Ada Pediatric Dentistry

Ada Pediatric Dentistry

Looking for a skilled and gentle pediatric dentist in Ada who can guide your child or teen down a path of optimal oral health? At Ada Pediatric Dentistry, we specialize in child-focused dental care, and we understand what it takes to create a positive environment that makes visiting the dentist fun! We believe a healthy smile begins with a great start. Your child's first visit to our office is important, and we want to make every visit a rewarding experience. While we recognize some children are nervous about visiting the dentist, we have created a kid-friendly office environment that will make your child's appointments enjoyable and stress-free. Using the latest technology, our compassionate team at Ada Pediatric Dentistry offers comprehensive dental services for kids including X-rays, fluoride treatments, cleanings, regular exams, and restorative treatment (fillings, crowns, extractions) to promote a lifetime of healthy smiles. You can learn more about all of your child's treatment options from our services page. Ada Pediatric Dentistry believes in a team approach to preventive care, and we encourage parents to take an active role in their child's dental health care. Because we are parents too, we understand that you may have concerns about your child's oral health needs. Our Ada pediatric dentists are dedicated to working with parents to provide education based on prevention-focused dental care. We want to thank you for choosing Ada Pediatric Dentistry for your family's dental needs and welcome you to our practice. Together, we are confident that we can help your child achieve healthy oral hygiene habits and a beautiful smile into adulthood.

Mission: From infants to adolescents (and everything in between), we strive to provide exceptional pediatric dental care for our patients in a supportive, compassionate, and comfortable environment. We believe prevention and health education are essential to good oral health. In order to achieve this, we partner with parents to provide children a lifetime of healthy, happy, and beautiful smiles.

FDA says stop using over-the-counter benzocaine products on teething infants The FDA issued a warning Wednesday against over-the-counter benzocaine teething products, saying they pose a serious safety risk to infants.

The Toothsavers Brushing Game teaches kids about oral hygiene. Try out this fun app.

Looking for an app that can teach kids about oral hygiene? Download the Toothsavers app today!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Enjoy some sweets this Valentine's Day, but remember to brush and floss!

I love that February is National Children's Dental Health Month. It is so much fun teaching children about their teeth and mouths. The Ada Village Preschool students were so excited to read a children's dental book and then play with various dental activities. Thanks for a great day!

Had the best time visiting Forest Hills Presbyterian Preschool on Monday. The class was full of great brushers and flossers!

All the Presidents' Teeth Quiz

How well do you know your presidential teeth?

Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday break! Have fun and be safe. See you all in the New Year!

May your Christmas be merry and bright!

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah from Ada Pediatric Dentistry.

Healthy Habits at the Holidays from the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry - holiday break is a great time to help your kids establish and maintain healthy dental habits.

Happy Holidays! Don't forget to brush and floss especially if you are eating all of those Christmas cookies and other yummy holiday treats.

Timeline Photos

6 Myths About Baby Teeth Get the facts about baby teeth and get your infant started on the path to good oral health as early as possible.

Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate "Tinsel, Treats and Trolleys" in Ada. We had a great time with all of you.

Join Ada Pediatric & Norman Family Dentistry for "Tinsel, Treats & Trolleys" in Ada Village

DATE: Friday, December 2, 2016

TIME: 6-9pm

WHAT: Enjoy the annual bridge lighting ceremony at 5:30pm, followed by trolley rides with stops at area businesses (including our office) from 6-9pm for fun times and yummy treats!

Join Ada Pediatric & Norman Family Dentistry for "Trunk or Treat in Ada" tomorrow evening.

DATE: Sunday, October 30, 2016

TIME: 4:00pm-6:00pm

LOCATION: The parking lot of The Community church (7239 Thornapple River Dr. SE, Ada, MI)

PARKING: Street parking and parking lots across the street are available.

WHAT: Children are invited to walk from car to car in the parking lot, receiving candy, playing carnival games, winning prizes and more. Hot dogs, cotton candy, and beverages will be available for purchase. The event is free for all who attend! Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Good advice from the AAPD regarding selecting the best Halloween treats!

These Common Teething Products Are Dangerous for Young Children

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is warning consumers that homeopathic teething tablets and gels may pose a risk to infants and children. The FDA recommends that consumers stop using these products and dispose of any in their possession. The FDA says consumers should stop using them and throw away whatever they have.

To floss, or not to floss? Boston dentists say there’s no question. - The Boston Globe

Please keep flossing your teeth and your children's teeth.
“Absence of [flossing] evidence isn’t evidence of absence [of positive health benefits].” Don’t stop flossing just yet.

A Cavity-Fighting Liquid Lets Kids Avoid Dentists’ Drills

Silver diamine fluoride (SDF) is in the NYTimes!®ion=rank&module=package&version=highlights&contentPlacement=2&pgtype=sectionfront&_r=0 The liquid, an alternative to a filling, can be brushed on a decaying tooth — a painless and cheaper solution for dental patients.

This silent epidemic has been increasing in kids 2 to 11, but is preventable

Let's prevent tooth decay! We see all kinds of symptoms. An 8-year-old boy with a badly swollen jaw due to an infection. A 2-year-old boy who weighs what a 1-year-old should because he can't eat solid foods. A 6-year-old girl who can't fall asleep at night or pay attention in school. A 4-year-old who gets teased at preschool…

American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry

Summer is here! Hooray! With summer comes the opportunity for outdoor activities and sports. This is a good time of the year to remember dental safety so click on the link below for advice about tooth trauma and dental emergencies.

Get a pediatric dentist’s expert tips for dealing with chips and other dental emergencies.

Remembering Muhammad Ali's Trippy, Anti-Cavity Kids' Record

Did you know that Muhammad Ali helped fight tooth decay for children?

The Adventures of Ali and His Gang vs. Mr. Tooth Decay, a children's album starring the voice talents of Ali, was released in 1976. Along for the ride were Frank Sinatra, Howard Cosell and Ossie Davis. The title pretty much sums it up: In a storyline combining music, narration and PSA preachines. My favorite line is "The family that brushes together stays together." Late boxer and friends battled dental-health threats on 1976's 'The Adventures of Ali and His Gang vs. Mr. Tooth Decay'

Healthy snacking tips:
-Choose sugary foods less often
-Avoid sweets between meals
-Brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste after snacks and meals

It may be the last day of National Facial Protection Month, but mouth guards are a good idea every day of the year!

Most "fruit" snacks are gummy candy in disguise! Here's the ingredient list for a popular brand of fruit snacks: Corn syrup, Sugar, Apple Puree Concentrate, Water, Modified Corn Starch, Gelatin, Contains 2% or less of Citric Acid, Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), Natural and Artificial Flavors, Yellow 5, Red 40, Sodium Citrate, Blue 1. The average package contains 2-3 tsp of sugar! A better choice for healthier teeth? Fresh fruit. Visit the Ada Village or Fulton Street Farmers' Markets for lots of healthy and seasonal fruit choices.

Sugary snacks taste so good — but they aren't so good for your teeth or your body. Nutrition is a very important component of oral health and it is in our control so optimize kids' health with healthy snacks. Some good choices include: fresh fruit, raw vegetables, high protein choices like cheese, and whole grains.

10 Secrets to Raising Cavity Free Infants and Toddlers:
1. Begin early - Before your baby’s first tooth becomes visible in the mouth, you should wipe the mouth every day with a soft, moist washcloth.
2. Start brushing as soon as the first tooth erupts - from 0-2y uses a smear (rice grain size) of toothpaste; at age 3 switch to a pea-sized amount of toothpaste
3. Fight decay with a fluoride toothpaste
4. Brush your child’s teeth at least 2X per day - once in the
morning and once at night. Remember, the most important time to brush your baby’s teeth is right before bedtime.
5. Establish a “Dental Home” within 6 months of the eruption of the first tooth and no later than age 1
6. Don't put your child to bed with a bottle containing anything other than water.
7. The bacteria that causes cavities is contagious so avoid saliva sharing habits such as sharing utensils
8. Healthy food choices keep teeth healthy
9. Start flossing as soon as teeth touch
10. Schedule regular dental checkups, 2x/year

Happy Teeth

Studies show that athletes who don't wear mouthguards are 60 times more likely to suffer an oral/dental injury. Protect your smile by wearing a mouthguard.

Remember to wear mouthguards for all sports at risk for dental trauma including: hockey, football, lacrosse, wrestling, basketball, baseball, and other contact sports.

When Children Grind Their Teeth - Bruxism

A frequent concern that parents inquire about is their child's grinding habit. Here is a great article about grinding in children.

The key points from the article include:

1) Grinding in children is so common that it is often considered normal behavior. It is only when it causes severe tooth wear, pain, or trouble sleeping that it may rise to the level of a significant problem.

2) Because children generally outgrow the condition, treatment is not usually recommended — unless the habit is causing troubling signs and/or symptoms, as well as excessive tooth wear.

3) Bruxism is prevalent in children who snore and/or breathe through their mouths, with other factors as possible contributors including: obstructive sleep apnea, enlarged tonsils, asthma, and respiratory airway infections

4) The important thing to remember is that the habit of teeth grinding is usually harmless, despite the unsettling sounds. Luckily, new teeth will be on the way!!! Many children grind their teeth as they sleep, and the grating sounds of this habit can really set a parents own teeth on edge. But is tooth grinding (also called bruxism) harmful?

Protect your pearly whites

Dr. Stephanie Rashewsky and Dr. Elizabeth Christopherson were on Maranda discussing dental/facial trauma and the importance of wearing a mouthguard during sports. West Michigan District Dental Society offers advice for parents during Facial Protection Month.

Tale of the troubled tooth bites Goran Dragic again

After losing a front tooth for the second time in as many seasons...Should have worn a mouthguard

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