William R. Berry III, DDS

William R. Berry III, DDS provides dental services ranging from fillings and extractions to cosmetic dentistry and teeth whitening. Whether you have a child who is 2 years old or a grand-dad who is 102, all your family dental needs can be met right here.

The purpose of our practice is to provide the highest quality of dental care available to the people of our community in a professional and caring environment. Dr. William R. Berry III offers complete care for your teeth and gums. He can meet your family’s ever-changing smile needs with:

Cosmetic dental care

• Teeth whitening
• Veneers and bonding
• Inlays and onlays
• Tooth-colored fillings


Operating as usual

[03/16/17]   Let's get ready for Spring with our New Whitening Product we are offering a special for the Month of April Please call today !!!!

[11/20/14]   You can use denture adhesives like creams, powders, pads/wafers, strips or liquids. If you use one of these products, read the instructions and use it as directed. Our dentist can recommend appropriate cleansers and adhesives for you. You should look for products with the ADA Seal of Acceptance, which means they they've been evaluated for safety and effectiveness.

[11/19/14]   When all of your teeth have been removed or lost, Dr. Berry can offer full dentures, which provide a low-cost replacement alternative that can completely restore your smile and your ability to comfortably eat and chew the food you want. Lower full dentures can also be permanently anchored by dental implants to increase retention, stability and overall function.

[11/18/14]   It's estimated that Americans make approximately 500 million visits to dental offices every year. In 2010, an estimated $108 billion was spent on dental services in the United States. Dental diseases and other oral health problems have now become one of the leading healthcare costs for many Americans. However, they're also one of the most preventable.

[11/17/14]   Subscribe to our YouTube channel to see how we perform wisdom #tooth #extraction. http://bit.ly/Y1STsR

[11/16/14]   If you're 60 or older, bring these during your dental checkup: list of medications you're taking; list of medical conditions; information and phone numbers of all healthcare providers, doctors and your previous dentist; information about your emergency contacts; dental insurance or Medicaid cards; and your dentures or partials, even if you don't wear them.

[11/14/14]   Dentures are removable appliances that can replace your missing teeth. The benefits of dentures include: They make it easier for you to eat and speak better; fill out the appearance of your face and profile; can be made to closely resemble your natural teeth so that your appearance does not change much; and can help restore and improve the look of your smile.

[11/13/14]   Dr. Berry is great with children, and he sees many children as young as 2 years old. When it comes to pediatric dental care, he always considers your child's comfort and needs. He wants to minimize problems and prevent the need for future, more expensive dental care. For more information about our children's dentistry services, call us at 229-435-4689.

[11/12/14]   It's wrong to assume that having white teeth means your teeth are healthy and you don't have dental problems. A white smile doesn't always mean your mouth is healthy. It's important to remember that teeth--whitening products do not clean teeth. Only brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing once a day and regular checkups can guarantee you a healthy smile.

[11/11/14]   Dr. Berry offers PerioProtect a noninvasive treatment for gum disease. It's a painless, nonsurgical treatment that manages biofilms, or the communities of bacteria growing in the spaces or pockets between teeth and gums, which can cause gum disease. The overall goal of PerioProtect is to manage oral biofilm with minimally invasive dentistry for lasting oral health.

[11/10/14]   Estimates show that advanced gum disease affects 4%12% of U.S. adults. The prevalence of gum disease is three times higher among smokers than nonsmokers. One-fourth of U.S. adults aged 65 or older have lost all of their teeth. More than 7,800 people, mostly older adults, die from oral and pharyngeal cancers each year. In 2011, 36,500 new cases of oral cancer were diagnosed.

[11/09/14]   Visit our Testimonials page to read the numerous comments and feedback from our satisfied patients, many of whom have been our regular clients for many years. Many of the patients are very satisfied with our services in cosmetic dentistry, implant dentistry and restorative dentistry. Many of them also appreciate the warm, friendly service from our office staff. http://bit.ly/WhV7kZ

[11/08/14]   Dry mouth's symptoms include constant sore throat; burning sensation; trouble speaking; difficulty swallowing; hoarseness or dry nasal passages; and tooth decay. Dry mouth is a side effect of more than 500 medications. It's essential to tell our dentist if you're taking any medications. He or she can recommend various methods to relieve your symptoms of dry mouth.

[11/07/14]   We provide friendly, high-quality and complete dental care that delivers great results and a personalized experience. We offer dental care that's complete for your family's dental needs. Our complete dental care consists of: cosmetic dental care; dental implant options; restorative dental care; pediatric dental care; full and partial dentures; and nonsurgical gum care.

[11/05/14]   Dr. Berry's cosmetic dentistry services include: teeth whitening our professional teeth whitening solutions can effectively meet your needs of having shiny, white teeth unlike the store-brand whitening solutions; and tooth-colored fillings Dr. Berry carefully matches the color and shade of the tooth being filled, so no one else knows you have a filling.

[11/04/14]   The steps to reduce the risk of oral health problems associated with an eating disorder: maintain meticulous oral healthcare by brushing and flossing; immediately after throwing up, don't brush but rinse with baking soda to help neutralize the effects of the stomach acid in your mouth; and consult with our dentist about your specific treatment needs.

[11/03/14]   We accept most insurance plans. Please call us at 229-435-4689 to verify whether or not we are participating with a particular insurance company. For billing and financial responsibility concerns, please call our office if you have any questions regarding an invoice. Our support staff will be happy to assist you.

[11/02/14]   Feeling no pain in your teeth or gums doesn't necessarily mean you're in good oral health. Don't wait for your teeth or gums to hurt before seeing our dentist. In many cases, by the time you're in noticeable pain, it's too late to treat a cavity or gum disease. To prevent this from happening, you should schedule regular dental visits at our office.

[11/01/14]   Lots of smiling happens here at Dr. Berry's office. That's because we believe in giving our patients lots to smile about. It starts with seeing people on time and not making a patient wait. It means scheduling appointments when it's most convenient for you. It means using the latest techniques and technology to ensure the health of your smile will last a lifetime.

[10/31/14]   To keep your teeth and gums healthy, you should always brush your teeth twice a day with a soft-bristled brush. A soft-bristled brush is ideal for sensitive gums. The size and shape of your brush should fit your mouth allowing you to reach all areas easily. Don't forget to replace your toothbrush every three or four months or sooner if the bristles are frayed.

[10/30/14]   Dr. Berry performs complete exams to check your child for: overbite and underbite; teeth crowding; finger- or thumb-sucking; tongue-thrusting; crooked front and back teeth; and facial appearance problems. These common problems are quite treatable because Dr. Berry utilizes the latest treatment methods and medications in pediatric dentistry for his child patients.

[10/29/14]   A worn toothbrush won't do a good job of cleaning your teeth. That's why our dentists always advise their patients to replace their toothbrush every three to four months. We also tell them to use fluoride toothpaste accepted by the FDA. It doesn't matter whether you choose a manual or powered toothbrush. Just make sure you brush twice a day, every day!

[10/28/14]   Whether you have a child who is 2 years old or a grand-dad who is 102, all your family dental needs can be met at Dr. Berry's practice. The purpose of our practice is to provide the highest quality of dental care available to the people of Albany, GA and the surrounding communities in a professional and caring environment.

[10/27/14]   If you're a diabetic, it's essential to visit our office regularly because you're at greater risk of developing some oral health problems. Good oral hygiene habits and regular dental checkups, including professional cleanings at our office and examinations, can help control the progression of gum disease and other oral health problems linked to diabetes.

[10/26/14]   When you have tooth decay, the decay must be removed. The tooth must be disinfected and filled to restore it to its healthy state. That is the premise of basic restorative dentistry, which is restoring your teeth to good dental health. But restorative dentistry is also about restoring your smile after an accident or illness that affected your teeth.

[10/25/14]   Preventive dental care involves: regular brushing and flossing of your teeth; regular visits to your dentist for routine dental checkups and cleanings; and eating a balanced, healthy diet that's good for your oral health, such as foods high in whole grains, vegetables and fruits and dairy products. With preventive care, you can avoid various dental health problems.

[10/24/14]   We provide dental services ranging from fillings and extractions to cosmetic dentistry and teeth whitening. We also offer: full and partial dentures; crowns, bridges and veneers; full mouth reconstruction; nonsurgical gum treatment; digital X-rays, dental cleanings; dental exams; oral cancer screening; and oral surgery. To schedule a consultation, call us at 229-435-4689.

[10/23/14]   An overdenture is a type of denture designed to go over the teeth or dental implants. Sometimes some of your teeth can be saved to preserve your jawbone and provide stability and support for the denture. An overdenture fits over a small number of remaining natural teeth after they have been prepared by our dentist. Implants can also serve the same function.

[10/22/14]   Learn more about our #dental #implant options by joining us on Google+ http://bit.ly/YLhYU2

[10/21/14]   If you're interested in dental implants, you should first thoroughly discuss it with our dentist who will evaluate you to determine if you're fit for implant surgery. Patients with chronic illnesses and other health issues may not be good candidates for implants. If you're in good general health, implants may be an option for you. In fact, your health is more of a factor than your age.

[10/19/14]   Porcelain veneers are more stain-resistant than veneers made from composite resin materials. Many dentists recommend porcelain veneers to strengthen worn teeth, and they're an effective option for aging patients with worn dentition. In many cases, minimal to no tooth preparation is needed when using porcelain, so there's less time needed to prepare your tooth.

[10/18/14]   To schedule an appointment, please call us at 229-435-4689 or you can use our online appointment request form. If at any time you are unable to keep your appointment, please notify us. We will be glad to reschedule your appointment at a more favorable time. We greatly appreciate your time and consideration and look forward to seeing you at our office. http://bit.ly/YTrRRl

[10/17/14]   You can buy a denture repair kit if your denture breaks or if you lose a tooth. Denture repair kits come with glue, acrylic teeth, sanding implements and utensils you can use for temporary repair. The kits are available online and in some pharmacies. Keeping a repair kit means you'll have the available tools to fix the worst of the damage until you can get to a dentist for repair.

[10/16/14]   If you have missing teeth, you don't have to be embarrassed much longer because we offer a wide range of treatment options for missing teeth so you can complete your smile. A dental implant is the best option for a missing tooth, especially if the missing tooth space has no surrounding teeth to support a bridge. To learn more about our implants, call us at 229-435-4689.

[10/15/14]   More than 36,500 new cases of cancer of the mouth and throat (oral cavity and pharynx) are diagnosed in the United States each year. More than 7,800 people die of these diseases. The five-year survival rate for these cancers is only about 50%. Detection of cancer lesions in the early stages increases the survival rate for people with mouth and throat cancers.





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