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[12/26/18]   Merry Christmas to all!


Make your appointments today to have your horses teeth floated!

“Just Floating Teeth” on this 18 year old stallion pony misses the “Point”.

(What you didn’t learn in Vet School).

The biggest imbalances in our domestic horses’ teeth shows up in their FRONT TEETH (incisors) FIRST.

Why? Click on the first picture to learn much more! 😍


Has your horse seen the equine dental tech this year? Make your appointment today!

[08/13/18]   Scheduling now for September. Call or message for an appointment!


Meadows Standardbred Owners Association

Happy Valentine’s Day 💘


SA Farrier Service

Any specialty work, no problem. We meet all needs. Please dont hesitate to call 4126287326.


I will return to the Meadows as soon as the quarantine is lifted!

[01/08/18]   Due to the ice / sleet mix that is being forecasted for tomorrow I will not be at the meadows. Please call to schedule a day or time if you have dentals that need done this time of year. I will be back on the track Monday the 22nd.

[01/01/18]   Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and will have a Happy New Year tonight! See you all next year!

[12/04/17]   I'll be here for the afternoon! 724-708-9321.

[11/20/17]   Going to the meadows tomorrow! Call or text if you need any work done. 724-708-9321

[11/13/17]   Well it's finally official! I am licensed for the meadows racetrack! I spent the morning walking through the barns and trying to let everyone know that I'm available for any dental needs. I will be on track most Mondays.


Horse & Rider Magazine

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[09/18/17]   Visited the meadows racetrack this morning! Hopefully by next Monday my liscense will be ready to go! Anyone with horses at the track that need dental work done please call to schedule. I will try to be on track at least once a week for now.

[09/01/17]   Hi everyone! Thank you for following my page! I just wanted to let everyone know that I am available to travel as well. If you are over an hour from me just ask and I'll let you know if / when I can arrange to visit you. If I get enough interest at a specific racetrack I will get my track licenses as well. I am actually working on the Meadows racetrack in Washington PA at the moment. Any questions just ask!!!

[08/30/17]   Hi, My name is Jennifer Grisenthwaite and I am an Equine Dental Technician. I attended the American School of Equine Dentistry in May of 2017. I am able to use both hand floats and power floats to achieve a well balanced mouth for your horse. My goal is to first help the horse and secondly help the owner / trainer / rider. If you would like to schedule an appointment or have further questions please feel free to call or message me.


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