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Buddhist Tzu Chi Medical Foundation


Great Love & Care for all !👍🙏🥰🥰
Please join with us to promote Vegetarian diet campaign on June 7.
Reliefweb May 12, 2020 Report OCHA Services
Ada ka bantuan untok kami yang susa di sabah sandakan
Deep gratitude to Tzu Chi Medical Foundation for donating supplies to our agency. Your generosity and support makes a huge difference to our nurses and our patients. God bless you, Sabrina and Mary who reached out to us to help us. Thank you so much again. 💞
Pacific Clinics has been our community partner for a long time. Our mobile clinics provide dental and vision services to their clients. This time we donate PPE to the frontline healthcare workers. Here is the appreciation letter from Mr. James J. Balla, the President and CEO Pacific Clinics.
I feel very grateful to receive an appreciation letter from Mr. Brian P. Hammel, the President of Northridge Hospital Foundation for donating PPE to the Hospital for the safe of frontline health workers.
Can’t thank you enough for your PPE donations.
Thanks Tzu Chi to donate PPE for the frontlines
Good day...I came from Philippines.Can I ask if you can help me regarding my medical assistant..I was diagnosed of cervical cancer stage3b and my youngest son has diagnosed also of ADHDw/bipolar disorder...
Hello gud pm, naa me medical patient sa Leyte, baybay, ako mga cousins, naay mga bukol sa neck, pls visit them, they need help,, thankyou

Serving with Compassion

The Buddhist Tzu Chi Medical Foundation regularly provides affordable and low cost primary health services to the Southern California community through its medical center in Alhambra and its community clinics in South El Monte and Wilmington. The Medical Foundation also conducts outreach clinics to remote locations as well as dental projects at schools throughout Southern California. In October of 2011, over the course of four days, the Buddhist Tzu Chi Medical Foundation, in partnership with CareNow, helped to serve over 3500 patients at the LA Sports Arena, in one of the largest free health care clinics in the nation. “Tzu Chi” means “compassion and relief.”

Buddhist Tzu Chi Medical Foundation is a 501(C) 3 non-profit volunteer based humanitarian organization which help organize the medical mission of the United States together with TIMA (Tzu Chi International Medical Association), an organized global service network of licensed doctors and nurses who serve as volunteers. We always use utmost care and attention to treat the poor and the sick, providing medical care. During disasters, TIMA volunteers cooperate with Tzu Chi Disaster Relief Committee by going to the disaster area to help treat the sick and wounded victims. Are you prepared to put your kindness into actions to join Tzu Chi’s Great Love missions to help the poor and educate the rich by promoting the goodness and beauty of mankind? Everyone can help and serve the community.

Mission: Mission Statement The mission of the Buddhist Tzu Chi Medical Foundation is to provide quality medical, dental, alternative medicine and vision care, along with health education and other health services to income disadvantaged residents regardless of their age, gender, race or religious affiliations with inspiring love and humanity to both the givers and receivers. We also coordinate and manage medical resources internationally with Tzu Chi International Medical Association (TIMA) organizing numerous outreaches. Vision To provide medical aid while inspiring love and humanity to both the givers and receivers. Goals - To provide quality health care to financially disadvantaged residents, regardless of their age, sex, race or religious affiliations at minimal or no charge. - To ensure quality health by providing preventative medical and dental care. To educate and promote the public’s awareness of preventative medical care and pertinent health issues. - To provide emergency medical relief to disastrous and/or disadvantaged areas. Care with Compassion, Give with Joy.


萬人萬餐救地球 美國志工邀約蔬醒

六月, 慈濟醫療基金會舉辦了盛大的"萬人萬餐救地球"活動. 積極推廣茹素概念, 吸引更多人士加入吃素的行列, 爲保護地球資源, 不殺生做出努力與貢獻. 活動現場亦做了PPE醫療防護物資發放, 讓工作在一線的美國醫護人員能有足夠的口罩, 護目鏡和面罩等, 在危險的工作環境裏更好地保護好自身安全. https://youtu.be/eNricWIWaAs

Tzu Chi Mobile Clinic - Fresno

#fresnomobileclinic Exciting news!!!


Tzu Chi Mobile Clinic - Fresno

#fresnomobileclinic - En hora buena!!!


20200612 " A Better Meal, A Better Earth" Campaign

"A Better Meal, A Better Earth" campaign


Tzu Chi Medical Foundation is pleased to host a Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Donation & Veggie Meal Campaign event at the Tzu Chi Health Center at South El Monte.

We are grateful to have the opportunity to supply PPE for 9 local hospitals and organizations; we host 16 guests from Alhambra Hospital, Beverly Hospital, CareMed, Greater El Monte Community Hospital, Methodist Hospital, New Vista Post Acute Care Center, UCLA Orthopedics Institute for Children, LULAC and UC Riverside School of Medicine.

We sincerely appreciate 35 professionals and volunteers came out to support this meaningful event. Hope everyone can help to eat more vegetables & support Healthy Eating to save our Mother Earth🙏

#tzuchi #tzuchimedicalfoundation #personalprotectiveequipment #ppe #covid19 #covid19inUS #flattenthecurve
#aworldofhearts #AlhambraHospital #AHMC #BeverlyHospital #CareMed #GreaterElMonteCommunityHospital #MethodistHospital #NewVistaPostAcuteCareCentee #UCLAOrthopedicsInstituteforChildren #LULAC #UCRMedicalSchool #TzuChiHealthCenter

今天非常高興在在慈濟南愛満地社區健康中心舉辦了ㄧ場大型個人防疫物資捐贈並推廣萬人萬餐救地球勸素運動 !九家醫院及機構16位醫護人員及負責人参與了盛會 !

感恩35位同仁志工的同心協力. 活動非常圓滿讓更多醫護人員了解到慈濟人的愛與付出 !上人說非素不可。歡迎大家一起來共襄盛舉🙏

Alhambra Hospital thanks Tzu Chi for PPE donation

Tzu Chi Medical Foundation is pleased to host a Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Donation & Veggie Meal Campaign event at the Tzu Chi Health Center at South El Monte. We are grateful to have the opportunity to supply PPE for 9 local hospitals and organizations; we host 16 guests from Alhambra Hospital, Beverly Hospital, CareMed, Greater El Monte Community Hospital, Methodist Hospital, New Vista Post Acute Care Center, UCLA Orthopedics Institute for Children, LULAC and UC Riverside School of Medicine.

#tzuchi #tzuchimedicalfoundation #personalprotectiveequipment #ppe #covid19 #covid19inUS #flattenthecurve
#aworldofhearts #AlhambraHospital #AHMC #BeverlyHospital #CareMed #GreaterElMonteCommunityHospital #MethodistHospital #NewVistaPostAcuteCareCentee #UCLAOrthopedicsInstituteforChildren #LULAC #UCRMedicalSchool #TzuChiHealthCenter

Tzu Chi Medical Foundation continues to donate personal protective equipment (PPE) this week to frontline workers, including Kenya Red Cross Society, Cáritas Madrid and Gobierno de Aragón in Spain. We salute and support our brave frontline healthcare workers everywhere in the world🙏🙏🙏

#tzuchi #tzuchimedicalfoundation #personalprotectiveequipment #ppe #Kenya #KenyaRedCrossSociety #GobiernodeAragón #Spain #covid19 #covid19inUS #flattenthecurve
#CáritasMadrid #aworldofhearts

Thank you Tzu Chi Foundation and volunteers for supporting Kenya Red Cross Society with Covid 19 response PPEs!

Thank you Debra Boudreaux Buddhist Tzu Chi Medical Foundation Tzu Chi USA Joyce Chu 林名男, Asha Mohamed, Hsiao Cindym, Ning Huei, Angela Sie, @周傳雄 Steve Chou, Simon Shyong, Joyce Ho, Alex Tan, Steve Huang, Chien-Cheng Yang, Lisa Marie N Danny Bernie Hollywood OBE Cristina Tirado Marilo Vázquez Martinez MC VdPahlen. Please thank any groups we may have omitted!

Tzu Chi Medical Donates PPE to UCR & LULAC

Yolanda Esquivel, President of League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), along with Gilberto and Luis Delgado from UC RIverside Med School visited Tzu Chi Medical Foundation to pick up much-needed surgical masks, face shields and surgical gloves for their medical students!!

#tzuchimedicalfoundation #tzuchi #lulac #ucr #ucrmedicalschool #personalprotectiveequipment #ppe #surgicalmasks #surgicalgloves #faceshields #flattenthecurve #ucriverside

6月9日到6月13日, 每天兩節太極拳 (預告片)

6月9日到6月13日, 每天兩節太極拳 (預告片)


練太極提高呼吸能力 強身健體預防新冠 (預告片)

6月9日到6月13日, 每天兩節太極拳(預告片)https://youtu.be/fiPc7XhgPO8

從6月9日到6月13日, 慈濟醫療每日會推出兩節太極操, 教您鍛煉身體提高自身呼吸能力, 進一步預防新冠病毒. 特邀許醫生親自演示太極拳. 觀看地址: YouTube健康講座系列: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fiPc7XhgPO8&list=PLbY_pcE-cUfRISUCSTv7CVI2N6kz0F2Zu

慈濟醫療基金會執行長葛濟捨與鳳凰衛視做了遠程連線節目錄製, 探討了新冠疫情的現狀與注意事項, 以及茹素的衆多益處. 該節目上半部將於本周四(6/4/2020)晚間7:30分(美西時間)在全美通過衛星和CABLE播出, 並會在鳳凰衛視YouTube頻道上線. 敬請期待!

Tzu Chi Medical Foundation’s CEO, Dr. William Keh, spoke to Phoenix Television about COVID-19’s latest status and care. This episode will be aired on Thursday night (6/4) at 7:30 pm Pacific at Phoenix’s satellite and cable stations.

Phoenix Television is a partially state-owned television network that offers Mandarin and Cantonese-language channels that serve the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and other markets with substantial Chinese-language viewers.

#tv #tzuchi #phoenixtv #cable #covid19 #tzuchimedicalfoundation #鳳凰衛視 #慈濟 #慈濟醫療 #慈濟醫療基金會 #新冠 #茹素 #素齋

#tzuchimedicalfoundation #tzuchi #texas #Wharton #surgicalmask #surgicalglove #covid19 #covid19inUS #personalprotectiveequioment #flattenthecurve

On the afternoon of May 21st, #TzuChiVolunteers traveled to #Wharton, a town southwest of Houston, to deliver 6,000 procedural #masks, 200 KN95 masks, 200 #goggles, and 60 #coveralls to OakBend Medical Center. We also brought another 400 masks for Just Do It Now staff and #volunteers.
Wharton, #Texas, is a place that's held near and dear to the hearts of our volunteers as they provided their hands in aid after #HurricaneHarvey, and it’s also one of our Hurricane Harvey long-term recovery project locations. Barbie Fortenberry, the current Office Manager of #JustDoItNow, became a Tzu Chi volunteer last year, and she has been instrumental in helping us continue our monthly assistance provided to Wharton residents. When we asked Barbie if she knew of any hospital or clinic that was in need of masks, she quickly brought OakBend Medical Center to the attention of volunteers, and we readily sprang to give our support.
Barbie also brought nine full #BambooBanks with her. During previous monthly #distributions, volunteers had explained the story of the bamboo banks to care recipients — how every cent can make a difference when it comes to helping others. We were touched to see that many have truly taken this to heart, and have been putting their change aside to donate as well.

Learn more about our #COVID19 relief work and #GiveLove at tzuchi.us/donate/cause/coronavirus/

#TzuChiRelief #Coronavirus #PublicHealth #WereAllinThisTogether #OneFamily


「... 全球都很驚慌、很害怕… 這真的是名符其實的驚世災難


- 慈濟證嚴法師

為響應證嚴法師的呼籲及諄諄教悔,慈濟醫療基金會特別邀請您參加我們的「萬人萬餐救地球」運動。 在這新冠疫情中您有聽到許多前線醫療工作人員感人的故事嗎? 他們冒著生命危險保護大家的安全!誠摯邀請大家一起來參加我們「萬人萬餐救地球」運動, 為您的醫生、護士或同事獻上您的心意! 想對前線醫療英雄致上您深深的感謝嗎? 讓我們將您的$10感恩素食🥕🥒🥬餐送給我們前線醫療英雄, 一起吃出健康!

請盡快上網登記「萬人萬餐救地球」活動,支援前線醫療英雄, 報名網址: https://forms.gle/DdJ2sqAaLnTLon8k6。

A Better Meal. A Better Earth.

"... now that we are faced with this outbreak, we should all call upon people to uphold a vegetarian diet, be mindful, and give love to others… When we are able to humble ourselves and respect life, this demonstrates our utmost reverence and the power of our love."

- The Venerable Dharma Master Cheng Yen.

To follow Dharma Master Cheng Yen's guidance, the Tzu Chi Medical Foundation invites you to join our "A Better Meal. A Better Earth" campaign. Did someone inspire you during this pandemic? Dedicate a $10 meal to your doctors, nurses or co-workers. Want to just say thank you to our frontline workers? Your donation will help bring a heartfelt plant-based meal 🥕🥒🥬 to these heroes and promote ethical eating. Let's stay healthy together!

Pledge and register now: https://forms.gle/DdJ2sqAaLnTLon8k6 and spread the word!

Poverello House

Tzu Chi Mobile Clinic - Fresno dropped off 3,000 masks and 3,000 gloves to the Poverello House. We’ve seen an outpour of community support and it’s organizations like Tzu Chi that keep our community strong.

本周日(5/31)慈濟健康講座又來了. 此次主題爲: 醫保白卡與紅藍卡的介紹. 如果你正希望申請醫保, 想知道申請流程, 限制條件, 以及其它相關條文, 本周日的健康講座會讓您受益匪淺. 講師: 徐群聲 (Albert), 講座語言: 中文國語. YouTube首映觀看地址: https://youtu.be/x-osVgwZSEQ

Medicaid for You to Apply!

Many people are unfortunately unemployed due to the COVID-19 epidemic. In addition to watching our EDD: COVID-19 Unemployment Benefits Guide (https://youtu.be/SDJ94hvxXFU) to apply for EDD unemployment benefits, you can also apply for Medicaid to obtain free medical treatment and free medicine. Tzu Chi Medical Foundation particularly invite Mr. Albert Hsu, Founder of Albert Hsu Insurance Services, to answer all of your questions regarding Medicaid. Watch here: https://youtu.be/x-osVgwZSEQ (Workshop language: Chinese).

*Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE Tzu Chi Medical Foundation's Youtube channel for more workshops!

Tzu Chi Mobile Clinic - Fresno

La orden de toque de queda se ha levantado el día de hoy en la ciudad de Fresno.

Proporcionamos cuidado medico, dental y de visión para las personas con alcanzes limitados.

Nuestra Misión: Brindar cuidado de salúd con compasión centrada en el paciente en nuestras clinicas permanentes, moviles, y alcanzes medicos para servir a los individuos con mas necesidad, sin importar su religión, edad, sexo, origen ètnico, nacionalidad, o capacidad para pagar.


Tzu Chi Mobile Clinic - Fresno

Fresno's Shelter in Place order has lifted today.

#tzuchi #fresnomobileclinic provides free medical, dental, and vision care for underserved populations.

Our Mission: We provide patient-centered health care with compassion in permanent clinics, mobile clinics, and outreaches to serve underprivileged individuals regardless of religion, age, gender, ethnicity, nationality, or ability to pay.


Tzu Chi USA

#tzuchi #tzuchimedicalfoundation #hawaiistatedepartmentofhealth

“When we unite in a common cause, there’s no limit to what we can achieve,” said Edward Mersereau, Deputy Director of Hawaii State Department of Health’s Behavorial Health Administration, of Tzu Chi USA’s #PPEDonations to #Hawaii. We thank him for his inspiring words and kind message - watch it now!

Let’s rally together to overcome the #COVID19 #pandemic at https://tzuchi.us/coronavirus

#Coronavirus #PublicHealth #WereAllinThisTogether #FlattenTheCurve #ShowLove #GiveLove #OneFamily

Don’t know how to file for unemployment insurance? Join our YouTube workshop, , at 11am on Sunday(5/24) to find you some money.

Carlos Romero, Heartland’s senior product advisor, will show you how to apply for unemployment insurance (UI) and Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA). If you are not working, laid off or worked reduced hours due to the COVID-19, please join us. Help is here! Workshop language: English.

YouTube premiere link: https://youtu.be/SDJ94hvxXFU

UI is available for W2 employees; PUA is a program that federal government temporarily expands UI for sole proprietors, 1099 independent contractors, and gig workers under the CARES Act.

#youtube #workshop #covid19 #tzuchi #edd #pua #tzuchimedicalfoundation #covid19inUS #unemploymentinsurance

本周日早上11點YouTube首映新健康講座! 主題: . Heartland公司高級產品顧問Carlos Romero將教您如受新冠疫情影響而失業或降低工時, 如何申領EDD和PUA. 講座語言: 中文國語. YouTube首映地址: https://youtu.be/v-WXa21MHnU

#youtube #workshop #covid #tzuchi #edd #pua #layoff #ssn

Tzu Chi Mobile Clinic - Fresno

#tzuchi #fresnomobileclinic donated #PPE to #CommunityMedicalCenters with 9,000 masks, 300 protector goggles, and 60 Coveralls.

The same day we also donated 300 protector goggles and 120 Coveralls to Saint Agnes Medical Center #saintagnesmedicalcenter

Serving our community together and helping each other during this pandemic.


本周日慈濟醫療健康講座介紹大家最爲關心的解除居家令復工話題. 何時解除居家令? 科學依據是什麼? 過早解除居家令會帶來哪些可能的後果? 世界各國案例有哪些? 爲什麼有的人感染後還會繼續感染? 體內有什麼抗體算真正免疫了? 本周日爲您揭曉答案. (此次爲國語講座). 首映觀看: https://youtu.be/TTmtLVFOYow

It’s our sincere pleasure to donate surgical masks and surgical gloves to assist our frontline healthcare workers!

#tzuchimedicalfoundation #tzuchi #ServingOlderAdults #SoutheastWisconsin #surgicalmask #surgicalglove #personalprotectiveequioment #flattenthecurve

Our centers have received over 1000 paper masks and nearly 500 cloth masks from organizations and participants. Thank you to Buddhist Tzu Chi Medical Foundation Advanced Auto Parts Distribution Center The Masked Sewists for SE Wisconsin and all our participants who helped sew masks. These are critical to ensure the safety of our participants both now and when we are able to re-open.

洛杉磯的5月已如炎炎夏日, 爲了確保每周PPE個人醫用防護品如口罩, 手套, 護目鏡和面罩等能順利發放給美國的醫院和診所, 慈濟醫療的職工與志工頂着烈日有條不紊地搬運來自世界各地的PPE物資, 逐一清點數量, 按需求裝箱發貨. 每一份發放的物資都源自這些職工與志工的辛勤付出. 大家都希望這場新冠疫情能早日散去, 讓人間恢復該有的安寧.
#tzuchi #covid19 #ppe #donation

Good news! Our QR codes are available now to easily access the Tzu Chi Medical Foundation's website, YouTube channel, Facebook portal and WeChat account. Scan and subscribe to Tzu Chi Medical Foundation's social media platforms to stay informed with upcoming Tzu Chi events, healthy community workshops & videos, updated coronavirus news, PPE request and donation, plus more.

Follow us on Facebook and subscribe to our YouTube channel (bit.ly/2zhnnQY). Please note Tzu Chi's WeChat portal is available only in Mandarin Chinese. We appreciate your support🙏🙏🙏

好消息! 慈濟醫療基金會社交平台二維碼來了. 掃描並添加慈濟醫療基金會的社交平台, 您可以獲得以下訊息: 未來慈濟活動預告, 精彩健康講座視頻, 新冠疫情信息, 醫用防護品申請與捐助, 時事新聞以及更多. 記得喜歡我們的臉書及訂閱我們Youtube 視頻(bit.ly/2zhnnQY)觀看健康講座唷!非常感謝您的支持!🙏🙏🙏

#qrcode #tzuchimedicalfoundation #tzuchi #healthycommunityworkshop #healthworkshop #coronavirus #covid19 #covid19inUS #tzuchiyoutube

We are excited that Dr. William Keh, CEO of Tzu Chi Medical Foundation, recorded a video presentation in Mandarin Chinese summarizing the latest COVID-19 development and information. As part of our health workshop and ongoing education, this video will be released online next week.

葛濟捨醫師, 慈濟醫療基金會執行長, 5月6日錄製了一部關於最新新冠病毒疫情信息的中文視頻講座. 該視頻將於下周某個時候以網絡方式對外發布,這是慈濟醫療基金會所推出一系列線上健康講座之一,敬請期待,別忘了觀看唷!
#covid19inUS #covid19 #tzuchi #tzuchimedicalfoundation #DrWilliamKeh #coronavirus #flattenthecurve

In honor of Mother’s Day, Tzu Chi USA is hosting a Grocery Giveaway to relieve #FoodInsecurity during the #COVID19 pandemic. Starting at 8am on Sunday, May 10, we will distribute 1,000 bags of groceries, including fresh produce and pantry staples, on a first-come, first-served basis at our Tzu Chi Education Campus at 1920 S. Brea Canyon Cutoff Road in Walnut. Drive-thru pick-up only!

For more info, please visit: https://tzuchi.us/events/mothers-day-food-distribution-2020.

为了庆祝母亲节, 慈济美国总会将于5月10日星期天早上八点开始於慈济核桃教育园区举办千户食物发放活动。慈济当日会準備1000份免費的新鮮蔬果和雜貨乾糧,陪伴您一起度过难关。慈济核桃教育园区地址: 1920 S Brea Canyon Cutoff Rd., Walnut, CA 91789.


#Coronavirus #OneFamily #FoodDistribution #TzuChi #TzuChiEducation #LAFoodBank #WeiChuan #FoodForward #MothersDay

Tzu Chi Mobile Clinic - Fresno

Today #TzuChi #FresnoMobileClinic is happy to make the second #PPE contribution to #KaiserPermanente during this #COVID19 pandemic. We were able to help with 6,000 surgical masks, 200 of KN95 masks, 100 of CoverAll protection gown, and 100 of goggles, We will continue to do our part to help our community partners.


Stephen of Reche Canyon Rehabilitation & Health Care Center and Dr. Shirley Chen picked up some much-needed personal protective equipment (PPE) such as surgical face masks and surgical gloves donated by Tzu Chi Medical Foundation. Thank you for your continued support so that we can provide PPE to many frontline healthcare workers!!

史蒂芬和Shirley醫師從醫療基金會領取了她們申請的醫療防護品. 不管工作有多辛苦, 手套會弄多髒, 我們竭誠爲您提供服務.

#covid #tzuchi #tzuchimedicalfoundation #n95 #kn95 #surgicalmask #RecheCanyonRehab #colton #personalprotectiveequipment #tcmf #covid19 #covid19inus #FlattenTheCurve

Tzu Chi Medical Foundation donated personal protective Equipment to UCLA. We will always do what we can to support the community. 慈濟醫療基金會捐贈醫療物資給加州大學洛杉磯分校UCLA. 我們會一直盡我們所能来幫助社區.
#tzuchi #covid #ucla #mask #la #donation #taiwan #china

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Alhambra Hospital thanks Tzu Chi for PPE donation
Tzu Chi Medical Donates PPE to UCR & LULAC
6月9日到6月13日, 每天兩節太極拳 (預告片)
2019 TIMA Global Forum: “Enlightened Wellness: Body, Mind, Spirit”
New Jersey Dental Clinic 4-15-2018
New Jersey Dental Clinic 4-15-2018
Tzu Chi Vision Mobile Clinic
大愛TV: Honduras Outreach Report




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Tzu Chi Wellness Day:1.Free Blood Test and Consultation; 2.Oral Hygiene Education, Free Screening and Treatment Plan; 3.Free Consultation and Treatment...

Dental Care Dr. Rula Al-Salti Dental Care Dr. Rula Al-Salti
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