cover photo

Sharing is not always caring!

End-of-year Sonicare giveaway drawing! Thank you everyone for participating!

[12/31/18]   Dental assistant position available—please help spread the word—call Dr. Chang directly (626) 696-5515. Thank you and Happy New Year!

Evergreen Dental Care - Richard Chang DDS

Evergreen Dental Care - Richard Chang DDS's cover photo

Dr. Richard Chang specializes in Holistic and Natural Dentistry. He has been practicing in Alhambra for 26 years and is currently welcoming and accepting new patients. His humanitarian endeavors have taken him across the world into Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, where he gives dental care and education to the needy (the below picture is from a remote village in Bhutan). Call Evergreen Dental Care today (626-285-0285) to schedule an appointment with Dr. Chang who will take care of your needs. #Healthyteethnaturally

[06/30/18]   Do you like cheese? Eating it after meal can neutralize your mouth's acidity. Try Monterey Jack, Cheddar, Brie, Camembert, Blue, Gorgonzola.

[06/30/18]   "Excellent service, clean facility, best dent..." - Read the full review: https://reviews.solutionreach.com/vs/evergreen_dental_care#3962407

Dr. Richard Chang specializes in Holistic and Natural Dentistry. He has been practicing in Alhambra for 26 years and is currently welcoming and accepting new patients. His humanitarian endeavors have taken him across the world into Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, where he gives dental care and education to the needy. Call Evergreen Dental Care today (626-285-0285) to schedule an appointment with Dr. Chang who will take care of your needs. #Healthyteethnaturally

[05/17/18]   Did you know eating saltine crackers can easily cause tooth decays? They are made of simple starch which can easily turn into sugar.

[05/31/17]   The nation’s top pediatricians are advising parents to stop giving fruit juice to children in the first year of life.https://nyti.ms/2rINCqe

[04/13/17]   University of Manchester, UK, have found chewing food well prompts the release of an immune cell that can protect against infection.

[03/04/17]   Marijuana use can lead to an often dramatic increased rate of cavities due to dry mouth.

[02/24/17]   Teeth with developmental defects of the enamel (DDE) present a much higher risk of developing cavities earlier than teeth without DDE.

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How to Swish Vigorously!
Dr. Chang's new welcome video!




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