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I go to Waverly Dental since they opened a few years ago- All of the staff there is so professional and caring! Dr Tamas is the best! She is Young and should be there for awhile! I would highly recommend them if your looking for a change or need a dentist!!! 👌♥️
Well sometimes things don't always go as planned or as easy as you would like but let me tell you these folks didn't bat an eye. They adapted, overcame and accomplished everything I came in for and made it feel simple and painless. Hats off to this team of hard working, thoughtful and caring women. Best experience to date and I have had many experiences with others in the past. Sure wish I knew this was how things could have been. With many bad experiences in the past it held me back from going more often which would have made my life easier. Better late than never. Really happy I came here and will recommend these wonderful people to everyone. Feel free to call or message me if you have any questions. Have a GREAT day!

Dental Office

Operating as usual


We’re back! 🎉

On behalf of everyone at our practice we hope you and your families are healthy and safe during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

While we are currently open for all treatment, to keep staff and patients safe we have made temporary changes to our standard clinic operations. Expect some extra questions, to have your temperature taken, and to wash your hands at the office prior to being seen. We are also lengthening our appointment times to do our part in accommodating social distancing. We are currently working to re-schedule those who had existing “non-essential” appointments that were cancelled due to the pandemic. Please be patient with us, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

PS- We are all in this together. We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation and will follow current guidance from public health officials and government agencies on PPE and infection control. If you have any additional concerns, please contact our staff at 541-928-8434 😊

[03/27/20]   Waverly Dental is open to see patients for dental emergency services. We're uniquely positioned to help with most, if not all dental emergencies. We have doctors trained in extractions, root canals, IV sedation, and general restorative services.

Having a local dental lab also enables us to have quicker than normal turn around times for crowns, bridges, and removable dentures.

Our goal is to get you out of pain, treat your dental emergency, and keep you out of the emergency room. Current and new patients please call today at 541-791-6740.


Now offering the best nap of your life 😊

A few days a month Dr. Tamas teams up with Geoff Berg to offer IV sedation in our office. Whether you need wisdom teeth out or have dental anxiety, IV sedation will be your friend 😴💤


On Wednesdays we whiten 🦷⚡️
We now offer two ways to professionally bleach your teeth! We’ve always offered custom bleach trays you can take home & use on your time...but NOW...we offer in-office whitening too! Check out these results after 1 hour under our new light 😍


Waverly Dental


Our patients rock!! 💪🏻


Extracting a tooth has pros and cons.

Yes, it often is a cheaper option, but what are the long-term effects?

Teeth like to touch teeth. When you create a space, teeth will want to lean to fill it. Teeth who lose their chewing partner will drift down until they find something to contact. That’s what you’re seeing is this picture. Eventually, the tooth can wiggle so far out of place that you will lose that tooth as well. The loss of a single tooth never effects ONLY that tooth - it will always effect multiple teeth in both arches.


Before & After 😍
Patient had two of his front teeth broken at work. We had to say goodbye to those, but then were left with this space. We shaped the two remaining front teeth as anchors, cleaned up those cavities, and decided on a four unit bridge. What a difference!!


“Wish my life was as smooth as my forehead” 💁🏼‍♀️
We feel ya, girl, we feel ya #botox


Fluoride ☺️ #socontroversial

Every day, minerals are lost from your enamel. Simply put, demineralization leads to generalized sensitivity & tooth decay. Fluoride helps prevent & reverse that. (Yep, fluoride can help remineralize a cavity that’s only in the enamel layer 💪🏻) We’ve noticed the fluoride in over the counter toothpaste is too low for some of our patients. Enter Prevident: A prescription strength fluoride toothpaste 🙌🏻 We now offer the entire range. Inquire at your next hygiene appointment.


The rumors are true...

We’re adding one full-time dental assistant (expanded function certified) and one front office administrator to our team!! Dr. Tamas is passionate about dentistry, and is looking for someone who enjoys providing top notch customer service and quality care to our patients. PTO, paid holidays, and discounted dental & Botox treatment offered. Experience preferred, but will train the right person. We look forward to meeting you! ☺️


Dr. Tamas is turning 32!! 🎊

To celebrate, we’re giving everyone who schedules Botox or filler treatment now through April 30th a gift! Not just any gift...MONEY 😍

Along with your treatment, you’ll receive a $50 VISA gift card redeemable anywhere! Gift cards may not be used towards same day treatment (but we’re sure you’ll find something to spend it on 😉). Minimum 15 units required. Consults always free! See ya’ll soon 🎂


There’s a lot of fear surrounding dental implants, the process, & what to expect. We thought it’d be fun to show you one! This is the placement of a titanium dental implant. All our surgeries are fully guided and take roughly 20 minutes start to finish. See? They’re not too bad!! ☺️


Before and After ☺️

Patient had mobility in her front teeth. Every time she’d bite they were causing her pain. Patient was also dissatisfied with the size and look of her teeth. We were able to do some tricky lab work to make her new partial have smaller, more feminine teeth WITHOUT creating spaces. We’re thrilled 😁


Need to break up with the wisdom teeth? We do that!

For your extractions, we offer a variety of sedation options. Obviously you will be very numb, but anything from laughing gas to Va**um to IV sedation...we’ve got you covered ☺️

All you need to worry about is if you want to keep your teeth for the tooth fairy 🧚‍♀️


One of our staff decided to play hooky today because of an “avalanche”. Dr. Tamas is from the Midwest, and she says avalanches don’t exist 😂 It’s more likely Marilyn just wants to stay a bit longer with her adorable new grandson. To see if she was lying, Dr. T offered to buy everyone who came to work today Dutch Brothers coffee!!

Come on Marilyn. We know you want some 😇


Our hearts belong to donuts ❤️ Wishing all our patients a happy day of love and yummy treats. We donut know what we’d do without you 🥰


With tomorrow being Valentine’s Day, it only seemed appropriate 😇💕


I hope your day is as smooth as your forehead 😍💕 #botox



Does 1/2 inch call for closing the office today? 😏 No delayed starts here. If you have a appointment today, we’re still open!


This was such a neat case!

Patient was born without a lateral front tooth. Over years, her canine had drifted forward into the space where her lateral should’ve been. Another doc had tried really hard to work with the spacing, and filled in the gaps with filling material. That’s the top “before” pic. Patient came asking if there was anything else that could be done. Dr. Tamas suggested ortho and a dental implant, or she could try doing some fancy prep work to create enough space for a bridge. Patient opts for bridge. The lower photo is her new bridge 🙌🏻


I really need to start remembering to take “before” pics 🤦🏼‍♀️

Take my word, this patient’s new restoration transformed her smile!! She was wearing an old partial (that broke) to replace her three front missing teeth. She had a few adjacent crowns. The crowns showed metal by her gums when she smiled. We broke up with the partial, and created a six unit bridge. She was very very happy today ☺️


Merry Christmas from our entire dental team to you and yours! Thank you for the privilege of caring for you and your smile.

We will be out of the office until wednesday, 12/26. If you are having a dental emergency, please call the office to be directed to our emergency line.


Does Botox work?

Like a true scientist, Dr. Tamas took to her own face to answer this exact question! :) Like every lady, she’s spent hundreds of dollars on expensive anti-aging, plumping, wrinkle-reducing skincare products. But let’s be real (earmuffs @sephora)...most of it doesn’t do a dang thing. So in hopes of an epic Before & After, Dr. T injected Botox only into the left side of her forehead. Her right side is completely untouched. The results speak for themselves. Botox works...and it works BETTER than your eye creams, night oils, and sleep masks. Hallelujah 🙌🏻💕


Patient chomped down on a turkey leg Thanksgiving day & broke his tooth. Due to irreversible bone loss and severe tooth mobility, patient opted for extraction. If it were me, that’s exactly what I would’ve done. You see, once a tooth is wiggly, it’s never going to become less wiggly. With regularly cleanings we can maintain what you have, but you’re never going to regenerate enough bone to hold that tooth steady again. Rather than spending a lot to save the loose tooth, we agreed to look at the bigger picture & say goodbye. We also agreed to no more turkey legs ☺️


The rumors are true....

Black Friday Botox!! Starting November 19th through November 30th we’re offering Botox for only $9 per unit. Rejoice!!!! 🙌🏻🎊 Spaces are limited. By appointment only. Please call our office for details ☺️ #botox


We’re keeping it corny 😁


We decided to kick it up a notch at the office today 🎃👻
Our hygienist decided to go with the Flo 😂 #progressive


Top notch donuts for a top notch lady 💁🏼‍♀️

Happy Birthday, Karen!!! Karen is one of our front office superstars who keeps everything running smoothly. Be prepared to give her a high five at your appointment today ☺️


Ohhhhhh if tummies could smile 😍 Thank you for stopping in & keeping us fueled on tasty treats!!


Gorgeous Botox forehead before & after!
The age you start is the age you stay 💁🏼‍♀️💕


Lily was a super helper this morning! She and her sister, Peyton, both have very sparkly teeth ✨ We love seeing these cuties and their healthy smiles 😊


Hi friends! It’s about time I introduce myself. I’m Alexay, also known as Dr. Tamas or Dr. T. I’m the dentist at Waverly Dental. I’m from a tiny town in southern Illinois, so expect a “ya’ll” and “thank ya” now & again ☺️ When I’m not fixin’ teeth, I’m probably exploring outside, baking up a yummy vegan dessert, or watching The Bachelor 😂 I am the proud cat momma to the best Scottish Fold on the planet. His name is Benny. You can find him over on Instagram at @bennytheadventurecat. That’s me in a nutshell. I’m a pretty simple girl ☺️


All our dental implants are virtually planned with 3D technology. What you see on these models are custom stents made for surgery day. Every patient gets one. Those stents are used to guide the placement of your implant into the perfect spot for maximum strength and aesthetics. Fully guided surgery means safer, quicker appointments. No cutting or suturing necessary. Technology is a beautiful thing☺️


I promise we do more than eat vegan donuts all day. This time it wasn’t our fault 😉 Local root canal extraordinaire, Dr. Mitchell with Albany Endodontists, surprised our staff with a dozen of our favorite Benny's Donuts today! Thank you for the thoughtful surprise!

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