WhiteShield Prevents Coffee Teeth

What if you could get whiter teeth simply by... drinking coffee? Order at www.addwhiteshield.com WhiteShield is the natural way to prevent coffee teeth.

Whiteshield is a little packet that goes into your coffee and naturally keeps the coffee from staining your teeth! Thats right! It's flavorless, easy to use and prevents coffee teeth AND slowly whitens teeth the more you drink. Many of our customers are noticing a shade change in 2-4 weeks with regular use. Enjoy your coffee the way it was meant to me! WITHOUT THE DAMAGE TO YOUR SMILE. Follow us on Twitter.com/AddWhiteShield

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5 Ways You're Drinking Coffee Wrong


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[12/12/14]   Don't hesitate! order WhiteShield now before Christmas and get Buy 1 box Get 1 free! Plus Free Shipping! www.addwhiteshield.com


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It is getting closer to the end of the day, which means a pick-me-up is necessary!


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Try this to help visualize how WhiteShield works.

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Everyone deserves to smile on a Friday. If you are a coffee drinker but you are worried about those horrible stains, we can help! When using WhiteShield on a daily basis, not only can your teeth remain the same color after your first sip of coffee, but over time your teeth will gradually become whiter. For more information on how you can order our product, message us.


What's in your bag? Since we're such loyal coffee drinkers, we carry a box of WS wherever we go. #coffee #addicts

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5 ways to preserve your teeth as you age

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To illustrate the benefits of our product, try this simple test at home or even your office.


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The great thing about Whiteshield is that we can bring it anywhere……


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During the summer our teeth are much more noticeable when our skin is sun kissed. This can be great if you are confident with your smile. However, darker skin can also expose your stains… hurry and let us help you work on a stainless smile before September rolls around.

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Earn a college degree while brewing coffee

Starbucks plans to announce a program Monday intended to help its baristas earn an online college degree.

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