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🌟Invisalign® Week 🌟

From January 25th to January 29th

We are bursting to share our latest technology addition to the Thrive team, the iTero digital scanner (think no more goopy impressions AND immediate image of your teeth aligned AND a whole lot more). In celebration, we are rolling out our best Invisalign Clear Braces offer of the whole year (we promise there will be none better). See the details below!

Amazing offers include:
🌟Free Consultation with Dr. Jenny
🌟Free 3D state-of-the-art iTero scan and iPad Invisalign photos
🌟Free Invisalign Outcome Simulation, a great way to see how your teeth could move
🌟Huge offer of $500 off treatment when you pay to start this week
🌟Free Vivera removable retainers (worth $600)
🌟Free whitening gel kit after your Invisalign treatment (worth $400)
🌟0% Financing options

Call NOW to secure your visit. We cannot wait! 🎉


🎉🎊Excited to announce our most popular contest/drawing of the year!! 🎉🎊 FREE FREE FREE 🎊🎉

In celebration of 2020 coming to an end we are bringing back our popular 12 Days of Giveaways LOCAL style! #buylocal. We bought all sorts of goodies from all LOCAL businesses because 80% of dollars spent on local businesses stays local. We ❤️ our community.

$25 Himalayan Salt soak, candle and lamp Trunature Salt Cave
$25 Blackbird Cafe gift card Blackbird Cafe 🥪 ☕️ 🍳
$25 Acton Coffee House gift card Acton Coffee House
$25 Zero waste supplies Unpacked Living♻️
$25 Silver Unicorn gift card The Silver Unicorn Bookstore 📚
$40 facemasks Tallulah & Poppyahandpoppy 😷
$40 Blow out The Beauty Lounge
$50 Truewest gift card True West 🍻
$75 Grazing Platterboard Grazing Platterboards
$80 Weco Hospitality giftcard 🥘 🍽 WECO Hospitality
$500 Dr. Jenny’s favorite dental supplies and whitening 🦷 🪥 Thrive Dental Co
$500 Visa gift card 💰 🤑

We will raffle off one prize each day beginning 12/14

To enter!!
1. Share AND Like this post
2. Follow us
3. Tag 3 friends in the comments section
**Massachusetts residents only**


👑 We are O N E! 👑

I'm in awe that I survived this year. Anyone wondering what it feels like? I'd say it's pretty darn close to the emotions on your child's first birthday (minus that weird parent sadness about kids growing up so fast ). You made it through some rough seas and the ocean ahead looks calmer. Or at least that is what you are praying for! 🤣

1st year by the numbers:

* 1 pandemic
* 1 day/week added to the schedule because we are bursting at the seams
* 2.5 months closed
* 8 million deep breaths to bring on the calm
* 81 FIVE ⭐️ reviews
* 100% staff turnover (thanks pandemic)
* 355 individuals served
* 20,000 gallons of water saved 💧
* Immeasurable growth

The most common thing I hear is: "Opening during a pandemic must have made it so much worse!" And it probably has! But I only can know my own journey. I got into this startup gig because I had a vision that was nagging me. I had a desire to go on an adventure of growth. I have poured love ❤️ and countless hours into Thrive and I am in awe of the growth explosion both for myself and for the business.

Thank you to everyone who supported us by listening, liking, commenting, sharing or any other way that you got our back. I could not be more grateful.

So what's in store for year 2?! We are going to LEVEL UP so make sure you stick around for the ride! You won't want to miss this!


Come work with us!

We are on the hunt for a rockstar dental assistant. Perfect for someone who truly cares for others and loves to work hard and have fun while doing it!

If you or someone you know is interested in joining our exceptional team send us a DM!


At 5 years old, my first traumatic dental experience was the placement of a permanent retainer on the roof of my mouth that made it impossible to suck my thumb. The bliss I got from thumb sucking was like drinking a glass of wine, under a heated blanket, with a plate of nachos, your favorite movie and snuggled by your favorite person. It was that good! At 5, it was traumatizing to abruptly lose my ability to cope.

Why am I sharing these intimate details of my life? To help others! That's why I got into this dentist gig, right? I get the love of thumb sucking AND the negative repercussions all too well. Trust me.

Downsides to extended thumb sucking and pacifier use:
👎 Limits opportunities for communication - development of facial expression, babbling, cooing, talking
👎 Increases dental arch irregularities if used after 12 months (Yes, this means more time in braces!)
👎 Increased risk of ear infections if used after 6 months

Upsides to thumb sucking and pacifier use:
👍 Calming. Gives parents a break!
👍 Reduces the chance of SIDs
👍 Pacifier can be easier to manage!

🦷 BEST! Stop pacifier use at 5-6 months before there is an emotional attachment
🦷 Next BEST! Stop daytime pacifier and thumb sucking use. This may be easy for some and a long weaning process for others.
🦷 Next, next BEST! Stop all thumb and pacifier use by 5 years old.

Got questions? Drop them below.👇


Superhero Dentist Suit

Something silly for the kiddos.


Timeline Photos



Having a hard time scheduling your regular dental appointment? Are you working from home and it no longer makes sense to go into the city for your dentist? Been considering giving us a try? We have the BEST news for you! We have decided that everyone who calls will get an appointment withing 2 weeks including NEW PATIENTS! ⠀

How, you ask? ⠀

While so many businesses were maxed out before COVID-19 and now have the impossible task of trying to catch up, we are still GROWING! We have lots of room to expand. We feel lucky to be able to pick up some of the slack for our community in the safest dental environment we know of. Being a brand new office we have all of the newest, most sterile and safest equipment. We aren't taking any chances, except for the chance to meet and serve our community. ⠀



Try this activity that kids LOVE for our last day of a weeks worth of dental activities. #obsessed

Link to sheets


Day 4 of our week full of kids dental activities! Love this activity for your little one. Go check out our Instagram stories for an easy experiment that is packed with learning. You don't want to miss it! Oh, and while you are there, follow our instagram page for more extras.


DAY 3 of a week full of dental activities for your little ones! . This is a fantastic and easy activity to get kids excited about flossing!


Story time: The Tooth Book

For the second day of our weeklong daily kids dental activities we have Dr. Jenny (the Tooth Fairy) reading The Tooth Book, by Dr. Seuss.

If image quality isn't good here go to


This is day 1! After lots of requests for content for kids, we have a week long kids dental activity blitz! Enjoy and SHARE!


Face mask in a pinch!

3 layers of tight cotton is all you need! If you have to go out make sure you wear a mask to protect the community. We go this!


A letter of thanks to our community

First, a brief update. We are not opening today as originally planned. We will continue to be open for emergency patients. We are doing our part to keep people out of the emergency room. If you have an dental emergency and are a patient call us!

Now it’s time to thank you. Yes, you. Each one of you deserves our thanks. Of course, those working in hospitals are heroes and have gained our eternal gratitude but the #quaranteam fam is not overlooked. This letter is for you.

THANK YOU to the people who are staying home. It’s not easy mentally. Thank you for fighting through the physical isolation and upheaval.
- To the families with small children, I salute you! Hang in there.
- To those isolated by themselves, you are strong and brave. Thank you for your help.
- To the families with adult children home. We appreciate you!
- To the families with elementary and teenage children. You have an impossible task of being a parent, worker and educator. Please take care of yourself first.
- To those with extended family and friends, thank you for doing your part.
- To anyone trying to stay home but home is not a safe place, please find shelter elsewhere or call a hotline for support.

THANK YOU to those that have drawn on their driveways with chalk, put a teddy bear or sign in the window. Your effort to brighten others day has not gone unnoticed.

THANK YOU to those that have helped a neighbor, friend, or employee. You are making this work!

THANK YOU to everyone in the food supply chain (farms, grocery store workers, delivery, etc) you have kept us going.

THANK YOU to businesses that have transformed to flatten the curve by providing food, masks, fundraising and in virtual support. Completely wowed by your creativity and adaptability.

THANK YOU to educators and those that have suddenly become educators. Everything you do makes a difference.

To everyone doing anything at all to flatten the curve, THANK YOU. We are sending a virtual hug to each and everyone of you and a heartfelt thank you for everything you are doing.

Is there someone you want to thank? Comment below.

[03/29/20]   Metrowest business owners dance party!


Hello Friends,

Following the announcement and recommendations of the Massachusetts Dental Society late last night our office will be suspending all non-essential, non-urgent dental care until April 7th.
If you have a dental emergency, don’t hesitate to reach out. We will still be available for phone consults and will be able to help. We will be contacting patients to reschedule appointments for after April 7th.
Please take care of yourself and other and take some time for your mental health needs too. We are so very grateful for your continued support and look forward to getting back to serving you ASAP!


Big news! Today Dr. Jenny’s family grew by 4 paws! (1st pic is today with Yeshe and 2nd pic is one year ago with Kyoko)
A little backstory about why we are getting a puppy now; when we have a 1 yo and Thrive Dental Co. being only 4 months old! Basically, it is because we are the kind of people that feel less than whole without a dog.
4 months before our daughter was born our 5 yo best friend, Kyoko, was diagnosed with an aggressive mast cell tumor. We had a lot of hope early on in treatment but the day I went into labor we found a huge lump on her neck. It truly popped up overnight. 3 days after I gave birth we met with the oncologist who aspirated it and found it to be another mast cell tumor. I remember that appointment trying to comfort my husband while also awkwardly trying to sit down next to him but not being able to sit because #childbirth. Surgery was scheduled for when our daughter was 10 days old. When we went to pick her up she couldn’t use one of her paws and I was absolutely devastated. I regret that surgery. It was more invasive than I had believed and I wouldn’t have allowed it if I had known. Anyways, she got better but never back to herself. 5 days before she passed we found tons of lumps all over her body. Again they seemed to pop up over night. She slowed down a lot until the day we decided her quality of life was too poor. We called all over to find someone that could put her to rest the next day. Still phenomenally grateful that we found Dr. Janet from Peaceful Pet Parting who is a vet that comes to your home. Because of Dr. Janet, her passing is something I can remember almost fondly. Once Kyoko was at rest, things got brighter. Realizing that the unknown of what would happen to her was the most difficult part of all and while we still wish she was here the finality and peace helped us greatly. Those 2 months when we had an infant and a dog that we weren’t sure if she would live or die is definitely the darkest part of our lives thus far.
It took time to be ready for a new soul to join our family and today we are thrilled to welcome Yeshe into our family. Yeshe means infinite wisdom. Feeling like he came at the PERFECT time.


Coronavirus’ got nothing on us! 🦠
We are taking extra steps to keep our community healthy and safe. We can’t imagine a cleaner/safer environment in our community. If you have an upcoming appointment with us, or want to be scheduled, we will be asking a few screening questions first. To prevent the risk of infecting our patients and team, we may opt to move non-emergency appointments out 14 days as part of our effort be responsible providers and community members.
What are we doing? We are so glad you asked!
1. SCREENING everyone who enters based on CDC recommendations
2. CONTINUING scrupulous infection control measures (masks, gloves, autoclave all instruments, disinfect all surfaces in treatment room between patients, hand washing or sanitizing before and after each patient) AND comprehensive cleaning
3. DISINFECTING non treatment surfaces (door handles, iPads, work surfaces, pens) with medical-grade disinfectant at least twice a day.
4. OFFERING hand sanitizer to patients upon entry
5. MOUTHWASH at the beginning of your appointment
We got your back. Your security and safety is our top priority. If you have any doubts or questions do give us a ring at (978) 393-8110. We wish you a very Happy Hump Day
❤️ Thrive Dental Co. Team


"Ain't no party like a Thrive Dental Co. party, cuz a Thrive Dental Co. party don't stop"
The moment we've all be waiting for! We are ecstatic to throw a Grand Opening Bash like nobody's business! If you want to get on our guest list, shoot us a PM with the full names of everyone in your party! Looking forward to meeting you!
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|| My Green Journey ||⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
3 years ago, I was inspired by a Ted Talk I watched with @zerowastehome. Her message felt so right. Why waste more if I could waste less? My journey started at home with composting, changing the way we grocery shop, getting rid of any paper product (toilet paper included 😂) and dedicating time to research less wasteful alternatives. After we began, it took us 6 months to have to throw away a bag of trash 😱. That was down from 1 bag a week. While we are far from perfect we celebrate every environmentally friendly win in our lives and are constantly learning from others how to be better in this less wasteful journey. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
In my career before opening Thrive, I was shocked that all of the dental offices I worked at barely recycled, if at all 😲, and was eager to do things differently. At Thrive Dental Co. every single detail of the design, build and daily function has been meticulously planned to deliver the highest quality dentistry AND the most eco friendly medical practices possible. We are truly redefining what is possible. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
And the most surprising part of all? It's YOU! When I started this company I knew I was passionate. But what I realize now more than ever is that people care about the environment and making the world a better place. I can see that eco conscious businesses are the future because of all of you passionate consumers demanding more!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
You are our inspiration! We ♥ you!


My daughter, who has food all over her face (yes, this was the best photo I could take), is excited to have her first two teeth! Ok, ok, maybe I'm the one that can't contain the excitement! To honor this seriously momentous occasion I am going to share some baby myth busters! Ready! Set! Go! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Myth #1 "I shouldn't use fluoride toothpaste until my baby can spit." | Current recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) recommend a rice sized amount of fluoridated toothpaste from the get go. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Myth #2 "Breast milk causes cavities." | Breastmilk in its base should technically offer protection against tooth decay. However, there are many factors to understand that MAY contribute to why tooth decay is happening. Please don't stop breastfeeding because of fear of tooth decay! Do come in and talk to us if you are battling this!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Myth #3 "My child's doesn't need to go to the dentist until he is 3." | 😪 The AAPD current recommendation is ONE! And, yes, when I say this I get a lot of crazy looks but let me tell you about a friend of mine. This cutie was 3 years old at his 1st visit. His parents loved him to pieces and took excellent care of him. However, when he came in we saw some big cavities. This little one ended up having the go to the operating room to get 6 teeth fixed. Please spread the word!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Myth #4 "We don't need to start brushing until my baby has more teeth" | Start brushing as soon as you see any tooth visible. When teeth erupt they are not completely hardened making them more likely to getting cavities! And, baby teeth have a thin shell making them get cavities easier!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Myth #5 "Baby teeth don't matter" | Primary teeth help the development of the facial muscles and speech. They act as 'guides' for permanent teeth. If lost prematurely, misalignment of permanent teeth leads to more cavities and more intervention with braces.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Come in and see us for all of your kiddo teeth questions!

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Superhero Dentist Suit
Story time: The Tooth Book
Face mask in a pinch!



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