Esnan Dental Turkish CLINIC,dar Es Salaam

Esnan Dental Turkish CLINIC,dar Es Salaam


Hello there
Are you only dealing with dents or even tongue's problems?
excellent care
Best service in town. Looking forward to my next visit. Keep it up.
World class exemplary service; not available anywhere in Dar es Salaam.

We are delighted that you chose to visit our page and look forward to serving your dental needs. Our mission is to give you the highest quality dental care

Operating as usual


Kwanini utabasamu kwa kujistukia njoo tukunyooshee meno yako vizuuri


Little faith had a tooth ache ..came to esnan and met dr . Mariam.. the rest was history ..the procedure was painless and short..she was just smilling all the way .. happy lil faith 😊 stay blessed


Kwanini upoteze mda Piga simu sasaivi uulizie huduma unayotaka 0782759749


What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a titanium screw-like device that is used to replace the root part of a missing tooth. The implant is first fitted in the bone of the upper or lower jaw and allowed to bond with the bone in the jaw.
(Dental implant)Uingizaji wa meno ni nini?
Uingizaji wa meno ni kifaa kama vile titani inayofanana na screw ambayo hutumiwa kuchukua nafasi ya sehemu ya mizizi ya jino lililokosekana. Upandikizaji kwanza umewekwa kwenye mfupa wa taya ya juu au ya chini na kuruhusiwa kuunganishwa na mfupa katika taya.


Kwanini ukae na meno yenye rangi usiyoipenda tupigie tukurekebishie sasaivi


Please wear mask tonprotect yoyrself and others ..if you are safe we all will be safe ...lets care about one another ..


Happy valentine to all our beloved supporters may all get the love and confort you deserve this valentines day stay blessed


Happy valentine to all our beloved supporters may all get the love and confort you deserve this valentines day stay blessed


Dr Mariam together with a team from Ankara University,Turkey while in Zanzibar during an Outreach program ...We devote our time and expertise to reachbout to the needy too as a way of giving back tobout community ... yes we believe in giving back


Your safety is everyone elses safety . keep safe!!!
Together we can win this ..
Lets put God first then take all measures as advised ...

Call Esnan Dental Turkish Clinic for a safe dental check up and treatment ..

0782 759749


Disimpaction the removal of teeth that are stuck in the jaw...
A procedure like this only an Oral maxillo facial surgeon should do ..
In this case the lower right last molar was impacted and it was so close to the mandibular border ..
The patient was so happy we (oral maxillo facial surgeon ) got rid of her pain in less than an hour by surgically removing the tooth @Esnan dental Turkish Clinic

#disimpaction ..#dentalsurgery


Have a blessed friday ...


Our little Miss Takiyah had her baby tooth pulled out by Dr Mariam and she is excited that a princess tooth is coming inplace soon ...
We make make kids love coming back to see their dentist ,
It takes patience, love and care for kids to have them smilling after a dental procedure ...

At Esnan Dental Turkish Clinic your smile is always our priority ...

Call 0782 759749


Its the happiness of a girl child that has had her tooth restored that make us more pleased with our work , yes we are changing peoples lives one smile at a time ..
Thanks to Dr Mohammad

You should have seen how happy she was to gain her smile back, its priceless 🥰🥰
Welcome to ESNAN DENTAL TURKISH CLINIC where " your smile , your happiness , your health is our priority"


We took an oath to take care of you and we ask God to guide and help us deliver the very best to you all ..we love you, and wish you all the good this life can offer and have the very best long lasting smile today and forever ,Amin 😁
Your smile is our priority

Call 0782 759749


nunua barakoa yako leo kabla hazijapanda bei kesho..piga 0787 484 464 now


Bright white smile
Patient was not happy about the colour of his teeth ,they were very yelloe and came to our clinic and whittening was done by Dr Mohammad , he left so happy, more confident about his smile ...
Yes its possible to have a bright white smile ..

Your smile is our priority
Call 0782 759749

Tabasamu jeupe
Mgonjwa alikuja kwasababu alikuwa hapendi rangi ya meno yake, yalikua njano sana na Dr Mohammad akamfanyia tiba ya kungarisha meno na akaondoka siku hiyo hiyo akiwa amefurahi na akijiamini zaidi ...
Yes unaweza kupata tabasamu zuri jeupe ...

Tabasammu lako ndio dhumuni letu
Piga 0782 759749


Penda meno yako kwa kuyatuna kwa wakati


Patient's tooth broke completely after a fall and only the root was left ..
She was so uncomfortable talking , laughing or even going through her day normally .
She came to Esnan Dental Turkish Clinic,Mikocheni and saw Dr Mariam Ali Mtanda and root canal treatment, post and Zirconia crown (from TURKEY ) was placed and patient was so happy and satisfied by her natural look restoration like nothinhg happened ..

We improve peoples lives one mouth at a time ... yes

Happy patient happy doctor

Your smile is our priority

Call 0782 759749

And let us make you proud 😁

Mgonjwa alivunja jino lake lote ,ukabaki mzizi kwenye mfupa .. Alikuwa hawezi kuongea vizuri ,kutabasamu vizuri wala kufanya shughuli zake kwa raha ..

Alikuja Esnan Dental Turkish Cliniv,Mikocheni na akaonana na Dr Mariam Ali Mtanda ambaye alimfanyia root canal treatment ,akamuwekea post na zirconia crown kutoka uturuki na mgonjwa alifurahi sanaaa na muonekano wake ulivyorudi kuwa kama zamani , kama hakuna kilichotokea ,..

Tunasaidia na kuboresha maisha ya watu,kinywa kimoja baada ya chengine .

Mgonjwa alikua na furaha sana na daktari pia

Tabasamu lako ndio kipaumbele chetu..

Piga 0782 759749


Dental caries == Meno yameoza

Your teeth and gums tell us alot about you .. Its what people notice when they meet you ..

Do your check up now to ensure you stay healthy in and out ...

Lets help you "BE PROUD OF YOUR MOUTH"

Call 0782 759749
#dental #caries #meno


Meet Dr Mohammad and Nurse Lilian ....
They so much love what they do and that passion makes our patients happy and satisfied ..

Have a great day and make sure you:

1. Brush twice a day ,
2. Floss atleast once a day,
3. Eat proper balanced diet with teeth strenghthening food like milk, yoghurt, cheese ,brocholi, green leafy vegetables to get the needed vitamins and minerals for good teeth
4.Drink enough water based on your wieight and age
5. Get enough sleep depending on your age
6. Keep away from smoking, drinking Alcohol and carbonated drinks also drinks with lots of caffein .
7. Make sure you see a dentist every 6 months ..TWICE A YEAR ..

Call 0782 759749

Your smile is our priority


Work without play makes john a dull boy ...the wise once said ...
Esnan part team having a good time @marrybrown masaki

@lilton.079 @dr_mariam_esnan
#2021 #smiles # happiness #dentalcelebration #dental


Did you know that when you meet anyone the first thing they notice is your SMILE ??

Yes your SMILE takes 47% of their attention..

So keep your smile nice, teeth clean ,white and nothing can stop you to reach your goals this 2021

Thats why at ESNAN DENTAL TURKISH CLINIC ,your smile is our priority

Have a great week ahead

Call 0782 759749


Je unajua unapokuatana na mtu kitu cha kwanza anachokiona kwako ni TABASAMU LAKO ?

Ndio ,tabasamu lako lina chukua asilimia 47 ..

Kwahiyo weka tabasamu lako liwe zuri, meno yawe masafi, meupe na kwa kufanya hivyo hakuna kitakacho kukwamisha kutitimiza malengo yako mwaka huu 2021

Na ndio maana sisi ESNAN DENTAL TURKISH CLINIC , tabasamu lako ndio kipaumbele chetu ..

Kuwa na wiki njema

Piga 0782 759749

#smile #teeth #dental #2021


Its amazing how a kids comes out smilling after a dental procedure ... it takes great experise, love and care for kids to achieve this ..yes we do that at ESNAN DENTAL TURKISH CLINIC


Mida ya kusafisha meno
#meno #mswaki


Whdn to brush your teeth...
#brushing #teeth #dental


Dental health tip
#dental #dentistindar


Siri kubwa ya kutunza meno yako ...


Temporary restoration of a missing tooth with a DENTURE by Dr Mariam Mtanda .. he will be having his IMPLANT in october 2021
He is now so happy because he was very unhappy and uncomfortable with previous denture.

Happy patient ...happy doctor ...

We know how important your smile is thats why your smile is our priority 😁😁

Call 0782 759749

Kuziba kwa pengo kwa muda mfupi (temporary ) kwa kuvalisha jino la bandia na Dr Mariam Mtanda
Mgonjwa sasa ana furaha sanaa maana jino la bandia la mwanzo hakulipenda na hakuweza litumia

Mgonjwa sasa anafuraha na daktari ana furaha

Sisi tunajua umuhimu wa tabasamu lako ndio maana tabasamu lako ndio tunalipa kipaumbelee

Piga 0782 759749


May you all SMILE all through 2021 and beyond, Aamin 🙏🙏


She came to our clinic because the veneers made in another clinic all of them fell off after one month ...

Dr Mohammad restored her smile and we guarantee our work cause we use the world class dental material and have great expertise at what we do ..
She wanted only 6 restored ...

Happy patient...Happy Doctor
Everything else is Amazing when you have a beautiful smile ....
Thats why Your smile is our priority

Welcome to Esnan Dental Turkish Clinic

Call 0782 759749 for more info and to set appointment

We care for you ❤❤


Je usunashida yoyote kuhusu meno yako? Piga 0782 759 749
Uliza utajibiwa

Commemoration of world oral health day.


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