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Hello there! Can anyone help me understand this: Graeme and Lilian Munro-Hall who used to run the holistic dental clinic in Bedfordshire used to document for their patients changes in ph. I read their book but still don't quite understand the purpose of this approach. Do you?? Best regards.
Total health restoration happening for me. Treatment plan almost complete. Total respect, admiration, love and gratitude for the whole team here. 🙏
Hi Bita Bouromand-Fox Have been trying to sort out booking my treatment plan since before Easter. Also calling reception all week, it keeps going into answer machine. I have left my contact number earlier today on answer machine. Can someone please get back to me. Many thanks Cat
I have heard that this clinic is under new ownership, is this true, if so does it still do holistic and biological dentistry? How long does one have to wait for an appointment please?
hi I have root fillings and am trying to find a safe solution. have you got a way of making these teeth safe?

Munro Hall Clinic are proponents of holistic dentistry. All of our treatments are non-invasive, non-toxic and we put the health of our patients first.

Here at Munro Hall Clinic, we are dedicated proponents of holistic dentistry. All of our treatments are non-toxic and non-invasive. We prioritize the spiritual, mental and medical well-being of all our patients, without fail.

Operating as usual

Munro-Hall Clinic has been providing safe amalgam removal and replacement with inert restorations for the last 20 years, BUT we have not been officially SMART certified. In spite of having followed the mentioned protocol rigorously, we were not officially certified, so we decided to put a label on it 🙂 We can now proudly say that we are SMART certified after passing the relevant exams set by the IAOMT. This means that with us, you can have your dental mercury amalgam fillings removed SAFELY, which is key. If you choose to have them removed by regular drilling without safety measures in place, you are risking high exposure of mercury vapour. Mercury exposure at these levels are not free from health hazards. Call us on 01234 840099 to find out more about what the protocol entails and what kind of inert and biologically friendly materials we can replace these mercury fillings with.

And so back to our old activities with slight modifications. Protected from virus, bacteria and heavy metal vapour! Dentistry couldn’t be any safer!

As we're preparing to see our first emergency patients next week we have finally managed to prepare one of our surgeries as well as this beast of a suction sitting outside the mouth. The suction that is used inside the mouth is a high powered 2 year old suction and we can say jointly they make the most effective aspiration we have witnessed in dentistry. Our PPE pieces are now all in order and we can't wait to get back to work although nowhere near in the same capacity as we used to. Let's hope the government starts supporting dentistry a bit more so that people do not have to keep suffering with tooth ache!

[05/29/20]   Yesterday the chief dental officer of England announced that dental practices can resume dentistry including routine dental care. We are now working towards reopening as soon as we're ready to provide safe treatment in line with COVID-19 special equipment and PPE requirements.
We have purchased and are awaiting delivery of special air purifiers and extra-oral suctions which are not unique to the Munro-Hall Clinic however the way we will use medical grade Ozone to purify the air in the surgeries will be fairly unique to our work environment.
We will start getting in touch with our patients as of 8th June and will take bookings as well. Please bear with us as we have already been overwhelmed with appointment requests. We will work extra hours to accommodate as many as we possibly can.

[05/28/20]   Important Announcement

We at the Munro-Hall Clinic have been missing seeing our patients and helping people. However ever since the outbreak of the COVID-19 our hands have been tied. We as all other dental practices have found ourselves in uncharted waters resulting in being unable to treat and help our patients while closely following updates on restrictions and regulations for dentists. After all, most of our patients who we treat would fall within the vulnerable category from a health perspective and we simply did not feel it was safe to provide care.
Now that restrictions are easing we feel that we should be able to provide some level of care. Having had the confidence to finally re-open for such care, we have discovered that there are still noticeable and contradictory guidelines between regulatory bodies. Also, there is a huge delay in delivery of appropriate COVID-19 PPE and safety related equipment.
We just wanted to make all aware that we are working towards re-opening soon however the safety of that provision is of highest priority.
When we do re-open it will be on the basis of providing urgent care.

Urgent dental care includes:
- Management of pain
- Management of infection
- Uncontrolled bleeding
- Trauma
- Concerns regarding oral cancer

We will be in touch with patients who have experienced a dental problem during lockdown such as the above who are on our priority list.

We do hope this provides some comfort THAT WE ARE WORKING TOWARDS RE-OPENING and really look forward to seeing you soon.

Best Wishes

The Munro-Hall Team

[03/26/20]   We regret to announce that Munro-Hall Clinic has now closed temporarily due to the Corona Virus outbreak in an attempt to avoid spreading the virus on our account. In the event of needing emergency treatment, please note that the NHS England has announced that there will be centers around the country equipped to provide emergency treatment. We hope to resume activity soon. Stay Home and Keep Safe!

Coronavirus cure: Could Vitamin C be the wonder vaccine? China’s doctors think so

This is hardly surprising to us at Munro-Hall Clinic. Note high dose Vit C! According to Dr Ben Lynch, the author of “Dirty Genes”, Glutathione supplementation is also crucial (which usually is not advised to take when ill)! The body is in desperate need for antioxidants when in a “pneumonia state of condition”. They help stopping the inflammatory cascade of reactions, triggered by the virus, from going into “overdrive”. It is this overdrive of the inflammatory response and not knowing when to stop that fills the lungs up with fluid suffocating the person from inside. Wise man this Dr Lynch! I bet genetics has something to do with whose body gives in, not just age! And this doc knows all there is to know about genes and the impact thereof.
On the positive side; unlike the flu virus, this dreaded virus does not seem to kill children🙏 A STUDY is underway in China looking into the effects of vitamin C as a potential vaccine for the deadly coronavirus.

Our final session in surgery for this year! All protected according to the IAOMT SMART protocol. Formal certification to be done in 2020. Merry Christmas to all our patients and Facebook followers!! 🌲🌟💝

Sunflowers received from a dear patient makes what we do even more worthwhile 😊

UK Health Radio

This weeks Yes to Life show hosted by Robin Daly on UK Health Radio
Filling Station - Bita Fox, Principal Dentist at the Munro Hall Clinic in Bedfordshire, discusses the continued use of amalgam fillings in the UK, the risks surrounding them, and the techniques of biological dentistry in use at the clinic for two decades.

New Study Validates Rigorous Safety Measures Needed To Reduce Mercury Exposure During Dental Amalgam Filling Removal

Finally, some progress in the right direction. The world is finally waking up to this as it is attracting the right kind of attention; Occupational Health kind of attention :-) CHAMPIONSGATE, Fla., July 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Research published this week in the peer-reviewed Journal of Occupational Medicine and Toxicology (JOMT)...

This was well received by us in 2017 😊

When beauty meets nature! Have a great week ahead everyone!

Dr. Joseph Mercola

Very interesting read

It turns out some viruses are natural predators to harmful bacteria and essentially harmless to humans. Discover how science is harnessing the power of viruses to fight antibiotic-resistant infections.

The chronic effects of low-dose mercury exposure | NaturalHealth365 (NaturalHealth365) Did you know that low-dose mercury exposure can cause a wide range of serious health issues? Find out how to protect yourself.

We may finally know what causes Alzheimer’s – and how to stop it

Totally relevant to dentistry! Evidence is growing that a bacteria involved in gum disease causes Alzheimer's, raising hopes over new kinds of treatments that are currently undergoing testing

Vitamin C Fights Cancer in a New Study • Moss Reports A study in 2018 at the University of Iowa Medical Center proved that intravenous Vitamin C fights cancer making the cells more sensitive...

This is how the blood is spun in the centrifuge in preparation for the PRGF production. #maximisehealing #minimisedrysocket

PRGF - step I. Blood being drawn. PRGF is great for healing after extraction of teeth for instance.

You may have heard of PRGF (Plasma Rich In Growth Factors) being inserted just after the dentist has extracted a tooth and cleaned out the socket. It promotes healing using your own blood cells! Here it is ready for the oven after being centrifuged. Watch the video coming up next week!

Els composite by Saremco, imported directly from Switzerland, providing our patients with the best possible BPA free composite fillings. As it happens, also used for cosmetic bonding as a superior alternative (less invasive= less trauma) to veneers!

‘For 30 years I’ve been obsessed by why children get leukaemia. Now we have an answer’

Here at Munro-Hall Clinic, we place a strong emphasis on gut flora as it correlates so closely to oral bacterial flora. It’s great that science is starting to establish the link of the gut flora to health conditions. This is of course just tip of the iceberg. Interesting read nevertheless! Newly knighted cancer scientist Mel Greaves explains why a cocktail of microbes could give protection against disease

In the mood for Christmas with our receptionist Dianne

Getting O2 ready for our amalgam removal today.

[11/24/18]   "The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift"

Albert Einstein

IAOMT | International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology

Munro-Hall Clinic is a member of the IAOMT where we believe biological dentistry is the only way to maintain ethical dentistry.

Biological dentistry is not a separate specialty of dentistry, but a thought process and an attitude that can apply to all facets of dental practice and to health care in general: to always seek the safest, least toxic way to accomplish the goals of modern dentistry and of contemporary health care and to recognize the essential connections between oral health and overall health.
Biological dentists encourage the practice of mercury-free and mercury-safe dentistry and aim to help others understand what these terms actually mean in clinical application. Click the link below to learn more about Biological Dentistry.

[11/06/18]   One of Invisalign’s advantage over most other methods
- It straightens teeth gently

[10/15/18]   Quote for the week ahead and our favourite one at the Munro Hall Clinic:

“The Intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant”
Albert Einstein

Farmed Salmon Is One Of The Most Toxic Foods In The World – See Why You Should Stop Eating It

And another source of mercury exposure in addition to dental amalgams! Fish has long been acknowledged as one of the healthiest foods for many reasons, and salmon, in particular, gets high

High Dose Intravenous Vitamin C (IVC)

The paragraph that mentions about the interaction with metals along with other mechanisms is what makes this relevant to our clinic. It is a gift highly overlooked for so many ailments and the secret is "in high enough doses, administered frequently enough..." Vitamin C, administered in high doses by intravenous (I.V.) infusions, can kill cancer cells. Best of all -- Vitamin C does not harm healthy cells.

Coconut Oil Is Still Healthy, Despite AHA Claims

And it’s good for your mouth including your teeth.... A recent AHA presidential advisory recommends yet again that we reduce our saturated fat intake to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. This time, coconut oil was added to the “avoid” list. But is it really unhealthy? Read on to learn what the research says and why we shouldn’t take this...

[09/08/18]   One of many key factors in healing when it comes to cavitation surgery and extractions; the less adrenaline used in and around that particular site, the better for the overall healing. This is related to the blood flow!

Low Carb Lemon Cheesecake Tart (Keto, Sugar Free) – Sugar Free Londoner

Lots of tooth friendly recipes! Zingy and refreshing, this sugar free low carb lemon cheesecake tart is a heavenly creamy highlight to any meal. Keto, gluten free and diabetic-friendly.

Munro Hall Clinic

With over 18 years of experience integrating conventional and alternative therapies to promote health and prevent disease, Munro Hall Clinic are proud to lead the United Kingdom in delivering high quality holistic dentistry and toxin removal treatments.

Holistic dentistry considers a patient’s physical, nutritional, emotional and environmental wellbeing to resolve the root cause of disease rather than treating any single symptom. From mercury removal to cavitation surgery, we are dedicated proponents of holistic dentistry. All of our treatments are non-toxic and non-invasive, and our services have been specifically designed to remove toxins from your body and prevent disease.

Doctors and dentists have been aware of the link between oral health and the overall health of a patient for some time now. Unlike conventional dentistry, we seek to understand our patients overall health and pain before we engage in treatment. We listen, we understand, we help. We have made it our mission to improve the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of our patients by attending to the root cause of an issue using a holistic approach to modern dentistry.

Our treatments have been designed so as to promote longevity in health and improvement of specific symptoms, with as little downtime as possible. Our team here at Munro Hall Clinic are all incredibly committed to providing the best service possible.

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