Sierra Springs Dental Airdrie

Sierra Springs Dental Airdrie


I recommend you go their very nice people who love what they do. Bringing smiles to everyone ! Jess was my hygienist and no pain and no trouble
I was at There for emergency. My usual dentist was on summer holiday, and I was in pain. But they kindly took me in a timely manner. I am very grateful for that. Also Dr. Mark was very considerate and did not push himself to do the procedure but asked if I wanted to wait to see my dentist to do so, since it wasn’t as emergency as I thought. But I asked him to go ahead. His work was excellent. I am very impressed with their friendly, warm atmosphere and Dr. Mark’s work. Thank you so much.
They’re the best! From the front staff to the hygienists to the dentists themselves are just amazing. I moved into the city and I make the drive to Airdrie for my appointments I refuse to go anywhere else. I’d like to give a special shout out to Caroline the lady who assisted me with my Invisalign, she was so kind and hilarious. She made my visit great I left laughing with a smile. So thank you! Thank you to everyone there !
As someone who has extremely high anxiety around dentist appointments I have to say that I am beyond impressed with how genuine and approachable the team at Sierra Springs Dental was during my new patient visit. They also went out of their way to make the experience positive and comfortable for my three children, including my youngest who until our visit at Sierra Springs was too afraid to even sit in a dentist chair! I also appreciate their upfront communication regarding treatment costs and plans, I felt our families needs were put ahead of their ability to profit from our visit and we didn't recieve a surprise or unexpected bill at the end. And finally, the hours are fantastic plus they offer all treatments needed right at their location so we no longer have to book specialized treatments in Calgary for our family!
Friendly service
Excellent customer service. Very professional. My teeth felt and looked great after the cleaning session!
Went in to see Jesse today for a regular cleaning. She is a fantastic hygienist. I was so relaxed I could have fallen asleep. Always great service at Sierra Springs. I really appreciate everything you guys do! You go above and beyond every time!
They are always so welcoming and friendly. I love how easy they make it! Even with my new coverage, we both weren't sure how much it would cover with the cleaning so they allowed me to take a rain check on the payment until they hear back from my coverage first! I've never heard of that type of service, they always want payment before you leave. I would always recommend them from now on and I love their hours of business! No more needing to take a half a day off work just to go to the dentist anymore! 🙌😃 Jesse, the dental hygienist at performed my service was phenomenal. she was super understanding and gentle when it came to my super sensitive teeth.I've been to dental offices where the hygienist doesn't care they just do their job, get in and get out. I can really tell these people care about their clients and the comfort they can provide to them. she even offered me a blanket because it was a little chilly in the office and I was wearing shorts! Honestly I don't think it will ever go to another dentist even if I move it's worth the drive for me.
Amazing!! I had tooth pain and called Sierra Dental. Solantra was so great, she got me in within the hour. Loved the staff and service!! I have found my family a new forever dental family. ❤😁
What a wonderful staff :) im a single momma and had to take my baby with me almost everytime, and there was never a problem :)
Thank you for donating chapstick to Hermionie for her loot bags for when she's at Nationals, representing Alberta as the single bantam girl for 5 pin bowling. 🎳🏆😀
The folks here are the best! Best attitude! Best Service! And Best results! My mouth is so happy it found Sierra Springs Dental! #cheesybuttrue

At Sierra Springs Dental Airdrie, we are committed to offering you the most advanced procedures from some of the most experienced dental professionals.

At Sierra Springs Dental, our experienced dental team can help you restore your teeth and gums and maintain a beautiful, radiant smile. Our dentists offer a comprehensive range of general, restorative, surgical, and cosmetic dentistry procedures designed to improve both form and function of your teeth with natural-looking results. We are committed to providing you with the most advanced treatments available, utilizing techniques that can maximize comfort while successfully helping you to attain your ultimate goals.

Brushing Teeth

Brushing teeth too hard can lead to damage to the gums. Here are some signs that an individual might be brushing too hard:

1. There is a change in the gum line and the gums are receding
2. The teeth feel more sensitive
3. The teeth aren’t as bright near the gums

Brush teeth twice a day but don’t put too much pressure when brushing. Call our office today to book an appointment! #Brushing #Gums #OralHealth

Some people notice blood when they brush their teeth. This is most likely caused by bleeding gums. When a person suffers from frequent gum bleeding, it might be a sign of gingivitis or the inflammation of the gums. Untreated gingivitis can lead to periodontitis, a severe gum infection, that can lead to tooth loss and other serious health complications. Call our office now to book an appointment! #BleedingGums #Gingivitis #Periodontitis


How long does a person need to wear braces? Braces are usually worn roughly 18 months to 2 full years depending on the specific orthodontic issue that needs correcting. Some people wear them for shorter terms while some need them for longer. They also need to be adjusted every 4-8 weeks to gradually shift teeth into proper alignment. Call our office today to book an appointment! #Braces #Orthodontics

Dentures 101 for Beginners: Wearing dentures for the first time can sometimes make people feel like their lips are being pushed forward and that their teeth are too big. The best way to deal with this is by keeping the dentures in the mouth progressively longer each day during the first two weeks. Call our office today to book an appointment! #Dentures #OralHealth

Did you know? Giraffes and humans have the same amount of teeth - both have 32. The difference is that giraffes have no upper front teeth and most of their teeth are molars in the back and at the bottom of their mouths. #DentalTrivia #Giraffe

People with sensitive teeth particularly feel pain when they consume foods that are hot and cold, acidic, and rich in sugar. Foods and beverages such as ice cream, soda, hot coffee, citrus fruits, ice, and hard and sticky candy are proven to cause discomfort for people suffering from tooth sensitivity. Call our office today to book an appointment and get treatment! #ToothSensitivity #OralHealth

Dental work lifespans depend on various factors that affect how long they will last such as the materials, personal habits, etc. For dental fillings, the length mostly depends on proper care and the type of filling used. Gold fillings last the longest, anywhere from 15 to 30 years, while silver amalgam fillings can last from 10 to 15 years before they need to be replaced. Call our office today to book an appointment! #DentalFillings #GoldFilling #SilverAmalgam

Babies sometimes grind their teeth in response to pain from teething; they also sometimes do it when they have an earache or an allergy. It’s nothing to be concerned about because they might just be testing out their new teeth. However, if grinding becomes a habit, consult a dentist immediately. Call us today to book an appointment! #BabyTeethGrinding #TeethGrinding

To keep teeth white and stain-free, try to eat plenty of crunchy fruits and vegetables such as apples, carrots, and celery to stimulate saliva flow, scrub the teeth, and act as natural stain removers. For a thorough teeth cleaning and whitening, call our office today! #TeethWhitening #OralHealth

Fluoride treatment is an effective, quick, and painless cavity prevention treatment that is recommended for patients of all ages. It helps strengthen teeth and protect them against decay and acid-producing bacteria. It is a way for individuals to receive extra fluoride in the mouth. Call our office today to book an appointment! #FluorideTreatment #OralHealth

Achieve a Hollywood smile through cosmetic dentistry! Cosmetic dentistry procedures can help individuals achieve the perfect and ideal smile by fixing the shape, colour, and size of teeth. Call our office now to book an appointment! #CosmeticDentistry #HollywoodSmile

Did you know that dental fillings are believed to be 13,000 years old? Since tooth decay has been around as long as we have, it was more than likely that ancient humans also found solutions to the problem. Scientists have recently found evidence of dental fillings being done in the hunter-gatherer period in Italy. #DentalFillings #DentalHistory

153 years old today! Happy Canada Day! We hope everyone has a fun day full of smiles and laughter! #CanadaDay2020 #HappyCanadaDay

Team Sierra Springs Dental , Wishing everyone a “Happy Canada Day 2020” on the country's 153rd Birthday

Debris, bacteria, and dead cells building up on the tongue over time are some of the reasons why people suffer from bad breath. Brushing the tongue or using a tongue scraper daily is recommended to prevent buildup from happening. Doing so can also remove the white coating on the surface of the tongue and help improve the sense of taste. #TongueScraping #OralHealth

June 26 is National Toothbrush Day! To commemorate this day, we thought we’d look back at the history of toothbrushes. Before nylon-bristled brushes—what we consider to be a toothbrush today—were invented, ancient civilizations used twigs with frayed ends until they switched to toothbrushes made of hog’s hair attached to a bamboo handle. #NationalToothbrushDay #Toothbrush

It is tempting to offer kids with fruit juices instead of soda because fruits are sources of many essential nutrients. However, be mindful of the amount of fruit juice that kids drink because they contain many teaspoons of sugar and harmful acid which can attack the enamel and cause cavities. The best drink options for children are water and milk. To book a dental appointment, call us today! #FruitJuice #OralHealth #Sugar

A better life starts with a beautiful smile. To make you smile more beautiful , book your appointment today @.403.945.4555

Extreme sensitivity or pain caused by simply biting and chewing food, as well as consistent hurting around the gums may signify the presence of a cracked tooth. A cracked tooth is treated depending on how deep the damage goes. It can go from a simple crown treatment to tooth extraction. Call our office today for a consultation! #CrackedTooth #DentalTreatment #OralHealth

Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful dads out there! Give your dad the gift of a beautiful smile this Father’s Day by treating them to a professional dental cleaning that they will surely appreciate! #HappyFathersDay #FathersDayWeekend

Edward Angle, an American dentist from Pennsylvania, invented orthodontic brackets in 1915. He is also widely considered as the creator of modern orthodontics, earning him the title “father of modern orthodontics.” Images of old braces or the braces people used before 1970 are similar to the ones invented by Dr. Angle. #DentalHistory #EdwardAngle #ModernOrthodontics

When practising proper dental hygiene, one place that should never be neglected when brushing is the tongue. It is important to scrape or brush the tongue because it is where a lot of bad bacteria reside that might spread all over the teeth and the entire mouth. For professional cleaning, call our office today! #Tongue #DentalHygiene #DentalCleaning

Kids are naturally active and have low attention spans. If you leave them alone to finish a task, there’s a good chance that said task might be left unfinished before they start wandering around. The same applies to their daily dental hygiene routine. Children need to be assisted and accompanied by parents to properly and completely brush their teeth to ensure that they are keeping their mouth clean and healthy! Call our office today to book an appointment! #DentalHygiene #OralHealth

Did you know that mosquitoes actually do not have any teeth at all? The female mosquitoes, the ones who suck blood to develop their eggs, have long tubes attached to their mouth called “proboscis” that lets them pierce the skin and locate capillary. #DentalTrivia #Mosquitoes #Proboscis

Starting a new flossing technique or using a new dental floss can cause gums to bleed. If it happens, try to wait it out after a week or two with regular flossing. If the bleeding remains consistent, consult the dentist immediately for a dental check-up! Call our office now to book an appointment! #Flossing #BleedingGums

Send your best friend a message or two this National Best Friend Day showing them your gratitude and appreciation for being a part of your life! #HappyMonday #NationalBestFriendDay #HappyNationalBestFriendDay

This World Environment Day, let’s work together and raise awareness in keeping the environment safe and healthy.
#WorldEnvironmentDay #EnvironmentDay

Preventive oral care is the most important step to maintain optimal oral health and overall health. This includes practicing dental habits such as brushing and flossing. Healthy teeth and gums can prevent gum disease and help prevent the flu, colds and other common diseases.
#OralHealth #PreventiveCare #HealthyMouthHealthyBody

Happy Global Parents Day! Thank you to all parents for your never-ending support and guidance
#ParentsDay #ThankYou #HappyMonday

Struggling with mild or severe pain in the gums? It could be a sign of cavities! There are many ways to manage cavity pains such as eating soft foods, avoiding foods high in sugar, and using an oral rinse. If the pain still persists, it may be a time to give us a call. Schedule an appointment with our team.
#DentalEmergency #OralHealth #Cavities

This National Senior Health and Fitness Day, lets us spread the importance of body fitness of senior adults and help them lead an enjoyable, stress-free life.
#HealthySmiles #SeniorHealthandFitnessDay

Are you loving working from home? Or do you miss your workplace?
#WorkingFromHome #YouGotThis #Focus

Wishing a very Happy Eid al-Fitr to all those celebrating this weekend in Canada and around the world!

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