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We provide comprehensive endodontic care and have emergency appointments available daily. Give us a call at 318-443-5013 to speak with our staff today!

Thank you for your interest in Alexandria Endodontics. We look forward to being of service to you. Our expert team is led by board-certified endodontic specialists Dr. Lester and Dr. Caronna. We provide the highest standard of professional care in a friendly, comfortable environment. Thanks to years of extensive training in endodontics and an ongoing passion for new and better techniques and state

Operating as usual

Timeline Photos 06/15/2021

Timeline Photos

Call (318) 693-1311 to schedule an appointment to receive your COVID-19 vaccine. Pfizer vaccines available for ages 12 and up.


Looking for something fun for the kiddos this summer?? Check out the event below!

[04/29/21]   Our phones and internet are temporarily down. Sorry for the inconvenience.

[02/18/21]   Attention Patients and Referring offices,

Our office will remain closed on Thursday and Friday due to the potential for icy road conditions. We will reopen Monday, February 22nd. If you were scheduled for Friday we will call on Monday to get you rescheduled. We apologize for any inconvenience. Be safe!

[12/31/20]   Our office will be closed Thursday, December 31st and Friday, January 1st. May you have a safe and Happy New Year!


Endodontists: the Superheroes of Saving Teeth

Learn how endodontists' advanced training, specialized techniques and superior technologies make them the best choice for root canal treatment to save your n...


Happy Save Your Tooth Month! Fun fact--over 25 million root canals are performed in the U.S. each year. Learn more here how endodontists save your teeth and make a root canal no more painful than an average filling. #SYTM2020

[03/17/20]   Dear Referral,
As you know the Louisiana Department of Health has issued a notice stating dental offices are only to perform essential procedures, effective March 18, 2020. Our office will remain open to evaluate and treat patients with an active infection, swelling or pain. We hope to resume seeing patients without restriction on April 16, 2020. You may continue to refer to our office by calling during normal business hours at 318-443-5013.

Thank you,
Dr. Daniel Lester

[03/13/20]   Dear Patient,

Alexandria Endodontics is committed to providing you with the best care possible, and that includes serving you during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our office is open and maintaining our usual schedule.

Rest assured that we are constantly updating our processes based on CDC and state health department recommendations. We have always used hospital-strength disinfectants, but have increased the frequency of wiping down all common surfaces in all our locations.

We would also like to encourage those who are ill, or have been in contact with a confirmed or possible COVID-19 patient, to reschedule. Likewise, we are not allowing any staff to come into work if they feel ill, or have a fever.

As always, we have hand sanitizer available for staff and patients in many areas of our clinics, and we encourage frequent use, as well as hand washing.

We look forward to continuing to serve you and your family in a safe and responsible manner. Please call the office with any questions.

For more information about COVID-19, please visit 02/03/2020

Endodontic Retreatment Explained

"Why do I need another root canal in this tooth? I already had one." If you have every thought this...this video is for you! Sometimes, a tooth that has had root canal treatment may not heal properly and another treatment is needed. Watch this video to understand how root canal ret...


Root Canals Aren’t What They Used to Be

Happy Monday!

It’s not your grandfather’s root canal! Just like technology changes, so has root canal treatment. Modern endodontists, the specialists in saving teeth, use ...


How CBCT Helps Endodontists Expose the Source of Tooth Pain

Why do I need a 3D scan/CBCT at the Endodontist? CBCT, or cone beam computed tomography, helps endodontists see very fine details inside teeth to provide the best diagnosis and... 11/13/2019

Root Canal Treatment Step by Step

The most asked question in our office is, "What is a root canal?" Here is a short step by step video to answer that question. Enjoy! Need a root canal? Don't be anxious. This informative video will walk you step-by-step through the procedure and explain how endodontists, the root canal spe...


Alex Endo team building trip to New Orleans. Love our work family!


Please join us in helping Alexandria’s Children’s Advocacy Network fight against child abuse and neglect on Thursday August 15th, 2019 at the Randolph Riverside Center from 6-9pm. Together we can strengthen families, our community and improve the programs that help prevent and address child abuse. For more information about this event please contact Tammi Salazar ([email protected]) at Red River Bank or visit the CAN website at Together we can make a difference!


We are looking forward to a great day of fun for our community! We hope to see you there!

We are soooooo excited about Saturday! School supplies! School supplies! School supplies ! Boy we are soooooo excited ! Door prizes ! Food ! Sooooooo much more ! August 3rd, 2019 10-2!


Meet our Doctor!
Dr. Lester was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. He received his Bachelor's degree in Biology from St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He attended Louisiana State University School of Dentistry in New Orleans, Louisiana, and completed his Doctor of Dental Surgery in 2005 with an Honors in Research.

Following Dental School, Dr. Lester continued his dental studies, completing a twelve month General Practice Residency at the Louisiana State University Medical Center in New Orleans. The residency focused on treating medically and physically compromised patients and receiving further training in Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine and Oral Surgery. Dr. Lester then enrolled in the Endodontic Specialty Program at the LSU School of Dentistry. The 24-month program specialty program which focuses on non-surgical and surgical microscopic root canal therapy.

In 2008, Dr. Lester moved to Alexandria and began practicing as an Endodontic Specialist. Dr. Lester has served on the Louisiana Dental Associations Board of Directors and is a member of both the American Dental Association and the American Association of Endodontists. He became board certified by the American Board of Endodontics in 2012 and by the Royal College of Dentists of Canada in 2015. He is one of twelve Board certified endodontists in Louisiana. In his free time, Dr. Lester enjoys spending time with his family, traveling and playing golf.


Early detection of tooth decay is incredibly important for proper oral function and quality of life. Below is an article that helps identify and address early tooth decay in its infancy.


Fun Fact Friday!!! Did you know….. that the earliest evidence of dental care comes from a farming village, Mahrgarh, in Pakistan. Nine separate adults who lived between 7000-9000 years ago were excavated and found to have holes drilled in their teeth from sharp flint points? The first toothbrush dates back to 3500 BC (Ancient Egyptian Times) and during the Roman Empire they used sterile urine as a mouthwash! Also, in the 18th century, it was thought that a “tooth worm” caused decay so people would boil dogs teeth in wine and use it as a mouthwash to kill the worms that were causing the tooth decay. Yikes!! Thank goodness for modern dentistry!


Meet the Team!

We’d like for you to meet our Dental Assistant Meghan. Meghan is an Endo Rock Star who joined our team in November 2018. She loves her job and is passionate about what she does inside the office and out. We are so excited to have her here with us! Here are a few Q&A’s from our sit down with Meghan:

Q: How long have you been dental assisting?
A: 13 years

Q: Favorite food?
A: Veggies and more veggies!

Q: How would you describe yourself?
A: I’m a self proclaimed Endo-Nerd!!

Q: What do you like most about your job?
A: The people I work with and our team environment. I like what we do because we save teeth and help get people out of pain.

Q: Is there something that most people don’t know about you?
A: I’ve spent a lot of time abroad working for a Mission/Humanitarian Organization. This allowed me to travel to South America, Dominican Republic and Africa. I actually lived in Africa for several months.

Q: What is your favorite thing about Louisiana?
A: The culture! I love that it is so different! I’ve tried several new foods that I’ve never eaten before like crawfish and boudin. It’s really been a nice change of scenery for me.

Welcome to Alexandria Endodontics Meghan!


We're growing again and looking for another awesome full-time Dental Assistant!! Want to join a fantastic dental team? Now's your chance!! The person we are looking for must be an experienced Dental Assistant (2 years minimum chair-side) with Louisiana X-ray Certification. Interested applicants should email their resume and any questions regarding the position to Theresa Lewis at: [email protected].


Fun Fact Friday! Did you know.....Armadillo teeth have no enamel (the hard outer covering of the tooth)? They also have very few teeth...just several peg like molars. Since they only eat insects they don't need to do a lot of heavy chewing. However, the South American Giant Armadillo has over 100 teeth and weighs as much as 40-75 lbs!! Now that's BIG!
Armadillos have poor eyesight and rely on sound and smell. They are excellent swimmers and can hold their breath under water for up to 6 minutes at a time. Armadillos always give birth to four identical young (only mammal known to do this) and they are also used in leprosy research because of their low body temperatures. 07/02/2019

Summer Dental Hygiene Tips – American Dental Association

Practical advise to keep all of our smiles beautiful!! Summer can be a season that throws your daily dental routine off track. Find out how to keep your smile strong.


Friday Fun Fact! Did you know.....that a beaver's front teeth never stop growing? The constant gnawing on wood keeps their teeth filed down and from growing too long. Their tooth enamel contains iron which makes them incredibly strong, sharp and ORANGE! They also have castor sacs under their tails. These castor sacs secret a goo that smells like vanilla. Yep, you guessed it....this goo is FDA approved and sometimes used in vanilla flavoring products. Wow! 06/25/2019

Summer Dental Health Quiz - American Dental Association

Test your Dental Health Knowledge...take this short quiz! Find out which summer habits are healthy for your teeth in this quiz.


Toothsday Trivia!


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Little Cakes with Big Attitude

Such a great family and such a great cause!!!! Please go by Little Cakes today and help support brave kiddos like Todd and St.Jude!!

Todd, you are a BRAVE 15 year old.

We loved hearing how the caring staff at St. Jude made Todd feel special, loved, and cared for during his multiple stays.

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Fun Fact Friday!! Did you know....that your SMILE is the FIRST thing people notice when they meet you?


Hang're almost there! 05/30/2019

How a dentist discovered rare form of cancer in tennis star's mouth

Regular dental check ups are extremely important. Please reach out to your Dentist anytime you notice something matter how small or insignificant it may seem. The Stanford grad said it took a dental appointment to take notice of a bump that had been in her mouth for years.


Fun Fact Friday! Did you know..... that by the age of 57, George Washington only had 1 tooth left in his mouth?? He owned multiple sets of dentures that were not made of wood, contrary to popular belief. They were actually made of ivory, gold, silver, and a mix of real human and hippopotamus teeth. Washington loved to drink port wine after every meal and this in turn caused his ivory teeth to crack and them the appearance of "wood". His toothbrush was made of animal bone and silver with bristles made of horse and badger hair and his toothpaste was made of crushed seashells and charcoal. Yuck! No wonder his teeth were in such bad shape! 05/22/2019

Careers at Maple Leaf Mobile Dentistry Find your next great career opportunity at Maple Leaf Mobile Dentistry 05/20/2019

Toothbrushes - American Dental Association

Keeping your mouth healthy is important for everyone! Good oral health habits can save teeth and limit toothaches! Manual and powered toothbrushes are instruments of oral health used to clean teeth. Replace your toothbrush every three to four months.


Monday Fun-day!!





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