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Dear Sir, I am trying to contact you through Facebook but no answer
Биологично лечение на зъбни кисти с тъканно заваряване🤨
Otto Zurr is my Guru
I would be glad to meet you ones more
Those Guys go really perpendicular! Absolutely amazing
Hi guys, just wanted to say thank you again, your inspiration has changed my treatment concepts completely, Thanks to all the great people I met during your courses for the time together. Best regards from Denmark.
Long time ago...
What a week it has been, this is the third time I have been here and recommend this 100 %. Has compleatly changed my way of thinking. Miss the guys already and am looking forward to July.
Our courses are online! Find our courses here: http://www.huerzelerzuhr.com/schedule_vii.php Kind regards, Markus Huerzeler

Welcome to the Hürzeler/Zuhr Dental Education Institute Welcome to the Hürzeler/Zuhr Dental Education Institute The establishment of our new center for continuing dental education represents the realization of our longstanding vision to share our knowledge with ambitious dental professionals from around the world.

For years, our goal has been to identify and implement evidence-based approaches in daily practice for the benefit of our patients. Evidence-based practice is a buzz word, but what does it mean? It implies that a dentist must not only have a profound knowledge of the literature, but that he or she must also shape and define the definitive treatment plan based on a wealth of personal experience and knowledge while likewise taking the wishes and expectations of the patient into account. This is a big challenge that we — Professor Marc Hürzeler and Dr. Otto Zuhr — want to face in an open and honest dialogue. Participate in this dialogue with us.

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What a great Shot!! 📸This picture was takes last Friday in #Hamburg when I was giving a lecture in cooperation with @thommenmedical ! Besides the live surgeries, the hands-on Training and a theoretical part, we were focusing on new technologies, such as this technology you can see in the picture (fully guided surgery).
Have you tried this out?
And here is also a quick reminder:
Don’t forget our give away special, Where you can win a pink bible (see —> last post)
Have a great new week! All the best,
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What a great Shot!! 📸This picture was takes last Friday in #Hamburg when I was giving a lecture in cooperation with @thommenmedical ! Besides the live surgeries, the hands-on Training and a theoretical part, we were focusing on new technologies, such as this technology you can see in the picture (fully guided surgery).
Have you tried this out?
And here is also a quick reminder:
Don’t forget our give away special, Where you can win a pink bible (see —> last post)
Have a great new week! All the best,
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We know that you‘ve been waiting for this for a very long time, but now we‘re finally giving a #PINKBIBLE to our follower!
We are beyond happy about your feedback regarding our book and now we want to say thank you!
All you need to do is:
1. like this Post (and comment if you want to)
2. Follow our 3(!) profiles:
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Good luck and all the best from our side!🍀
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In this case, the patient was referred to us after anti-infectious therapy with a remaining deep periodontal pocket at tooth #8. Besides the clinical signs of inflammation with bleeding on probing and pus secretion, increased mobility of the tooth could be detected.The patient was highly motivated in maintaining the affected tooth.
Treatment: to enable a minimally invasive procedure, a microsurgical access flap was performed. According to the defect geometry, we started with an intrasulcular incision around teeth #8 and #9 followed by a horizontal incision through the buccal base of the papilla. Subsequently we raised a partially mobilized buccal full thickness flap, only as extensive as absolutely necessary to debride the affected root in the buccal defect area. The extension of the defect in palatal direction allowed root debridement without any mobilizing of the papilla. After flap preparation, the root surface was meticulously cleaned with hand instruments and Erythritol powder spray. After application of  EDTA and enamel matrix derivative, flap stabilization could be facilitated by filling the defect with autogenous bone particles from the tuberosity area. Wound closure was achieved by using Seralene DS 15 7.0 and DS 12 7.0. The one week post-op picture shows primary intention soft tissue wound healing at the surgical site – the key for success in periodontal regeneration.
What is worth sharing with you in this case? To succeed in periodontal regeneration, it must be your main goal as a clinician to enable primary intention soft tissue wound healing. Defect analysis prior to the surgical intervention and careful planning and execution of incision design, flap preparation, flap mobilization and flap stabilization according to the defect configuration lay the foundation for successful and long-lasting treatment outcomes.
Our Masterclass II is coming up in October and a few places are still available! If you are interested in learning our concepts, join us for our masterclasses! We will show & teach you in detail, how to develop your best surgical skills. Registration: Link in bio or 📧 [email protected]
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Must be a very interesting part in our pink #dentistrybible 😂
Our dentistry dog Malou seems to prepare herself for our upcoming masterclass series starting in September! We‘re happy to finally open our academy again - of course only with the highest hygiene standards and a very small number of participants. Follow the link in my bio or this link https://huerzelerzuhr-academy.com/calendar/ to register to the last free spots!
Happy to see you soon,
Best regards,
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NEW PUBLICATION 📄- we are beyond happy that the „International Journal of Esthetic Dentistry“ recently published our latest article about the socket shield technique „The socket shield technique: A step by step Protocol after 12 years of experience“ 🎉🎉 @otto.zuhr and I are very proud of our article and my colleagues @sophia.cgn @philstaehlerperio and @jbosousa !
Have you already read the article? We are very curious what you‘re thinking about the article and we hope you like it as much as we do! If you haven’t done so, you should get a copy of the journal, it’s definitely worth it!
All the best,
#huerzelerzuhr #dentist #dentistry #dentaleducation #socketshieldtechnique #sst #munich #germany #softtissue #germany #munich @ Hürzeler/Zuhr

Hello everyone! While @huerzeler.zuhr is currently having a summer break, I am already thinking about new projects besides the scientific research. This year, we all have to think and act in a new way. While we‘re currently planning larger projects that still need lots of time, I was thinking about publishing short term some new this here on my channel. Are you also interested in articles? Only new cases in the format of pictures? 📑📸
And also which short (!) videos could we record for you?
(BTW: I understand that not everybody can travel these days, but we hope that you can understand that we can not record our whole master class series and put it online.. it wouldn’t even be possible because of the practical part, the hands on training with the personal support and guidance of @otto.zuhr and me, and also the live surgeries. We hope you can understand that our masterclasses wouldn’t be the same) but feel free of you want us to show you some life hacks from our daily life😉 I hope to hear from you soon! Best regards, @markus.huerzeler
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🦷CASE -Swipe Right

When is a tooth hopeless? Every clinician is confronted with this question on a daily base. New understanding of the guided tissue regeneration technique sometimes can help to maintain teeth, which were classified as hopeless in the past.

Teeth #7 and #8 would be classified as hopeless. First an endondontic treatment was performed without any positive reaction of the tissue. Then, guided tissue regeneration was performed in 2010.
The follow-up of the teeth # 7 and 8 after 7 years revealed a healthy clinical situation. The teeth are now in function for 8 years.

Comment for any further questions. More cases will follow soon 🦷😊 If you want to see many more of this kind of cases, sign up for our master classes and Master weeks (link in bio💻)!! I hope you had a great weekend, now, have a good start into the week.
Best regards,
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Dear all!
I am very happy to has the chance to travel again and to give lectures outside Germany! Of course only while meeting the highest safety (in terms of COVID 19 prevention) standards!

I am really interested how you handle this situation? Do you travel again? How long to you expect to wait until the „normal“ day to day business will come back? Are you optimistic?
I am very interested in other dentists thoughts about this situation! So please feel free to send me a message or just comment below this post! Looking forward to hearing from you! All the best, @markus.huerzeler
#huerzelerzuhr #dentist #denristry #dentaleducation #munich #germany #athens #greece #lecture #education @ Athens, Greece

✖️Resective Periodontal Surgery ✖️
🔺3.-5. December 2020 🔺
Is there still room for resective periodontal procedures in the era of minimally invasive dentistry? The clear answer is: Yes, there is!

Within the scope of modern periodontal therapy, pocket elimination can still make sense in areas outside the esthetic zone if periodontal regeneration is not possible. Classical interventions like tunneling procedures, root amputation or hemisection have not died out but are still used to treat furcation-involved molars. In fact, not that it is becoming more and more evident that patients with a history of periodontitis have an increased risk of developing peri-implant diseases, these techniques are undergoing a renaissance and are more current than ever. Last but not least: up to date restorative dentistry would not be imaginable without resective periodontal surgery in situations where subgingival restoration margins cannot be managed by other methods. Fortunately, the radical approaches used in the 1960s and 1970s do not have much in common with the state-of-the art techniques performed today.

A contemporary approach to periodontal surgery with minimal damage to tissues and fibers will be the center of attention in these three days. Key elements include the sharing of important periodontal background knowledge and meticulous hands-on training.
Sign up online (link in bio or here: https://huerzelerzuhr-academy.com/calendar/ to be part of this unique masterclass!
We‘re looking forward to seeing you there!
Best, @huerzeler.zuhr
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#TOUCHGRIP instruments - some of you spotted our instruments in our posts and keep asking where to buy them: you can buy them online via our distributor @americandentalsystems ! We are very happy that all our customers are convinced by our instruments and continuously send us amazing feedback!
Have a great day 😊
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ALUMNI MEETING 🎉 - we are more than happy to invite you to our alumni meeting next year! As COVID 19 made us cancel our plans for this year, we are happy to announce that we have a new date for the meeting alumni meeting:

🔺 1. - 3. JULY 2021 🔺

We‘re really looking forward to meeting you there! We will have amazing and worldwide known speakers, a wonderful accommodation, delicious food, some sportive activities and enough time to relax, discuss and exchange thoughts!
If you want to be part of this alumni meeting, just follow the link in my bio and you can find the registration via „specials“. You can also register via email ([email protected])
We‘re really looking forward to seeing you there!
All the best,
Otto & Marc
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Happy Sunday!
I was about to enjoy the sunny weather in Munich and look whom I found studying our #Pinkbible again 😍😎 our dentistry dog Malou ;)
How did you spend your Sunday?
All the best from my family to yours!
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New digital projects 💻📹 - we are happy to start our #socketshieldtechnique masterclass next week and it’s great to back at our academy! But we still receive many emails and messages that some participants are not allowed to travel to Europe/Germany yet. Of course we can’t share the content of our masterclasses with you online, but we think that it’s a good idea to give you some small insights in how our live surgeries look like! Which topics/surgeries are you most interested in? Just comment below and we hope to cover all of your wishes and suggestions!
Have a great Sunday,
Best, @markus.huerzeler
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Hürzeler/Zuhr Academy 🦷👨🏻‍🏫 - We are very happy to announce that we are allowed to open our #academy again!
Our famous socket shield masterclass (you can find the description via the link in our bio and then below „specials“) will take place 25th & 26th of June! The registration platform is also online again. We are more than happy to welcome you in Munich with amazing new cases, live surgeries, new studies, theory and so on!
Feel free to contact us in case of any questions or doubts. Of course we will take care for your safety and we‘re meeting the highest hygiene standards.
What a amazing feeling to be back at it!
@otto.zuhr and I hope to see you soon! All the best,
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NEW CASES - have you seen @otto.zuhr s latest tutorial? Have a look at his profile, to watch the full video!
And I also have some great news! My team and I recorded another case video, which I‘ve discussed and explained in detail! We will upload it during the next days. so stay tuned 💯
Stay healthy & all the best, @markus.huerzeler
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Dr. Otto Zuhr presents a microsurgical approach to gingival recession coverage with a modern tunneling procedure.
To watch the full video, click the link below https://rezottoproduction.com/…/gingivarezession-therapie-…/
#huerzelerzuhr #rezottoproduction

Our NEW tutorial is online now – An innovative approach to gingival recession coverage.

As you know, @markus.huerzeler and I are the founders of the @huerzeler.zuhr Academy that offers masterclasses ( https://huerzelerzuhr-academy.com/calendar/ ) in periodontology and implantology. Due to the current corona situation, we’re focusing on digital content. Together with #rezottoproduction, I present a step-by-step tutorial to share my knowledge and experience and offer valuable tips on how to perform the procedure. Watch the full video here: https://rezottoproduction.com/video-tutorials/gingival-recession-therapy-by-otto-zuhr/

I hope you enjoy it! All the best Otto Zuhr

#huerzelerzuhr #rezottoproduction

NEW MASTERCLASS SEASON 💉🔬 - we know that there won’t be a „normal“ daily life for all of us in 2020. The corona virus will continue dominate and influence our activities as long as there is no medication or vaccine. We also know, that the circumstances differ from country to country, but because of decreasing corona infections in Germany and a very good handling of the situation, we are optimistic and have hope that our masterclass season 2020 can start again - of course with the highest safety/ hygiene standards!
We are happy that our follower and dentists from all over the world also have hope and start to register again for our masterclasses. We are more than delighted to welcome you in Munich soon, and to share our deepest knowledge with you!
Just click the link in our bio to see all our masterclasses, the time schedule, pricing and content. And feel free to send us an email in case of doubts or questions!
Welcome back and welcome to the #HUERZELERZUHR #ACADEMY

#TOUCHGRIP - we‘ve recorded a new video this week! There will be a long version for YouTube, where I explain all instruments in detail and give you interesting insights about the history of our #touchgripinstruments !
And there will be another version - but a bit shorter for Instagram. So stay tuned 😍🎥🔜 ⏯
Have a great weekend!
All the best,
#huerzelerzuhr #dentist #dentistry #dentaleducation #munich #Masterclass @ Hürzeler/Zuhr

New Cases 📸 - people keep asking us, which camera & equipment we use to take case photos, which instruments we use, and how our surgery routine looks like. We will record a new video for you next week, in which we‘re talking about all these things! What else do you want to know? Comment below, and we will answer your question in our next video!
Enjoy your Sunday, all the best, @markus.huerzeler
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„The moment you stop learning is the moment you are professionally dead“ - this special situation forces all of us to reorganise our daily schedule, to replace daily tasks with new tasks but especially it gives us the chance to focus on us and our personal development. It’s only up to us, to stay not only physically fit but also mentally! @otto.zuhr and I spend a lot of time to read through hundreds of papers, to do our own research and scientific work and to work on new projects! Are you productive while being at home? And what do you do then? Let us know! As the picture shows, we have a very good book recommendation for you 😉 (the #pinkdentistrybible is available via our publisher @quintpub Quintessenz, via amazon or any book store, that can order international books!
Have a wonderful Sunday,
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Die Zahnärztliche Tagesklinik Dr Maike Jörck bietet umfassende zahnärztliche Behandlung auf höchstem Niveau für die ganze Familie- von Kfo bis Implantate!

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Wir verstehen uns als Service-Unternehmen für die bayerischen Zahnärzte und ihre Patienten. Impressum der BLZK: https://www.blzk.de/blzk/site.nsf/id/pa_impressum.html Impressum der KZVB: http://www.kzvb.de/impressum

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In unserer Fachpraxis zwischen Lehel und der Maxvorstadt im Zentrum von München konzentrieren wir in erster Linie auf den Erhalt Ihrer Zähne und die Themen Parodontitis (Parodontologie), Wurzelbehandlung (Endodontie) und Implantologie. Willkommen.