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The basics of weight loss:

How toxins and free radicals derail your weight loss effort

Hello there,
I know most of you already know this, but I will remind you anyway!
Today 26th November, is world Anti-Obesity Day (AOD)! This day in many countries is observed as means to advocate for prevention of obesity and reinforce healthy living.
So today, your partner in basics of healthy living, I will give you a simple quick gift that will help you prevent weight gain or loose weight if you are already overweight.
In our previous issues I talked about three factors that control our weight. The energy we take in, the energy we use and the rate and how our body use energy (Metabolism rate).

Today I will, very briefly share with you one of the causes of slow metabolism that lead to weight gain or difficult in loosing weight! TOXINS! Yes Toxins from within our bodies and toxins from our environment!

And I can hear your concerns and you ask; But how could toxins cause fat gain? How can toxins found in our food, air, water and environment lead to fat gain (and inhibit fat loss) irrespective of the amount of food we eat?
Well, am glad you asked!
Most of you might be surprised by the answer. It's actually a defense mechanism that our body has in its best interest. That is we get fat in the name of health..... Surprised?...
The body has a natural mechanism to remove toxin from it. It uses your liver to remove all the toxins. The chemicals called anti-oxidants are used by the body with aid of our liver to neutralize the toxins that are in form of free radicals. But, when we expose our body to large amount of toxins to the level that our body cannot remove them through this natural mechanism it stores these toxins in adipose tissue (body fat). So toxins are buried in fat!
Free radicals are oxygen molecules that run around your body stealing electrons from other molecules. The molecule that loses an electron is damaged or oxidized and the oxidized tissues and cells don’t function normally. This process causes cellular “rust” that interferes with metabolism which eventually contributes to weight gain and aging, but also causes inflammation.
Therefore, Toxins from within our bodies and toxins from our environment both contribute to obesity. Getting rid of toxins and boosting your natural detoxification system is an essential component of long-term weight loss and a healthy metabolism. When your liver is clean by regular detoxifying it, it will properly metabolize sugars and fats.
And I have bad news for those seeking to lose body fat for attractive reasons, these stored toxins likely to be stored in subcutaneous fat - fat under the skin so they may be there while you look thin!
Another bad news…!
Stored Toxins Not Only Make Us Fat, But They Disrupt Fat Burning & Cause Illness
I see you are puzzled! …….
Well, these stored toxic compounds are leading to metabolic damage -by disrupting mitochondria function. Mitochondria is a small power house found in each cell in your body that generate energy through a complex process. When your body is full of toxins it affects your power house and your metabolism get slower and slower. As toxins accumulate, causes fat tissue levels to increase and this affect our endocrine system, impacting appetite hormones such as leptin and our beta cells (which produce insulin) take a hit leading to insulin resistance which will cause obesity.
So, what should we do then?
Am glad you are interesting enough to ask!
The first step in weight loss is taking few days and start process of detoxifying your body. This has two major advantage, one you will increase your metabolic rate and two you will reduce the chance of pouring toxins to your body when your body start burning fats. In my next issue will discuss more on how to detoxify your body ...... Stay tuned!
Therefore, for most of us, the increasing fat levels are not there due to over eating or lack of exercise, they're there because of a high toxin load in the body. The body needs the fat to store the toxins whether Calorie deprivation or not.

Thus, the incoming toxin load must be reduced, while the body’s natural detoxification processes are improved.
Only when this happens will the body eventually be able to 'clear the backlog' of stored toxins and loose the stored fat.

I hope this information has been useful for you as we are observing world anti-obesity Day…..
Your partner in Basics of Healthy living
Dr. Joseph Msofe

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