Allure Whitening exclusively by Amanda Martin

Allure Whitening focuses on impeccable client care and teeth whitening services with the highest level of customer satisfaction. By appointment only.

Allure Whitening provides services at any location including personal residence or your choice of location. Special events can be arranged including but not limited to bridal parties, girls' night out, prom or any desired special occasion. Packages available for clients age 16 & up. Also recommended after orthodontic treatment. We utilize the latest innovative light technology, with FDA approved w

Operating as usual

[04/23/20]   I’ve got some really great news that I am so grateful for! My landlord allowed me to stay in my office during this time while I am unable to work so I can resume and pick up where I left off & not lose my business I’ve been running steadily and safely for 6 years! So grateful for them! I am not certain of the date I will be allowed to return to work however, I am following ADA guidelines and will follow recommendations that all dental assistants are following to resume elective business. Also, given that I may obtain proper protection with a N-95 mask to perform all whitenings safely. I will be screening all future potential clients and make a decision on a case by case basis to assess the risk & potential exposure to Covid19. Safety is my utmost concern not only for my valued clients but also my family that includes immunocompromised & aging parents. So I take my responsibility very seriously! Rest assured I will treat all my clients with the exact urgency and precautions as if you were my own family! πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

I look forward to whitening and brightening people’s smiles again! I am currently keeping a list of clients that I had to reschedule & will be able to schedule first thing when I resume! I’ll be adding to that list so please contact me if you’d like to be added. I know in my heart that my community will assist to get back up on my feet! We have all been in this together! πŸ₯°πŸ’•

[03/15/20]   It is with great hesitation however, I feel it is in the best interest and my responsibility to take precautionary measures with the Covid-19 becoming prevalent and the risks associated with close contact. As a result, I have found it necessary to pause all teeth whitening services. I plan to resume my services when schools are cleared to resume operation. Thank you for understanding!


Having a pesky problem trying to figure out what to get that hard to shop for person?? Give the gift of a Whiter & Brighter Smile!
Gift Certificates available now!!! Contact me to receive your customized One hour cosmetic teeth whitening session & receive FREE Beyond Pearl White Whitening Toothpaste to help maintain that beautiful, healthy smile! $200 total cost! 817-291-9560


I wanted to let everyone know that I am still here and doing what I love....Making people smile more confident and feel better about their smile! πŸ₯° I have been quiet lately however, I am just as dedicated as ever! Kids have settled into homeschool super amazing & my parents are thriving and doing wonderful! So my schedule is ready for some lovely people!


A few beauties this morning! Just an hour away from smiling bigger & whiter! Smile with confidence! πŸ’• Special for $200 for new clients/$99 Refresh maintenance session!


Allure Whitening exclusively by Amanda Martin's cover photo


Some of my beauties from this past week! Instant confidence in only one hour! Special for $200 going on now for new clients! $99 for Refresh session for returning clients. β™₯️


Gift Certificates available now!!! Contact to receive yours before December 23 to receive FREE whitening paste & FREE 20 minute Refresh session in addition to initial session to use within the year! Great value! $210 total cost! It’s going to be a β€œwhite smile” Christmas!


My lovely client this morning! We customized her whitening experience for a brilliant white smile! Whitening isn’t always a one size fits all approach! That is where I come in! I want you confident with your smile and I can customize a plan to fit your needs! πŸ’•πŸ’•


These results were just GORGEOUS this morning! If I do say so myself! πŸ˜‰πŸ’•


My beauties! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•


πŸ’•πŸ’•Love your own lashes!!!πŸ’•πŸ’•

Fresh shipment and ready for pick up or delivery! $60! Contact me to reserve! They will go fast! 😘


Allure Whitening exclusively by Amanda Martin


It's time to smile with confidence! Message me for consultation & appointment! 817-291-9560 πŸ’•


So excited! In one month I will be celebrating 4 years since I brought Allure Whitening to Aledo! I have had the pleasure of whitening hundreds of clients to give them whiter & brighter smiles! Not to mention the confidence to smile more! Allure Whitening provides each client with a superior whitening experience with gels that are 100% Natural and considered the gold standard Professional grade strength on the market to safely and dramatically whiten for long lasting results. New client specials and Refresh sessions available. By appointment only. Contact Amanda at 817-291-9560.


Dramatically whiten in just one hour! Schedule by contacting Amanda @ 817-291-9560 or private message.

[04/17/17]   I have been made aware that there is a person claiming to be an Allure Teeth Whitening specialist on Facebook. I can assure you that Allure Whitening & Allure Teeth Whitening is a trademark protected entity and exclusive to my business located in Aledo, Texas. I pride myself on my expertise, results, continuing education & 4.5 years I have dedicated to brightening clients smiles one person at a time. I contacted my mentor and distributor and they are not associated with this gentleman. This is where I remind my friends that not all whitenings are created equal. That is why I exclusively work on referral basis only because confidence, testimonials and personal referrals are the most important and meaningful ways of doing business. πŸ’•

[04/06/17]   What I love about my clients is that you're not just a client to me, you become a friend. I think what is missing these days are that so many people get in such a hurry that they forget that sometimes people need more than just a mere professional interaction. I sat with a client for nearly an hour before starting just to listen & talk about life. It really warms my heart to see that when people are in need of someone to listen, I'm honored when I happen to be that person at that very moment to listen . There's no other place that I would've rather been than to be able to be there for someone in a time of reflection & need. πŸ’•


Allure Whitening results in just one hour! What can one hour do for your smile!? Dramatically brighten, whiten your smile and boost your confidence in an instant. 817-291-9560

[03/27/17]   Excited to be teaming up with NuSkin to endorse a new toothpaste that is perfect for sustaining results and adding longevity after dramatic whitening with Allure Whitening! Perfect for extrinsic surface stains including coffee, tea, red wine & to***co. Perfect for children ages 15 & under that are not old enough to professionally whiten. Results may vary. If interested in ordering Γ  la carte, I will be happy to deliver or ship.


Allure Whitening can dramatically whiten & brighten your smile in just 1 hour! Contact Amanda to reserve your appointment. 817-291-9560


This makes me laugh but it's pretty much my mindset when it comes to keeping teeth healthy & white! You know...PRIORITIES!
While you write this To-Do list, add schedule Allure Whitening visit to that checklist! πŸ˜‚


Are you dreaming of a "White Christmas"? β˜ƒοΈ Winter teeth whitening specials are available for the holiday season! New payment plan option for the gift giving season & gift certificates available.
Message for details!


Don't just wish for a white smile! Come and get it!
"Smile with Confidence"! Limited space for appointments next week! To reserve contact me @ 817-291-9560.


Toothpaste is in stock! Message me if in need! πŸ˜‰


Arrived today! Contact me to reserve for you! Available for pick up, hand delivery by me locally or I can ship! Love your own lashes! Results can be seen in as little as 2 weeks and continues to amaze! See comments for my own experience!


Who wants a white bright smile in just one hour? It's amazing what one hour can do! Let me help you "Smile With Confidence"!
*By appointment only.


It's a beautiful morning at Allure Whitening to brighten someone's day today! 😊


My gorgeous Allure Whitening client today! A picture is worth a thousand words and her smile says it all! πŸ’“


Back to school specials going on now for new & returning clients! Call or text me to reserve your appointment today to get that white, bright smile! 😊817-291-9560


There is nothing I love more than making people smile whiter and brighter! Schedule your back to school appointments soon! πŸ’“


I was blessed meeting these two this morning at Allure Whitening! Caleb & Maddie will be newlyweds next Friday! Thank you for trusting me to whiten your beautiful smiles for your special day! 07/15/2016

6 Makeup 'Magic Tricks' for Making Your Teeth Look Whiter

Don't just "trick" your smile into looking whiter! Come see me to get your pearlies movie star white! Contact me for specials and pricing:
Allure Whitening
817-291-9560 We all want whiter teeth, the kind that are toothpaste commercial–worthy, but in-office treatments can get expensive, and affordable drugsto...

[05/25/16]   Have an event or special occasion coming up? Smile whiter & brighter with Allure Whitenings 30 minute rapid white session for $99!
Contact Amanda for availability. 817-291-9560


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