Ratti Handa, DMD

Ratti Handa, DMD


For anyone on the fence, or scared of dentists like I am, Dr. Handa is hands down THE BEST dentist, doctor, practitioner I have EVER been to. A little about me: I had a stroke at a young age and have seen MANY doctors in my lifetime. Sadly, no one has ever taken the time to truly get to know me and validated me in the way that she has. Dr. Handa, has far surpassed any Doctor I have ever seen....even the doctors that have been in my life over 20 years. Trust me when I say, you will never find another dentist like her. I am so lucky to have found someone that is so personable, cares about all aspects of your life and takes all the time you need to explain any questions you have. Don't wait any longer, call her! You won't be disappointed!!

OUR PROMISE"We believe in connecting and relating to you as a person and not as a chart, a filling, or an x-ray. We see you as an individual with your own unique wants, circumstances, and goals."www.RattiHanda.com

Dentistry to us is so much more than fillings, charts, and x-rays. We have chosen it as a path to give you the opportunity to see yourself differently. The outcome is more than cosmetic; it’s a moment when you understand what it’s like to feel good about yourself. Feeling good is the first step towards achieving your full potential. It is through dentistry that my team and I have been given the opportunity to touch so many lives, work with so many people, and see the results of this empowering approach to complete oral, mental, emotional, and physical transformation. We will get to know your unique circumstances and goals so that we can understand what you need most from us. A relationship is then formed. We will always take the time to sit down and explain the options for treatment and explore the therapies, in an individualized and systemic way, that are available to reduce risk in the future. Together we assess your health needs, choices, and desires and then formulate a comprehensive plan for taking you from where you are today to where you want to be. Transformation begins. This is a practice—and a journey—of people. There are no faceless cases or nameless charts. We are a microcosm of life and community and we are working together to make positive change in ourselves and in the world. This is our mission. This is our practice.

Operating as usual

My Dearest Patient Family,
As the seeds planted by my older son, blossom into flowers and baby strawberries, I can't help but notice the STIRRING in the world as we move through the current phase.

As definitions of another new normal are arising, we know things will be different. As human beings, we have demonstrated a fantastic ability to adapt and be resourceful to all tsunami-like changes that have affected each one of us at some level. As COVID has shown, we are not separate.
Although we are interconnected in our fears, we are also interconnected in love, kindness, and faith. Sometimes it's unfathomable to understand the concerns in Boston, being echoed 7,120 miles away in my country of origin, India. My mother in New Delhi, India does her daily check-in with all her children in all different time zones. She is unwavering in her daily questions of our social distancing, sanitation, and what we are eating. Yet, she is comforting in her gift of consistent, constant connection.
Inspired by the grace, purpose, and commitment showcased by our health care workers, equally unfathomable is to see the array of tremendous outpourings of unshakable connection through the messages of hope and oneness written in chalk across the local bike path.

"Courage is not the lack of fear but the ability to face it." – Lt. John B. Putnam Jr.

As we gathered our personal protective equipment (PPE) and COVID-proofed the office, I couldn't help but relive the same feelings as when I first baby proofed my home. There were a lot of unknowns in being a first-time mother. Yet, I had a conviction of faith in using intuition and a collaboration of resources from generational learning, combined with modern science and technology.

Here is the list of some of the things we are doing at the office to maintain our commitment to our patients' and staff's safety:
- Admitting only one patient at a time to the office for your entire length of appointment.
- Hand washing and mouth rinsing instructions as the first step when you arrive in the office.
- Staggering of patients and giving ourselves a buffer of time before and after each patient.
- Contactless thermometer for routine temperature checks in of each patient and staff member.
- Routine Oximeter to check pulse and oxygen saturation levels for patients and team members.
- Routine questions for patients and team.
- Dentvac ( A more significant suction placed in the treatment room to further remove aerosol)
- Air Disinfecting Purifier.
- Surgical scrubs, face shields, and head and shoe coverings for the team members that get changed out in between every patient.
- N 95 masks for team members.
- Extra Sanitizing of doors and handles, countertops, and bathrooms.
- Frequent hand washing and sanitizing.
- Washer and dryer in office, so our scrubs and gowns get washed on site.

What will be different as you book appointments

- Virtual check in before your appointment from the parking lot.
- Asking you to bring your own protective eyewear, headphones, neck wrap and blanket.
- No waiting in our beautiful waiting room! You will be led to your treatment room directly.
- Online appointments and payments.

As we have created more enhanced safety protocols, to keep you as well as ourselves safe from the Covid -19 and other viruses and bacteria, we are also reminding ourselves that a robust immune system starts with a healthy mouth and optimal nasal breathing.
An excellent way to ascertain whether you need to be seen or not in this phase, is to schedule a 15-minute phone call. Together we can decide if you need to come into the office, or have a virtual consult.
Please visit www.RattiHanda.com to book virtual consults or your routine and emergency appointments through our new scheduling system.

Dr. Ratti Handa

Multitasking with Gale via a collaborative zoom video call in creating a dental emergency and symptom check list and tips on how to manage them while we are closed .
And I even got to fold the laundry -:)

Stocked my supplement cabinet . Took some today and mindfully thanked each one of them for helping my immune system stay strong for me and others around me .
Debra from Debra’s gourmet was so incredibly helpful in helping me choose. Not to mention Amy! . It’s in moments like these that I am learning the depth of gratitude .

[03/15/20]   To all my patients and loved ones,

With so much unknown and angst in the global environment, it certainly is hard to not feel uneasy, unstable and anxious. As a global community, we are rocked at the very base of our existence on this planet. I write to all of you … from my heart. Slowly yet swiftly, I watch myself and others let go of planning for tomorrow and living for the moment as the virus situation is ever evolving. Not knowing what tomorrow holds is scary yet the only piece of stability we have is within us. We can only look at the very next step ahead of us, and then the next one and the next one. To not look way ahead and ONLY look at the very NEXT step ahead of us is a difficult decision because the collective fear of the world is telling each and every one of us to be united in the fear. But to be present to who you are as you take only the next step is a true practice of mindfulness and presence which is ever present, even in outwardly changing times.

I invite each one of you to live each moment consciously as if you were on a difficult hike and if you looked up at the dizzying mountain it was scary and impossible to imagine being on top. But if you looked at each step ahead of you, one foot in front of the other, you would pay attention to the terrain right where you were within one foot of you. You would take in the smells and sounds and sights as you paused and breathed in all the way . In that place, you would know how to step ahead and how to be safe.

As we all have so many worries and questions about COVID-19 these days, I wanted to communicate with you openly during this time as we all learn valuable life lessons and continue to be warriors within our practice, community, and families.

At this time, we will operate on our normal schedule unless we receive guidance that we need to temporarily close. If that decision is made, we will let you know as soon as possible.

In the dental field, sanitation and sterilization is always a priority for everyone’s safety. We have always treated our patient as if they were “infected”. Each and every surface has always been sanitized, cleaned and disposed as needed. All our instruments continue to be autoclaved at very high heat. We will continue wearing our protective gear just like always. However, we have some additional policies, procedures, and protocols in place to help ensure the safety of our patients and team.

What we're doing:

• Reducing the amount of people in our waiting room. We typically operate with an empty waiting room, as we never double book patients. But in the event of an overlap, we are opening up our consultation room and staff lounge to patients who may need to wait for a few minutes before or after their scheduled appointment.
• Our staff is taking extra precautions with their clothing, making sure they are entirely covered with increased mask coverage. According to OSHA, dental providers are at greater risk than the patients in this instance. We are covering up with extra gear to protect ourselves.
• As always with our standard protocol, every surface and exam room are disinfected with caviwipes which works against a wide array of microorganisms like tuberculosis bacteria, to influenza virus, HIV virus, staph bacteria, Hepatitis B and C and even salmonella. In addition, we are also using a natural cold killer spray with essential oils of lavender, rosemary, white thyme and rose before and after each patient interaction. At this time, we are paying extra attention to our sanitation efforts.
• We are offering virtual consults for any patients where possible and who would prefer to social distance themselves and their family. Please call the office and we are happy to set that up for you.

What you can do:

• Call us if you have any questions or concerns. Please keep your regularly scheduled appointments, as at this time, we are not backed up and there is not an influx of emergencies. But, in the event that does happen in the future, we want to make sure you are on schedule with your maintenance.
• Remember that you have always been more than just teeth to us. “you are the whole person behind the teeth” and we are here, even if it’s just to talk over the phone or an email or text.
• Please call to reschedule if you or your child has a fever or cough, someone in your home has a fever or cough, or someone in your home has been in close contact with a person who is showing signs of being sick.
• Engage in extra healthy habits of hand washing when you enter and leave our office and cover your coughs and sneezes.

How to help yourself:

• Use your intuition. If your body is telling you to slow down and rest, slow down and rest. Your body has an inner intelligence to heal.
• Drink lots of fluids. Especially warm water, every 15 minutes taking a sip, is a good idea this time of year for all viruses.
• Stay in gratitude and meditate on your well-being. Continue to bring joy to every interaction and attract an abundant life in all interactions. We are all connected, and our collective energy will help one another.
• Call a medical professional when you experience the symptoms of the COVID 19.

We appreciate your understanding as we navigate this rapidly evolving situation with our patients. We trust our decisions are serving the highest good at this time and that we are on this journey together.

Ratti Handa, DMD and team

Day 12 of our Team cleanse . Down 20 pounds all together -:) yay. We do feel more alert, alive and vibrant !

Just amazed at the protective motherly nature of this mommy, as I pet her little baby .

Sharing on the eve of a new decade, the Simple joys of being stuck with my family up in the hills of India , in a different kind of traffic jam

First time playing with the newer version of the digital scanner ! Wowsie it’s fast . And sooo accurate . And fun !


How Teeth Grinding May Link to Sleep Apnea

For years we have assumed that people were grinding teeth due to stress . Newer Research is linking teeth grinding to sleep apnea . This article below , is worth a read .

verywellhealth.com Teeth grinding may be linked to night time breathing disorders such as UARS or sleep apnea due to the airway closing and causing night bruxism.

Exhilarating to graduate from the residency program at the Stewart Center .
Humbling , challenging and life changing to learn paradigm shifts !

The myriad of stone sculptures made with profound INTENTION and ATTENTION at Walden Pond , makes me realize the mindfulness of togetherness in small moments .

As I prepare to welcome my Father In Law into his new home with us , I can’t help but really FEEL these words on this simple but profound pillow that felt like a silly buy at the paper store ......but in the quiet as I pat down the sheets, prop the pillows and straighten the blankets , all I can see is how it’s a powerful symbol of love . ❤️💕
I couldn’t help but share the profoundness of this connectedness with all of you . 🌍
“ Home ... A Story of Who We Are . A Collection of Things We Love . “

Learning more at Vivos in Denver on how to help the little ones!! Learning simple and non invasive dental strategies that ultimately heal even medical issues . Yes... my kids are already my guinea pigs!!
AND Bonding with my special team , saying hello to early snow and meeting great friends and wonderful dentists from Texas and North Carolina !

Gale And Karta chilling with espresso before her appointment!

Learning newer ways of non surgically treating breathing disorders . What a gift to find my purpose and to go beyond helping teeth and gums and restoring overall health and wellness through the pathway of dentistry .

When your instructor looses his pointer and doesn’t want to loose the rhythm and grabs a baseball bat to point out the good stuff in his presentation !!

A great slide at my course this weekend highlighting that a change in diet over the last 100 years has a strong linking to crowded teeth as jaw sizes are growing smaller .
Extracting healthy adult teeth for orthodontic treatment is strongly contraindicated now ! For many reasons .

Having fun at our offsite team workshop . Jessica is role playing the patient and Gale is role playing the dentist .....as we work on getting better at understanding how our patient feels in our chair !

Happy Smiles with Isabella!

Adrian installing purified Alkaline water for me, our team and our patients ! Yay 😀

Just another Saturday morning at the office -:) My boys soundproofing the vacuum and compressor room so that the “ dental “ noises are less ghastly to our already nervous patients !
# Proud Mom # LoveHealingMy Patients

In the Dominican , doing some dentistry at an incredibly loving orphanage .
What an incredible gift to me . My heart is full with the love I received. Grateful to be a dentist .

Our patient put a smile on our faces when we read his additional comments on his health history form . Corny sense of humour for sure ! 😍

Learning that the bugs in periodontal ( gum) disease are the same as in our pet’s mouth !
Not sure if I like knowing this -:)

Studying again ! Learning paradigm shifts in the world of biological dentistry .

Meet Isabella . Proud to be a part of her dental miracle .

Finally did it and became an American citizen today!! It is a unique journey that each of us immigrants have had . Each one special and with it’s own share of difficult turns.
Today, I was one of 613 new citizens being sworn in and together we represented over 35 countries . All our heritages, cultures and languages blending into one commonality .
To feel the journeys of each soul , to feel their courage, the sacrifices, the love across many continents , the sheer determination and hard work was indeed a goosebumpy and teary moment .
And to bump into a patient who was a volunteer there for the ceremony and be hugged and hugged and hugged , was even more special on this memorable day .

I got more than I bargained for at my dental course . Made a new friend!

Making myself an airway appliance !

In Scottsdale attending a three day hands on workshop on Airway Prosthodontics and learning eye and mind opening things about how the airway affects our mouth !
This topic is very close to my heart, because it both helps me see the patient more comprehensively and also because I believe that my younger son’s mouth issues are related to his snoring .
But not to mention, I witnessed a super crazy dust and rain storm here ! And was alerted to be inside to stay alive !!!!

The flowers ( planted by my 9 th grader !)outside our office are still surviving this sweltering heat wave-:)
Hope you all are staying cool and hydrated.

Working under the microscope is not just being able to see a whole lot better, but it’s truly an immersive and meditative creative experience . A moment in which I get to be thankful that this profession chose me to be a part of it .

Happy Birthday Sandy ! Glad we had an excuse to eat chocolate cake 🎂! Shhh. And of course brush and floss after !

Relaxed learning as we reach the end of the Symposium!

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