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Sending out a huge THANK YOU to Panther Distillery for the sanitizer!! 03/11/2020

Should I Cancel My Appointment if I'm Sick?

We posted this on our BLOG back in 2017 reguarding being ill and canceling your dental appointment. This advice applies today and everyday.

First how sick are you?
We are working in your mouth. Cold, Virus and Flu germs are in your mouth. We don’t like getting sick either. So if you are contagious: Please. Stay. Home. Not only is this a courtesy to us and our families, we also do not want our patients, some of whom are very young or elderly, to get sick either.

Will you be able to lay back?
Often when congested or dealing with a sinus issue laying back may make it hard to breathe. Combined with us working in your mouth may make breathing through your nose difficult.
Migraines may make laying back difficult, so consider that as well.

Bad cough?
When we do dental work, we need the tooth to be super dry. In some cases, one drop of saliva could compromise the filling or crown. If you need to cough or sneeze during a procedure when we need things dry, it could result in that crown or filling failing.

➡️ Generally, If you are calling to ask if, you should cancel your dental appointment because you’re sick, the answer is most likely: ‘Yes, you should cancel.’ We understand! No one likes getting sick. Being sick at the dental office isn’t recommended. The choice you make may affect others and compromise your dental work. ⬅️ Cold and flu season is upon us. We often get this question and there are things to consider. How sick are you? We are working in your ...


Why are you taking my picture?
At your first dental visit we gather a bunch of information to know as much about you and your teeth as possible. X-rays, gum measurments and photographs are all part of that.

Photographs are an important tool for education. What better way to explain what we see and why certain treatment is recommended, then by showing you exactly! The photos show us things like:
➡️ The shape of your teeth
➡️ How your lips drape
➡️ The color and texture of your gums
➡️ How your teeth and bite fit together
➡️ Teeth or fillings that have cracks or chips
➡️ Wear in the teeth
➡️ Gum recession

You know what they say, "A picture is worth a thousand words!"


Q: What's type of floss is best?

A: Whichever one you're going to use! Waxed, Un-waxed, Floss on a stick, all do the same: distrupt bacteria from causing cavities, gingivitis and gum disease.

[01/06/20]   Thank you for the kind review! We are grateful!

"The staff at Stadklev Dental is helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable. Even though there are dental offices closer to where I live, I continue to choose Stadsklev!"


Baby teeth are important!


Are you a nighttime grinder? This post is for you!
What is the difference between a night guard made in the dental office vs. one I buy at the pharmacy?
An office made guard is a lot less bulky, lower profile and is custom fit to only your teeth and the way you're grinding. This guard, unlike a rubber one, is hard acrylic and is like an ice skating rink for the teeth. A soft pharmacy guard, will lock your teeth in place and transfer the grinding pressure to your temporomandibular joint. With an office made guard your teeth and jaw can move freely and comfortably.


4 Reasons Your Braces are Still On.
1. Compliance isn't happening at home.

Treatment drastically slows down if your not: wearing your rubber bands, coming in for your adjustments on time or if you're breaking brackets and wires frequently.

2. Your bite still needs correcting.

The front teeth may look perfectly straight, but the primary focus of braces is to pull your teeth in the correct position so you can bite and chew. These changes may go unnoticed by you but if a tooth is even a few millimeters out of position, over time, it can create uneven wear. This results in, shortening of teeth, cracking of teeth and even chipping or breaking.

3. You're an Adult

Braces on adults take longer because the bone supporting the teeth isn't as responsive to change as when you were younger and still growing.

4. Your teeth and bite need a lot of correcting.

Cross-bites, over-bites, under-bites and severe crowding take longer to correct and straighten out.

The fastest way to get your braces off is controlling what you can: wear your rubber bands, brush your teeth and come in for your appointments. The rest we will take care of and communicate with you if there a any delays in treatment.


No dental insurance? No problem! We offer the Smile Benefit Plan! With this plan you get 2 dental cleanings, any necessary x-rays and exams for 1 year. This Smile Benefit Plan is $250 per year and also offers a discount on fillings and crowns.


The First Step to Straight Teeth!

Straight teeth not only look great, but will allow your teeth to wear properly, make your teeth easier to clean, provide you with healthier gums and decrease headaches and jaw pain, to name a few.

Dr. Scott does both braces and Invisalign in our office. To determine the best course of treatment for you, we first do a ‘records’ appointment. At this appointment we take photographs of you, your profile, your teeth, your bite, etc. We take impressions of your teeth and create models. We also take radiographs to determine what your skeletal make up is (under bite, over bite, etc.) and what angle your teeth are in and/or coming in.

After gathering all the information, it is then, Dr. Scott will make treatment recommendations, determine approximate length of treatment, any complications that could arise and cost of treatment. This is the consultation appointment and is designed to provide answers to all questions and we ask that parents be present with their child.

After the consult appointment, orthodontic treatment will begin!


Experiencing dry mouth? Give dry mouth lozenges a try. You can find them in the tooth paste aisle. Not only will they soothe and moisturize your mouth, they help with breath and give your teeth a fluoride boost!

[07/09/19]   We are seeking a personable, Licensed Dental Assistant for a full-time position, Monday through Thursday. Duties will include greeting and preparing patients for treatment, chairside assisting, taking x-rays, and providing routine post-operative instructions to patients. Additionally, candidates will be responsible for maintaining patient records, scheduling patients, keeping inventory and ordering supplies, taking impressions, sterilizing instruments and cleaning operatories. Please send resume to [email protected]


4 Tips to Help with Jaw Soreness

1. Treat it like a sprained ankle.
• Rest the joint. Avoid chewy foods: gum, bagels, pizza crusts, etc.
• Use heat and ice compresses on the joint.
• Take NSAIDs (ibuprofen, naproxen), which can help relieve swelling and pain.

2. Get a night guard.
• If you find that you are clenching or grinding at night a guard can help relieve stress on the jaw joint.

3. Put your tongue to the roof of your mouth.
• If you find yourself clenching or grinding during the day, the simple act of placing your tongue on the roof of your mouth may be a simple way to not only make you aware of it, but provide separation of your teeth.

4. Massage.
• Massaging the muscles around the jaw with increase blood flow to the area and help loosen and relive tight muscles surrounding the jaw joint.


Do you have bleeding gums, gingivitis or periodontal (gum) disease? These are the 3 best tooth pastes on the market for you!


My Tooth is Cracked. What Now?

➡️Most common causes of a cracked tooth:
• Clenching and grinding
• Large silver fillings
• Older fillings
• Root canalled teeth

➡️How do I know if I have a cracked tooth?
• You or your dental professional can see it. If we see a crack in our office, we take a photo of it to show you.
• You have on and off biting sensitivity. Eating something just right will send a sharp shooting pain and then it quickly goes away.
• Sensitive to hot and/or cold.
• Swelling of the gums.
• A “line” of stain.

➡️How is a cracked tooth treated?
• If a crack is superficial (simple), not causing any pain removing the crack and placing a filling can be done.
• If a crack is large (complex) and symptomatic, the best treatment is a crown. A crown is placed over the tooth to prevent that crack from spreading and progressing. Eating and drinking will cause flexure of the tooth, a crown over the top of a tooth, prevents that flexure. This will keep the crack right where it is.


Photos from Stadsklev Dental's post 04/01/2019

What These 11 Drinks Do to Your Teeth The foods and drinks that pass by your lips can have a dramatic impact on your health, starting from the first moment they enter your mouth. The liquids you drink can both help and harm your teeth depending on what they are. Read on to learn which drinks can improve your dental health and which to s...

[03/19/19]   Thank you for the kind review!

"I'm an extremely anxious patient. The staff and Dr. Stadsklev have made my dental care almost stress free. That says a lot coming from someone who has been terrified in the past. Everyone, from receptionist to hygienist to doctor, are very professional yet gentle and understanding. I can't praise this team enough"- Patient since 2008.


5 Ways Vaping Impacts Your Mouth.

1. Contains harmful chemicals like diethylene glycol- found in Antifreeze, lead and chromium.

2. When inhaling the hottest and most potent part of the vape is right away, that which happens in the mouth. As a result, cells in your mouth change, in a negative way.

3. Liquid Nicotine constricts important blood flow to your teeth and tissues. It’s like applying a tourniquet to each tooth. Healthy blood flow is important to keep your teeth.

4. Vaping dries out your mouth. This is causing bad breath and decay.

5. Vaping is a stimulant and can cause clenching, grinding and jaw pain.


Are Dental X-Ray's Necessary?
A lot of patients ask this question. Often they explain that they are not in any pain, concerned about cost, or incurring unnecessary radiation exposure. We are a full service dental office and pride ourselves in obtaining a complete dental picture for each of our patients. We want to make sure each of our patients get the dental care they need and deserve. X-rays are a necessary part of that picture. Without them we could be missing underlying dental issues.

Photo: Visually the teeth look healthy. X-Ray picture shows a very large cavity.

To read more check out our BLOG. 01/29/2019

Gum disease–causing bacteria could spur Alzheimer’s

We all know it's important to have healthy gums and now a new study has linked gum disease to Alzheimers.

Read more below Then floss! Once-fringy notion inspires clinical trials


Baby teeth are important to your child's dental health and development. They are essential for chewing, speaking, smiling and are needed to hold the space for the permanent tooth to come in. Think of the baby tooth as a puppet string, guiding each adult tooth.

Baby teeth are needed, and shouldn't be pulled, just because they aren't permanent.

[01/07/19]   Q: What does a marching band member use to brush his teeth?

A: A Tuba Toothpaste 😆


Hope you all have an awesome day!


Gum recession and how to care for and prevent it, on the BLOG today!


The runner up for the best Halloween candy for your teeth?

Peanut M & M's (or any chocolate with nuts in it.) The protein in the nuts help break up the sticky parts of candy.


The best Halloween Candy for your teeth?

Dark Chocolate.


Happy Halloween!
Our top 2 Halloween Dental Tips!
1. Rinse with water after indulging. This will help your body get rid of sugar in your mouth.
2. Make sure to brush and floss before bed. You don't have a lot of spit when you sleep. Spit helps protect the teeth from decay. Skipping night time brushing on Halloween provides cavity bacteria with a lot of sugar!


Check out our pumpkin contest entry: "Elastic" Girl! Head over to Evolve Orthodontics page and "like" your favorite!


Thanks for the kind words!
"I felt very comfortable on my first initial visit. I admit to having a fear of dentists, and everyone in this office was very friendly, compassionate and made me feel relaxed. I would highly recommend Stadsklev Dental." - D


If gingivitis bacteria isn't removed daily, it will successfully break down the gum tissue. That bacteria will move into the bone and being breaking down bone support. But symptoms are hard to identify, because the disease is painless until it's advanced. Making it so important to visit your dental office. We check bone support each dental hygiene visit and provide you with feed back and suggestions.






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